Power of the Moon, using the energy to manifest our future vision for the collective and freedom


“Astrology is where the universe points to our own reality” Steven Forrest

January 2018 was an exceptional month exploring the beauty of the full moon twice. If you had a chance to walk out to see the night sky, perhaps you were at the beach or a park, and you looked up to only witness the beauty and the power of the moon, then at some level you felt a transformation inside.

The moon represents our feminine energy, reminding us to continuously tap into that which needs nurturing or expressing in the most wild, graceful and emotional way. The moon, She is our closet celestial neighbour, smaller than the sun. She waxes and wanes (to go stronger and weaker), constantly allowing the tides of our planet and ourselves to pull and push what needs to be revealed to us.

Why does She have a powerful impact on us? Well, for many thousands of years, our ancestors have studied the moon through observation. They had no distractions, such as light, wifi, smart phones, and masses of populations, only small communities that would look at the night sky as if it was a canvas revealing something cryptic and magical to us. During these times, they recorded the phases of the moon, such as the 28-day cycle and noticing the impact it had on our emotions, psyche, reproductive system and crops.

Those precious moments of studying the phases of the moon we learned of it’s power. And today, She has the same influence on us. We can find it difficult at times, to tap into her subtle pull and pushes because, most of us are busy and disconnected from the universe. We’re living in crowded cities, working way too hard, jumping in and out of relationships like a ping pong ball, and not spending enough time with ourselves to notice the subtle or powerful impacts She has on us.

The moon is dark, and needs the suns light to shine. And in the same way, she reflects that light to reveal our deepest emotions and psyche, depending if she is waxing or waning and which zodiac sign she is travelling through on the ecliptic track of the cosmos. She represents our unconscious desires and the underlying causes behind our actions and responses to the world. She dives deep into our subconscious and reveals to us own buried, hidden emotions such as jealousy, hatred, pain, struggles, insecurities and most importantly where we need to shine the light in our own lives to reveal our own truth.

That being said… lets dive quickly into the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday for Australia,

Its the first Solar Eclipse of 2018, in February’s New Moon in Aquarius marking one of the most potent times to set new intentions that are aligned with not only endings but also making space for new beginnings. A Solar Eclipse is when the moon passes the sun, causing a shadow on our planet. The New Moon’s energy is all about going within, and exploring our hidden patterns that need to come to the surface so we can organically release, end and move from them. It’s also about taking responsibility of our own future, personal growth and raising the conscious evolution of humanity. This doesn’t happen by just reading… we need to do the work. We can spend parts of this week in silence, getting centred, grounded to connect to our inner awareness of what does our future look like?

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at the South Node of our planet, which is also referred to the dragons tail, is an area of release, letting go and endings, to bring space for our future visions to manifest. What will you need to get you to your next exponential growth? The South Node, helps us to detox from habitual patterns that block us from moving forward.

At this New Moon Solar Eclipse, I invite you to set grand, expansive intentions for your future, be brave! And explore what is blocking you from reaching your goals, and what do you need to let go of, in the highest vibration to reach your next level of evolution. Are you ready?

There will be uncertainty! There will be this surge of energy to go and act on our path… but stay grounded, and with complete awareness to not take any action until 26th February… the energy is so heightened that we may feel there is a firework party going on inside of us, be aware of this energy. The universe asks us to sit with our visions, so they can marinate within our own physical through to subtle bodies. Take responsibility of your future, become self sufficient as well as live your life!

The moon is our teacher, if we sit and observe the moon during its full reveal, we will notice something move, shift, transform deep in our inner waters. This is just the moon, imagine if we sat together exploring the whole planetary system of our galaxy, wow! We could simple see the signs to our own path of dharma and karma giving us wisdom to make the right choices for personal growth.

If you want to experience the power of the moon, I’m running a 2 hour workshop at Jivamukti Yoga Sydney on 4 March 2018 at 6pm. Come and join me as we explore two full moons in March, Virgo and Libra – how we serve and work to how we balance our relationships.

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