AuMega eXperience

Being at the feet of our teachers from all levels is a blessing, especially in this day and age. In particular in the presence of the dynamic trio Jules Febre, Rima Rani Rabbath, and Julie Kirkpatrick at the Jivamukti Omega Immersion. The first week of September is the most exciting part of the year. The back end of summer, not too hot and not too cold. The trees are beginning to change their colours in preparation for Autumn (Fall). This immersion is held in Omega, Rhinebeck, upstate NYC, the green wonderland of New York, a romantic setting even amongst the wildlife, deers, groundhogs, over friendly squirrels the trees, and open greenland and much more.  Its the mix bag of immersions which attracts all kinds of students from experienced teachers, to loyal students, curious individuals and not forgetting the blow ins from Omega Staff. Whatsmore, this immersion starts on the last day of the ecstatic chant weekend. Therefore during the day you’re rubbing shoulders with the best kirtan walas all over the world from Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Dema Premal, CC White, to name a few. The whole atmosphere is vibrating at a different frequency. Everyone is in the mood for fun, love and laughter.

This is my second year of attending. I love it. Along with my dearest friend Julia, we both enjoy the creative classes led by both Febre and Rabbath. This intimate setting allows you to meet great individuals and make jokes with strangers from all over the world. It doesn’t stop there, the Omega staff are friendly, once they know you’re a Jivamukti teacher they will ask some deep and meaningful (D&M) questions. One responds with the most compassionate answer that leaves the questioner thinking deeper about their own experience. There is a great bookstore, which has a great collection of spiritual, religious, personal improvement, cooking, health and other books that you cannot always find in one store.  To put it simply you will not leave the store without purchasing something, certainly i’ve not.

The energy from Rabbath and Febre is on another level, they are both engaging and compassionate teachers. On the first day they prioritise their own learnings by understanding the level of their group, compassionately challenging us to reach new heights in our own practice incrementally over the week.  Over the next few days they both get you to go beyond your own limitations in the practice. They are generous in sharing their techniques from getting the most out of your back bending, to finding the Stihra Sukkam Asanam in all poses.  For the first time i experienced a successful transition from PIncha Mayurasana to Sirsasana after my OMG moment i was cooked.  After a three hour class that ends too quickly you are fully embraced and immersed in the teachings and you experience a bhav mood throughout the week. There is no need to check in the big wide world, but you do want to capture everything so the iPhone camera is never too far away.

This is one immersion that is on my agenda year after year.  I am thoroughly grateful to the new found friends, the generosity of Julie, Jules and Rima. This place realigns you back to your own bhav experience a fast track to let go of any nonsense.

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  1. Sandeep! This is the most generous and intimate account of this annual Jivamukti Immersion, which Jules, Julie and I cherish so much. A perfect reset as the fall season falls upon us. Thank You for this and for traveling the distance to be with us. All the way from down under…

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