Second Full Moon in Libra… relationships!

Moon and people

The alchemy of astrology is at work on us all. Especially when we are diving into the second full moon in Libra on Friday 19th April at 9:12pm in Sydney, NYC at 7:12am and UK 12:12pm. The last six months, when we experienced Venus retrograde in Scorpio (2018) for 40days and 40nights, something was highlighted within us. A growing need to want something different in our lives that gives us the essence to be seen, heard and experience freedom.

There is a lot going on in the cosmic sky, preparing us to work towards changing our relationship or partnership dynamics. If you have been struggling with an inner change, that has stirred a different lens in your relationship life then this is the karmic transformation we have been waiting to experience. This full moon will bring light to where we have been compromising in our relationships, where we have been doing what is expected of us in relationships and where we want to express our own individual Self in relationships.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, and shining its light to the moon in Libra – highlighting two fundamental clear dynamics; where can I find my own true expression in a relationship that is balanced and healthy. For such a long time, we have been told how a romantic relationship ‘should’ be, how the lovers unite and stay together for a long time. This is the most sacred time to refine our role in our all our relationships, especially the ones that get under our skin, romantic! Our whole idea of relationships is been shattered and shaken and stirred, the outcome is yet to be experienced. Our values and old beliefs of relationships will awaken and be up for questioning and examining what is true for each of us.

There is a painting that is emerging this week, bringing ups our past behaviours in relationships, the dynamics that we thought worked but now we feel differently. And where we will be faced to question the undercurrent of energy that is shouting from within us for freedom of expression, a sense of change and permission to live by our own values. Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (teacher) will position in retrograde right after the full moon where we will feel the effects coming through on Monday 22nd April. This is the karmic path of letting go of our old ideas, identity, fixation, obsession, beliefs, traditions and frameworks about relationships. Even if you are not in a relationship then it could be time to find the courage to open up to a relationship… but not before we have done the work.

We will experience with the help of Sun (ego) squaring Uranus (deep change) in Taurus (values) giving us ample opportunity in solitude, to work, to understand what it is that we want in a relationship. The world doesn’t teach us what is right and wrong in a relationship. We have to learn through trial and error and that too can be super painful figuring it out making compromises because we ‘need’ to be with this person or status, or support, or sense of security, and many a time we have destroy great potential partnerships because the work was too hard.

Wherever you are at, in your relationship, whether its good, bad, redundant or non existent our relationship dynamics have to be reassessed. We are in a birthing process and your soul knows the truth, your body is pulsating ‘change’ ‘freedom’ ‘my values’ ‘am I seen’ and that energy alone will bring up fear, vulnerability, a sense of instability and much more. We are all different and get merged with others in different ways, but we are all seeking happiness, true joy and freedom to be who we are without the fear of something being destroyed in the relationship. Therefore, this Full moon in Libra and Sun in Aries squaring the South Node in Capricorn (lead) with Saturn and Pluto is bringing up stagnant, dormant energy, clearing out our ‘expectations’. We then have the power to change the dynamics of any relationship – and the exciting part is we do not know what it will look like!

It is time. It is here. Step up and reassess to open new avenues in your life so that you can be seen. We have to do the work, and the work is very painful. Sitting with something uncomfortable that you feel but cannot put words to, fear a change because it was so good in the past, or I need this partnership for support or security… nah! Be kind and express compassion to yourself, by listening and feeling and perhaps having those difficult conversations to experience a completely fulfilled relationship. And it starts with the relationship we have with ourselves.

If you want to know how to work with this energy, I’m holding a full moon Womens Circle at Sukha Mukha, Bronte on 19th April at 6:30pm. Happy full moon!!!

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