Full Moon in Libra – balance of Siva-Shaki within us

The super full-moon in Libra 0 degrees (closest to the earth) will be giving us a run for our money when it comes to relationships and partnerships verses the freedom we seek and the change we need in order to grow and expand.  A full moon is always opposite the Sun, on Wednesday late in the evening in the Northern Hemisphere and early Thursday morning in the Southern Hemisphere we have the Sun moving into the sign of Aries, within perfect timing of the Spring Equinox (for Northern Hemisphere). Making the energy just a little bit more intense. This energy also brings about new beginnings, perhaps a new relationship that was always there and now we see it in a different light.

Some of you may already have the opportunity to evaluate your role in your relationships; how am I bringing balance into this partnership that perhaps no longer gives us growth, or how can I express my own freedom and still be in a stable relationship where I am not compromising my needs. These polarities of energy may destabilise us in what we know or what we are familiar with and can be hugely challenging to accept.

Libra represents balance. Its the mediator the peace maker and Aries represents the go for it energy, therefore we may feel this inner desire to hurry up and sort things out for the good of everyone around us or we may feel in a rush to just move into a bigger change that will give us a fresh start. This cosmic alignment with the moon in Libra and sun in Aries will heighten our Siva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) energy for all of us. It is important to be conscious of these powerful energies to notice we are not compensating one for the other. Not over doing one and leaving the other dormant. It is important to recognise where our masculine energy is over used and there is no need, perhaps bringing a little softness into those areas of our life can assist with balance. We don’t always have to operate in the same way, we can bring the change by accepting where we are at with this energy. Alternatively, where in our life are we super feminine not bringing the robustness of action or logic, where we hold back and don’t take care of ourselves.

This full-moon is guiding us to establish a strong foundation, where we have the planet of change (Uranus) in Taurus at 0 degrees. Taurian energy is stubborn, grounded and a little particular, with the planet of change this can bring change to our own understanding of stability – just observe what is coming up for you where you want to bring change into your life and to feel it through before you act!!! It could also mean bringing up unexpected surprises into our lives, where we are being pulled to make the change.

Mercury is still in retrograde, stationed in its fall position in Pisces where we are just being asked to stop and listen to what is in our hearts. And Neptune there is heightening our intuition where we know the inner truths, but can be drowned by the illusion of our fantasies instead of the reality that is front of us. How do we find balance to participate equally in our relationships? Where do we find the inner courage to grow for ourselves to be the better being for the collective?

The Siva Shakti energy is thriving within us always. Siva is the masculine, the part of ourselves wants to get going with things, bringing rational thinking, being practical and diving deep into the collective. Shakti is the energy within us that allows us to nurture and grow from our hearts, to then see that we are all connected and how can we be of service to others. It is our creative force, allowing us to express our inner desires so that we can make a difference in our lives and perhaps this is the change that we have been longing.

I will be running a retreat Siva Shakti exploring the hidden power within on 17-19 May 2019 with Karolina Szymala. We are going to be diving deep into awakening what has been laying dormant and we have ignored for several years. The ignite this energy is to ignite our inner desire to make a change. If you are interested in this retreat connect with me and I will send you the information.

Happy full moon in Libra – stay with that inner noise until you are sure to make the choice that is right for you.

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  1. Wonderful email. Thank you. Gracie and I are headed to New Vibe to burn some of our journals. We love you so much.


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