Pre total solar eclipse cleanse

shedding trees

We are only a few days away from the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Cancer. A solar eclipse is when the Moon travels in front of the Sun, blockings the Suns light. The energy on an ordinary Full or New Moon lasts about a month, and the energy of a solar eclipse lasts about six months. We are in a time where change is more apparent than before, whether its emotional, mental, physical, economical or even spiritual. I’m going dive deeper into the July total solar eclipse on Tuesday night… but before we get to that moment I want to discuss what is really going on with all of us now.

If we’re conscious enough to notice the inner world change then you’re most likely to be in line with the cosmic wisdom. Currently the planets are starting to bring up old habitual moods, emotions, relationship patterns and our relationship towards our personal security, work and our place in this world. These are big, huge intense energies that we are called to question, to bring awareness to… because the ultimate question lies in what do we want to leave behind, make room for, to birth the new, post this amazing solar eclipse in Cancer.

The spiritual energy is this ongoing relationship with Juipter (wisdom, expansion, travel, philosophy) and Neptune (the esoteric, spiritual and universal love, plus illusion and addiction) where we can see infinite possibilities and they can also leave us feeling ungrounded. We may even feel a sense difficultly to connect with our own realities, which already calls for the big change that our inner world seeks. Neptune in Pisces really gives us this strong feeling of being around like minded strong spiritual community, or perhaps we just want to give it all up and run away to remote off the grid communities, because this matrix is now not serving us. And we are getting wise about it.

Eclipses are like wild cards and can often bring unexpected surprises in our lives, like a leap of faith or a jump in to the future. We cannot go until we have covered all internal emotional blockages, with serious introspection. What do we do? I often ask myself this question, when I have a strong intuitive feeling that life is about to change… and my whole synopsis for survival or not to rush into anything is to meditate. To drop into my heart and listen, to hold space for those that I love deeply and I know suffer because of their own transformation.

Listening to the teacher Saturn, in its home sign Capricorn is about our power and the power we hold dear or respect to the power we give off to others. Saturn is also conjuncting Pluto, the goddess Kali, both Saturn and Pluto are stationed in the South Nodal axis of our planet. This means they are opposite the Sun in Cancer. This opposition is about letting go of dominant power so we can feel more nurtured and free from the shackles of life. Connecting with nature and finding our place with our planet is also a strong theme.

I invite you to look around your world, listen to your environment not just with your five senses but tune into the vibration. Mars will be in Leo along with Mercury where our communication to others may be harsh or unforgiving. This is a time to know what you want with all your heart… to know that the cosmos is asking us to go deeper into our relationships with full reverence. If the relationship is changing because we want it a certain way, then think again especially if this is the relationship you want to cultivate further.

We may feel the conditions in our life are limiting us or our actions or people. These restrictions, whether they are emotional or even mental can cause frustration and difficulties in trying to express ourselves.  Notice if we are going too intensely in our personal relationships, which can cause distance instead of that loving feeling. This is a time to be a little patient to what is coming up for all of us. Not reacting but responding to our emotions by sitting with them is helpful. Even if you know in your heart this is going to be a difficult conversation, where can you find compassion and love in your speech towards others and still be heard.

Venus the goddess of love is opposite Jupiter and this energy is living it up, a strong socialising feeling, when conscious can be very good for networking or making great connections if unconscious then it might be a dirty one night stand with your ex lover and that will make you feel less self worthy. So now is the time to really find the discipline to work through this energy into a creative project, or being in nature or having a robust conversation with someone close that can highlight a different perspective. Magic is a shift of perception!

We all get caught up in our own stories, it doesn’t matter who you are, in some way we prove our story to be right and look for that validation. There is no time to waste in this next 24 hours when the total solar eclipse kisses us in Sydney at 5:16am on Wednesday 3rd July.

I’ll post something special for this solar eclipse tomorrow… but for now listen, meditate, find compassion for yourself and ask what would you do if your life was to change over night? Are you prepared? What if your relationship with your beloved becomes stronger or weaker? What if you just felt working in the City no longer serves you? Tune in… and know that when the inner world is bringing up so much that we’ve left for a rainy day to address… know that its the cosmos’s wisdom trying to pull us up from the past so we can truly grow with integrity and our full potential.

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