Taking the gifts of yoga into the world!

There is a big shift happening, even Star Wars episode 7 was titled ‘The Force Awakens’, whether we are conscious of this or not is something beyond our reasoning.  I’ve been teaching yoga for over four years, and  in this short time, what i’ve noticed is the popularity of this practice and even more is that there is a yearning for all of us to escape the insanity of this world. The yoga or any spiritual practice provides this ‘realisation’ to each of us.

Most people come to the yoga practice with a conscious mind to experience something physical or social reasons and for some, just a good old stretch of the hamstrings.  With our subconscious mind on some level there is a great gathering, a great accumulation of collective energy, its like a morphic field is created from the benefits of a group spiritual practice, such as a yoga class.

There are many of us, who believe the yoga practice is a personal and intimate internal connection,  that if we were to go external with it then we would be violating our own ‘internal peace’ at some level. Of course many great practicioners of yoga will confirm that this is a tool to deeply connect with our selves.  This deep connection allows us to know the intricate parts of ourselves, where each asana provides a key ingredient to our own story.

When we come to this deep connection of ourselves, and reach to a point in our meditation, when we are experiencing a ‘Oneness’ with ourselves, our mind, body and soul, then we expand that ‘Oneness’ to all beings, to plants, to the four legged friends, ocean beings on the earth… and beyond, then the question unfolds of how are we ‘Oneness’ with extreme poverty or with starving children or war. Or the pain and suffering of parents watching their child die because they cannot provide food.

There is an intelligence on how we connect with our bodies, and the energy we cultivate from a yoga practice propels us to then INFUSE everything around us with this morphic field of calmness.  A deep connection with the body and therefore a deeper understanding of the outer world.  How do we align the inner world with the outer world?

When we practice yoga, when we truly surrender to our bodies completely using the breath, gaze and movement we start to have this deeper connection and that deep connection gives us a great tool to take out into the world. If there are billions of humans endeavouring a spiritual practice, then why not bring those qualities into the world by offering unconditional love, service and being an active being in helping others.

The beauty of this practice, certainly for me, is to leave the yoga class, get into the car and be okay with the Sydney traffic, not only okay, but change my whole perspective of getting to my destination.  I know no one cares where I need to go, and if I am running late. My practice truly starts here.  I do this by using this as a practice of patience for congestion, a practice of generosity by allowing other cars through, and finally a practice of truly observing how my yoga is working for me off the mat.

Anytime we extend ourselves to the outer world, it is a force.  This force is powerful, because the perspective that drives this force assists other beings in the world, by infusing our own calmness, our own peace, our own non judgemental and non ego based lens to simply go out and take the gifts of our practice with us.  It is a practice, thats intelligence! We’re not going to get it right every time… but we’re trying and thats the point.

Even if we don’t want to face the insanity of this world, like starving children, poverty, the raping of this planet, the pollution destroying aspects of our ecosystems, then we must find awareness of this resistance.  We have to be aware that we are not truly being open to the yin and yang of our practice, were not finding the balance of effort and grace.  If we think that going out into the world and facing it as it is, and at some level it will destroy our own inner peace and it will take us out of our spiritual practice, then we have to rethink about the ‘Oneness’ about this collective energy and how it is within each of us to make this shift of improving everything.  Not just our own people, not just one person because that person makes ME feel good, but because everyone, is a part of me.

When you do indulge in your practice, remember that each breath, gaze and movement is taking us closer to an energy, a force that is so powerful, it infuses everyone that surrounds us, and the people who benefit are our families, friends, strangers, the planet and our future. If we were to name this force, it would be called, love. sandeep-114


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