Different levels different devils

No matter how far you are in your spiritual practice, the universe will throw another spanner in the works, so to speak, perhaps test your growth or to simply remind you that there is so much more to learn. 

I have been practicing yoga regularly over four years, where I felt and made slight changes in the way I see things, who i hang out with and where i put my energies.  It is an important discipline to practice, renouncing what doesn’t serve our own spiritual path.  This alone can be difficult because it means that we have to change deep embedded cultural habits.  Some are not so easy.  There are people that you love, but the sadness is when you cannot be in their company anymore purely because their ideals don’t seem to align with your own spiritual path.  The spiritual path is to reach the goal of enlightenment.  Or a path towards the Divine.  This simply means we are working towards unconditional love with everyone, even those that have hurt us or we have hurt. 

I find it challenging when I am in a room full of like minded people and they ask some profound questions and some don’t even ask real questions, at times they are statements, or they just want to express a vomit of blah! When I get frustrated about what I hear, I think about what are they teaching me? Why do I need to witness this nonsense, how do I dig deep to find the compassion for this kind of attention seeking.  I guess, this is where my new devil lies. To start to find compassion towards this, I need to listening carefully of what is being said and how is it being said. By listening we are not putting our own filters towards what is being said. We are not listening to the nonsense of judgement within our own minds, but merely listening to the tone, language both verbal and non verbal. We are truly listening. 

The more we chip away at ourselves, or the more we shed through self reflection, spiritual teachings, yoga or observation, or whatever tools that work, we start to discover deeper devils that need our attention. At times these won’t be so clear, others will.  We have to remember that our own spiritual path is evolving constantly, taking us to places where we need to address our own dark side.  Let us all reflect and find compassion towards those who we cannot understand at this moment, but listen to them hard, and we may find the key to unlock the discomfort and reach another level but inevitably get ready to embrace the next devil. 

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