The hidden symbols of Goddesses around the world – Myth of Sophia

Goddess Goddess intrigue me to a point of euphoric excitement.  I start to get butterflies in my stomach, because I know deep inside their power, magic, nurturing, sensuality, tantric freedom, warrior attributes, creativity, birth and healing is the feminine energy gift within us all.  The tapas (fire) that drives me to go deep into this particular topic of hidden symbols of the Goddess, is about correcting the fair tale story of the feminine, which is portrayed in most cases as pathetic and a hopeless, being who is only concerned with taking care of the masculine.  It has also depicted the feminine to dislike the other female beings.  This wrong is embedded in our psyche, especially in popular culture.  Therefore, this topic is important for everyone, I don’t feel it’s specifically a gender war, rather honouring the feminine energy and knowing its power is within us all to embrace, spread our wings as it were, sit on the highest cliff top and experience an ultimate knowing. We are all yearning deeply for the connection with the Ma, the Goddess of Wisdom, the Goddess of Freedom and Hope, the Goddess of Wrath, and most importantly the Goddess of the Earth, Sophia. This is a little summary of what I found. The Statue of Liberty is really the Goddess Libertus, who offers freedom of sensuality to all.  There was a time in our Pagan history, where women in a matriarchal society ruled.  They ruled not with hierarchy or power, or money but rather with nurturing, creativity, wisdom and sensuality.  This kind of freedom is not seen in our society by any gender, regardless of your position in life.  That position, whatever it maybe offers us more problems than we have the energy to pursue.  Take for example when the Australian female Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in office from 2010 to 2013.  The first Australian female Prime Minister, achieved so much in a short period of time in comparison to other Prime Ministers, was treated with such disrespect by the press and the public. It is humiliating that we as a society are not ready for a female leader. I want to specifically talk about the Gnostics texts, where you will find the Myth of Sophia.  This is a beautiful myth which John Lash, a mythologist who took years to interpret and put this information out to the public without the lens of any religion that is dominant around the world today. This myth is not like any other, because it is an open ended myth.  There is no preconceived idea about how this myth will end.  All we do know is that humanity has to take an active role in the communication and connection with the Goddess. We’re at the end of the Kalyug, the “Age of Downfall”, which is the fourth and final era in the spiritual evolution of man. This is also referred to as the ‘Iron Age’ of Kalyug. The word ‘Yug’ stands for ‘Era’ or ‘Time Cycle’. This Yug, which were in now, has been the most difficult for the human race and many atrocities and unfairness has become commonplace in our society as we see it. The Kalyug, is the female Hindu Goddess Kali Ma.  She is a powerful Angle of Wrath, who has a double side which not many talk about. As humans we’re obsessed with thrill, horror and disaster, so in many writings about Kali is all about her coming out to battle and being violent towards a particular order.  Kali Ma is a force of energy that looks at our fear, judgement, anger, jealousy and greed in the face, in a brutal manner.  Here she teaches us to overcome these poor qualities of the human only to discover the other side of ourselves. Which brings us to the other side of Kali Ma, that once the human reaches its mass degeneration it is also the time or opportunity to reach the highest spiritual development in a shortest period of time.  And we’re at the end of this right now. Now, in this very moment. Who is Sophia?  The myth of Sophia according to John Lash, is the the Goddess of the Earth, the Goddess of Wisdom, scientist call her Gaia.  The myth of Sophia is about the evolution of the Gnostic cosmology specifically the earth and humanity. We are all from the Goddess of Sophia. Everyone should get an opportunity to read the nine-part synopsis which is a magical and metaphorical story ( of how the Goddess created the Earth, the only organic planet in our solar system.  The Goddess Sophia comes from the galactic centre, some refer to this as the source, some call it home. And we’re all yearning to return to that place spiritually, including the Goddess Sophia. The Goddess Sophia is the mother of the Earth, she gave birth to the Earth and she is embedded in this planet.  The Earth, is a living, organic live planet which a conscious and she is waking up, the Goddess Sophia. The Goddess is like a animal who is wild with how creations, all creatures of this earth, the vegetation, draught, pollution and most importantly the control of humanity are being treated.  The most important point to make here, is when the Goddess arrived at this solar system there was no Earth and no Sun.  There were Archons, which is a greek word meaning ‘ruler’ or ‘lord’.  The Archons are not from the Goddess Sophia, however they play an important role in this mythology because they live on humanity experiencing negative emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy.  The Archons planned this solar system inorganically.  They cannot create an organic planet, they can only copy and duplicate, creating an illusion that a planet has life, which is inorganic.  On the arrival of the Goddess Sophia, who was not in any shape but a torrent of living light of high vibrating energy the Archons could not see her they were blind to her light.  The Archons vibrate at a low frequency and therefore could not even see the brightness and beauty of the Goddess Sophia. The ‘Lord of the Archon’ declared to be the Lord of the universe, this blind statement was interrupted by Goddess Sophia who said ‘No blind one, you are mistaken, and lest your error be the cause of much confusion for the child of Humanity, I chastise you”.  With these words the Goddess breathes a blast of purgative fire formed like an angle into the face of the Lord Archon, discharging from herself a tongue of Divine Light infused with deathless life and her daughter is born, Kali however in the Gnostics text she is called Zoe, ‘the Angel of Wrath’. These events are poignant for our understanding of the cosmos. The Sun was born to assist the Goddess Sophia on her new journey and the manifestation of a living planet, Earth.  The sun which is called Sabaoth, first partnered with the Lord of Archon, thinking it was the right thing to do, however hearing and witnessing the condemnation of the Lord by the Goddess he sided with the Goddess, knowing the power of this energy and the birth of ‘the Angel of Wrath’. Slowly the Goddess shifts from being a torrent living light to a mottled globe of light, a dusky pearl of spinning in the void.  Around her she holds the planetary system constructed by the Archons.  The Goddess morphs into a planetary body that does not belong to the Archons.  Her high porosity of organic light curdles like milk and finally solidifies into a globular crystal, like a grain of sand in a Oyster. In Lash’s words “she discharges the globe into space, leaving a deep rift of her flank where scar tissue forms, generating a bleeding barrier coral”.  As the Goddess continues to spin, the counterweight of the moon helps her to manage the bulkiness of her dense ovoid body and hold her against the pull of the planetary system.  This is interesting as we all know how the moon still to this day impacts our oceans.  The whole planet, amplifies the feminine to its very essence of being. As the Goddess loses her eon form her emotions transform into the physical elements of the Earth.  The globe solidifies and the Goddess perspires in her labour to form planet Earth.  From her she produces an atmosphere, oceans and volcanos vent her menstruation. Upon her body life arises in vast forms, creatures great and small, including plant life. And here we are with the Goddess Sophia who is awake and making her presence aware.  She has an abundance of power, energy and resources.  The Goddess created the human species from her galactic core, and gave Earth to them for habitat.  The Archons are envious of humanity because they are unable to live on the organic planet, which is paradise.  The Archons cannot live on the earth but they have managed to control humanity in such a way that humanity is becoming Archons, and in turn plaguing our Goddess. As i wrote before we’re at the end of the Kalyug, which means that we are coming to a new Yug, the Satayug, the age of truth. Now, is an important time as the Goddess of Sophia who is propelling the Earth to a new direction.  This is because for eons she has been trapped in this solar system which housed Archons, who have been moving the solar system to a lower vibration.  And this could be the answer to the theory of gravity or we could also link it to studies showing sickness and disease mostly occur when we’re vibrating at a low frequency. Where is the Goddess Sophia going? The Goddess, is taking us home, she is going home to the galactic centre.  This can be proven for example in the last few years there have been several anomalies in our star system.  For example, the moon is moving away from the Earth, or is the Earth moving away from the moon.  The Sun has been rising two degree further north than it has been for eons.  The Goddess is alive, she is not a rock, she is propelling the Earth to a higher frequency in the cosmos, although it will be a slow journey, it is certainly a great time to witness the human species go through a high level of spiritual evolution.  The degeneration of the human species, within the systems that are in place right now have limited humanity assimilating us through brain washing and destroying nature the place that grounds us. The poor treatment of the planet and all its creatures has come to critical mass. The Goddess wants us to be unlimited, both spiritually and know our own divine potential.  We are designed to be super humans with no manipulation of power, hierarchy, political, capitalist, imbalance of wealth or rather an imbalance of food, water and luxury, and most importantly no rivalry or condemning another gender.  We’re the children of the Goddess.  And she wants us to connect with our true ultimate selves so that we can reach our own potential. This does leave us with a question, why has this knowledge been hidden from us for such a long time? Perhaps we had to experience this low vibration for our spiritual growth to know peace from all levels, to have empathy without judgement and to live at peace, with love, life and unexperienced endless joy.  The Goddess wants the human species to interact with her, she cannot do it alone, and we cannot watch, we have an active role in the myth of Sophia, so lets expand our minds and hearts and be open to this exciting age.

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  1. Excellent article/composition, SanDeep ! Congratulations on having listened to John Lamb Lash enuf to
    hav got the vital significance of telling something of The Story of the Fallen Goddess before mentioning
    a thing about archons. If ever you’d like any subtle corrections in grammar prior to having an article
    published, I’d be happy to help out. I AM very inspired by your practice of yoga. Sincerely, SuGee

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