Dawning of the new year, through the lens of Lakshmi

Finally, sitting at the kitchen table after a big food shop, while sun is out doing its thing, the neighbourhood is strangely quiet.  Its New Years Eve and I’m not jet setting anywhere, I’m not planning to indulge the midnight countdown either, in fact I want to take this important moment to sit back and reflect.  The topic of sitting in silence keeps coming to my attention.  Those of you who know me in person, know that this is one of the most difficult things for me. Sitting in silence. I’m contemplating the big year of 2014. So much happened and i’m sure i’m not alone as some of you would have experienced your own version of a big year.  So, what does 2015 look like for you, us and the globe?

I recently conducted a satsang about the divine goddess Lakshmi.  Sri Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity.

Image from www.pinterest.com
Image from http://www.pinterest.com

In the west these words are synonymous with money, power, wealth.  In fact, these words in the eastern cultures are not associated with Lakshmi in that manner.  Of course you will find many commercial stores and businesses with the image of Lakshmi hanging somewhere.  Lakshmi is there to continue the business going, with limited or no conflict towards the owner or her customers. To be a reputable business owner within the community. And Lakshmi offers her gifts to her sincere and earnest bhakti devotees.

Lakshmi’s biggest gift to us is her teaching ‘Live in the world, but do not be possessed by the world’.  She is our greatest teacher in this day and age.  Her consort is Lord Vishnu the preserver of life and Lakshmi is the energy that allows flowers to blossom, birds to sing, grass to be green, trees to flourish, streams to run water through the valleys, clouds to move, mountains to generate strength, communities to expand, the company of great friends and pets, and most of all the beauty in all beings, including your beloved.  Without Lakshmi, life would wilt and wither away. It would be dull, there would be no fireworks tonight.

What quality Lakshmi bestows on us all tonight, the dawn of a new year, new energy and new beginnings?  Her gifts are precious to each one of us.  Invoke her for good health, abundance in a robust healthy life, both physically and mentally.  The ability to have the strength to care for others brings great joy to us.  Being clear about your goals and nurturing your time as a sacred ritual will give you another great gift from Lakshmi. Prosperity. This is about valuing ourselves and the things that mean most to us, even some material items that you’ve worked hard to purchase.  They all should be valued.  If they are not, then you will see a side of Lakshmi that will teach us about attachment, which is something we do not want.

Lakshmi’s teachings are about the undercurrent energy of giving and receiving of gifts, information, love, food, conversation etc.  You already might know some people take, take and take.  Perhaps they are unconscious or conscious we may not know, but our intuition will soon let us feel if we need to continue to be in their company.  Here Lakshmi teaches us to stand up for what is not right and to honour our own value and worth.  We need to stand up for ourselves gracefully and make a point, this is what Lakshmi likes to see. The energy of giving and receiving is something we should all value. If we decide to give and receive with an egoic intention, then Lakshmi will certainly, gracefully leave us to learn our lesson the hard way.

Lakshmi is all about honouring our energy when it comes living in this age and time. We begin to understand that money is not only one currency she offers. It’s about the inner feeling of abundance. Looking deep inside of ourselves, reflecting what we are purchasing or wishing for, will it make us ultimately happy?  If we are bound by the material world then in essence we have not valued the energy of Lakshmi.  If we are content with our inner state of heart with the things we have, we begin to experience life at its fullest and as a result we are satisfied with just the way things are. This doesn’t mean we need to be passive, it means we find our own truth and value it, no matter what.

As you watch the clock tick, or the count-down tonight, think about what quality you want to manifest that will give you great happiness and contentment.  A quality that embraces a fullness of living in the world and not being attached to the worldly gifts and treasures.  A quality that satisfies your thirst of happiness of the finer things in life, such as your health, family, friends, work, ability to see the world and then experience the gifts of the great goddess Lakshmi.

My wish to you all, is embrace your 2015 by honouring who you are, just the way you are because you are perfect and magnificent.  You are limited edition and therefore taking care of yourself is most important.

Happy new year, bells, whistles, love, hugs and the la de da’s.

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