The Power of Satsang

I have spent three weeks in the company of great individuals in Berlin. In Sanskrit this gathering is called Satsang, which also means in company of your guru or with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about and assimilate the truth. I spent time at the Jivamukti Berlin studio.  The studio is a blissful place that entices people from all over the world. Its a magnate for global Jivamukti teachers which makes the Satsang gathering even more exciting. A home from a home.  I had the pleasure to take classes with Yogeswari, Patrick, Anja, Mirium, Alex, Lisa, Vera and many others feeling the dedication and love they all shower onto their students and visitors.  Anja one of the directors of the studio is an example of this graceful spiritual practice of Satsang.  She is always smiling, and has time for all, even though she is a busy person, she will acknowledge everyone, from new students, international teachers, old students and loyal friends.  As Ram Das has explained in one of his teachings that the company of Satsang is important to keep the bhav (devotional mood) it is also important to stay grounded and centred when it feels like Alexanderplatz train station on some days at the studio.

As soon as I got there i was hooked, not only to the vigorous classes, but the unconditional love and support that I felt from all the teachers.  It was such a beautiful place to witness, everyone who works there regardless of their position were exceptionally honoured and grateful to be part of this Satsang.  It was being part of a big family.

During my time there I attended the Yogeswari and Patrick Broome immersion, one of many that i’ve taken this year. And to be in present of my teachers from my own teacher training in 2012 I was thoroughly touched by their love and their welcoming smiles.  Not only that, but it was also a reunion of some of my fellow teacher training graduates, which made this experience phenomenal.  Yogeswari taught many classes in which regardless of how much we sweated we certainly came back for more.  Yogeswari is a delight, a beautiful strong being who is always gentle in her demeanour with clear communication and articulation of each sequence perfectly choreographed to give us the experience of letting go and going deeper into ourselves.

I have learnt so much about the power of Satsang.  It certainly feels a little lonely without seeing these wonderful beings everyday now that i’m on my way to San Francisco.  What can we learn from this dedicated Satsang is the power of love and kindness from people who are consciously aware of their actions.  And to know that a Jivamukti centre is a hub of great Satsang gathering no matter where in the world you find one.

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