Cultivating our dreams… Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2019!


This Full Moon in Sagittarius (higher wisdom, learning, seeking truth), peaks in Sydney 17th June at 6:30pm, is certainly powerful, in its lucky abundant feelings. Mixed and heightened with all the other planets, that will assist in its magic to shower upon us. Are we ready to receive its magic? A Full Moon is opposite the Sun, which is in Gemini (information, facts, the day to day). This is the only time we can see the light of the Sun reflected by the moon, and with that it shines light on our blind spots. The focus is about where we need to step up in our truth, in our relationships, in our role in society, and within ourselves.

The moon never works in isolation, so we have the Moon very close to Jupiter which makes its energy super powerful, brings good fortune, and with great intentions we experience greatness. Jupiter is big and throughout June it’s close proximity to Earth, we will be able to see this abundant planet of expansiveness with our naked eye.

Jupiter square Neptune (dreamy, love, delusion) gives us a feeling of being super optimistic, where we may over extend ourselves and over promise at the cost of our own physical, emotional and mental limitations. We cannot be there for it all, right?! Stepping back and noticing the urge to perhaps even gamble, or get caught up with a dream like energy can set us up for disappointment. It can also grant us fruits to act upon our dreams that we have let sit for a while. What do you choose, will determine the Solar Eclipse on 2nd July in Cancer… this is the preparation we need to feel solid within ourselves so we can bring the best of ourselves into the next six months.

We have another powerful force of energy, other than the moon which is Mercury conjunct Mars (war, action, sexual energy, active) this is very powerful, because it focuses our thoughts making them powerful. Giving us refined and acute thinking which are the perfect tools for manifesting our dreams and to bring what we want in our lives. Remember, to connect with the heart, sit with the energy of the full moon to open up and explore our inner truth, how we want to express ourselves without any inhibitions is important. Exploring our own needs to feel free to express to those that support us. The low vibrating energy of these two planets is both aggression and becoming defensive.

These energies when not conscious can cause further discomfort in our interactions with others. Self awareness of your energy, actions and thoughts can bring harmony to the work that lays ahead and a balance within ourselves to rise up where we want to experience goodness.

Mercury and Mars opposite Saturn is a challenging combination of bad news, mistakes, delays that causes frustration and increases anger or jealousy, even abuse. All of this can lead to poor self esteem perhaps separation. Using this energy instead to keep busy, noticing when you feel an element of frustration or what triggers anger, check in with yourself to what is your default behaviour? Do you take it out on those that are closest to you? Do you take it out on yourself? Explore where there is a sense of unworthiness and bring awareness to the internal dialogue where we speak and feel of not being worthy of anything deserving?

This energy is about bringing up these emotions so we can apply discipline, and become more responsible for our actions and not to be loose or complacent. How do you want to interact with those around you and still be heard and seen and respected?

Have more compassion in our communications within our relationships will increase a level of sensuality and charm which makes this Full Moon is passionate, and romantically strengthens the connection with your beloved or even finding your beloved.

This Full Moon is exciting but with some conscious work, testing our faith in our relationships, responding with compassion. Becoming more attuned to our thought patterns, emotions and connecting deeply to our dreams with the courage to make them happen. Connecting with our truth, deep truth, so we can live within our own integrity and release what doesn’t serve us even if we ‘think’ it ‘should’ be like this… times are changing, our planet is changing, we are changing, let this unfolding shine new light to the untapped potential.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius darling loved ones!!!


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