We are all one, why not choose love


I recently watched the documentary called ‘Unity’, it’s a must see for all. It was compelling, thought provoking and most of all an eye opener for humanity. The key message was about humanity is killing itself softly through old caveman, barbaric actions towards nature and other beings. As I watched this documentary, the one question racing around in my head was ‘what is it that we can do to unite all beings?’ I listed all the things that I could do;

  • Set up a peace march for all beings
  • Write endlessly to the governments regarding the nature of our world
  • Write fact based letters to corporations on how war, meat, sickness, pharmaceuticals experiments and perhaps even science, raping the land of its resources and energy fuels is dramatically and at an exponential level ruining our health, mentality, and our spiritual growth?
  • Set up a large global group to unite and question controlled religion, racism, sexism, animalism, globalism, materialism
  • Physically go to all these meat industries and free the animals
  • Write from the heart so that someone of importance can be inspired to take action
  • Overtake all media to teach people to love
  • Rewrite the curriculum for schools to only teach love, peace and compassion towards all aspects of this planet earth

You get the idea, my mind was charged, but none of those could be practical, as I’m doing the very thing that separates, creates a, ‘them and us’ culture, segregates, condemning others as doing wrong… I too am a product both mentally and emotionally of this current barbaric and violent world-view.

I physically supported Occupy Sydney about three years ago, and there for the first time I witnessed something magical. A collective of diverse beings with a single belief to change the way we consume, run our economy and treat beings. It was a powerful, loving and peaceful way to send messages back to the world. The only way at the time to get noticed, to be heard by the broader audience, to send key and ethical messages and awareness, on what we are doing to our animal kingdom, to our forests, to our oceans, to our fellow beings and to ourselves. The media, has the power to misconstrued the whole event, only portraying parts of going against the status quo which fundamentally is killing us softly as we tend to believe this limited media view.

We have become so blind, so numb to what is happening around us, perhaps it’s because we’re consumed by our own egos, perhaps through wanting our own little groups to be okay, perhaps its deeper than that… we’re not only part of the animal world, we are part of the earth, every particle, as quantum physics has proven is an atom. These are in everything, they make up all things in the universe including, plants, animal beings, stars, galaxies and us. If the source of everything is the same therefore, We are all One. Humanity has the same blood, we breathe the same air and we yearn for the same happiness and love. We are continuously searching for that one flower in the middle of this warfare, to find love, regardless if you’re conscious of this or not.

I ask again, what can we do to change, to help, to embrace non-duality, no differences, no-expectations? What can we do to understand the true meaning of love? Not the love that stems from neither desire, nor the one that comes from fear, anger, jealousy, lust, and conditions. Not the love that likes one group of beings and not other. But the love that doesn’t demand any conditions, that accepts everything, the love that doesn’t see colour, gender, rich, poor. A love that sees another form of you, regardless of your expression of being such as a cow being, pig being, cat or dog being, all realms of being is inclusive. No hierarchy, no differentiation, and no ‘I can do something for you if you do something for me’ way of thinking. No over exposing, not an ounce of condemning women around the world in all forms, nor for our own pleasure, torture, exploitation or reason to lock down, cover up, hide.

Duality, plays a key part in having this divide. If we were impartial, or embrace the courage to overcome our own fears, I have them too… then perhaps we could see our own life as an experience. What if, everyday we woke up knowing that death was just an evolution of our soul vibration, and not the end of the limited things we have and hold dear to us in this lifetime, would you make different choices? Would you start to find the courage and look deeply into other beings eyes and know that they are just like us, or more radical, they are a reflection of us, then would you choose war or love, would you make a choice of having peace no matter what it cost? One of the key teachings I got from this amazing weekend of Kirtan with Nadav, teachings from Remi the Swami, was to get out of our own way, stop blocking our own experiences by depending on the external world telling us what is right and what is wrong? Surrender and go with the flow of life… now that’s magic.

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