The hub of creatives, party connoisseurs, cultural dynamism and the alternatives – BerLIN

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin the land of the creatives. If anyone was to ask me what its like, this would be my response. I’ve been here a week now and it has gotten my creative juices flowing. I’ve not done much as its quite a large City and my experience is very much influenced through the lens of yoga. Like most new places when you’re just a visitor, the first things you notice is the obvious ones, the language, different toilet signs, taxis are neither yellow or black and then after a few days, your vision starts to clear. You get to understand which tram leads you to your destination. The difference between the S Bahn and the U train. This is where you start to notice that most of the Berliners identify not just with their attire, but with their music, art, suburb, coffee shop, op shop, and where they like to dance. You get a sense that this City is thriving what the whole world needs, allowing residents, local and international to express themselves. I’ve feel safe in this City. Cycling to Kreuzberg was a great experience as I was astounded by the glorious graffiti everywhere. The vibrant streets, the bike paths and the locals respect these cycle boundaries, apart from naughty tourists from time to time.  Kreuzberg is a little international multicultural hub of restaurants, thrift shops, hustle and bustle a little different to where I’m staying at the moment in Warschauer.  We cycled through the streets to find HermmannStrasse and then headed down this busy road to finding ourselves riding through an old airstrip field to devour the great open space which housed community gardens, entertained people on bikes of all kinds, rollerblading, or sitting in these high chairs watching the sun setting. The energy of this place is very serene, blissful no sense feeling anxious.  We met with a few Sydney siders and found this great cafe called Leuchstoff which was something that looked and felt like a squatters den. No paint or decoration on the walls. They were bare. It was certainly a hipster place with a capital ‘H’.  Once you walk through this small rabbit hole of place, you look up and find a bed attached to the wall, and a head pops up to say hi, while they sip their soya latte. The next corner is a sofa. Its pretty well set up where you can relax to your hearts content. This place reminded me of my mothers garage where anything goes as long as it served a purpose. We sat there with a heap of magazines and created our own collages through great conversation. I’ve not done that in ages. Tapping into your own creative side really helps to get into the depths of a place. You feel at home even though you’re a passing guest.  After, we headed to the Jivamukti School in Kreuzberg. The ride was beautiful. The evening light made the whole experience a little romantic. On the way home, I got lost. I thought about it for a second and then intuitively turned left only to find myself back on track. I sang out loud. Finding yourself in a City is big, finding yourself in a foreign speaking City is rewarding on many levels. Everyone should come here to just release their creative blocks, or hang with like minded people. It makes life a lot lighter. This is a great place to be.  The people that i’ve met so far are extremely helpful, kind and generous. I have so much gratitude for so many beautiful beings here. Even at the new raw food place in Mitte, this guy gave us a free shot of energy drink which was a combination of pure ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper in exchange of our offer to save him a spot at a workshop. People care, there’s no funny business in my experience. The party scene is on another level. I’ve not yet experienced that as i’m on an study mission here… but there is always next time!

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