Let’s face it, we’re all thieves at some level…

Unknown on the webThe month of July has been an eye opener in terms of growth, understanding of who I am and what my position is in this world and how I see myself, and most importantly recognising that not everything is as it seems.  I embrace being different, and at the best of times practice being mindful in most interactions, however I am human and always learning.

I’ve come to learn a few things over this month… through personal experience, observation and surrendering… which sought me to a notion that we’re thieves some way or another.  Here it is…

We steal glances; we steal romances; we steal time; we steal attention; we steal the space in front of the car that drives mindfully; we steal the moment; we steal food from the fridge when our housemate is not looking; we steal space, perhaps in the bed or on the sofa; we steal a touch; we steal a smell for memory; we steal someones schedule to feed our own needs; we steal friends; we steal ideas; themes, music, sayings, quotes, images; we steal personalities and forget our own uniqueness; we steal heat because we dislike the cold; we steal the first position, especially when we’re in a hurry; we steal creativity, paint it with a different colour and claim it as ours; we steal quotes and put them on shirts to make a name; we steal to feed the ego; we steal to over come fear; we steal for peace; we steal for food; we steal in ignorance; we steal subconsciously; we steal because its our job; we steal because we don’t know who we are; we steal because we have no experience; we steal because we can; we steal because we think it’s there for the taking; we steal precious photos that cannot be replaced; we steal art; we steal something that makes us look cool or perhaps not; we steal… emotions, love, and most of all we steal hearts!

We’re all thieves at some level.

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