Cancer total solar eclipse… a pivotal point in our lives!!!


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A total solar eclipse in Cancer 10 degrees, will be crossing the path of the Sun to the Earth in Sydney, Australian time 5:16am on Wednesday 3rd July. This is a pivotal point in our time where we have to make some serious decisions about what we want in our lives. Before we dive deep into the why? Lets just highlight what a total solar eclipse is… eclipses are a point in the cosmos where the Moons nodal axis align with the Suns causing two points of reference on our Planet. They are North Node, which brings about the growth, invigorating energy, something that is unknown but is very good for the collective. And the opposite is the South Node, the things that we need to get rid of, that put us in stagnant energy, or when things start to fall apart that we maybe attached to and things that we habitually do but need to release.

The energy of the eclipse lasts around six months, which will take us to January 2020, start the next year with most planet direct and going head first. On an energetic point of view we will need to prepare for an avalanche of change that perhaps will shift our perception. Its truly magnificent!

The most important aspect of this cosmic cycle is that we will be purging from the energies that we’ve experience over the last decade. To be frank, we will be purging and healing from the Piscean age that started to shift in December 2012. Think back to that year, what was going on for you? What major shifts happened in your life that are now shifting again? Or, what are we understanding on a deeper level. For me personally 2012 was a year of two family weddings, only two years since my mothers passing, and four weeks of shifting my skills to become a Jivamukti Teacher. I had the most life changing year, where I started to question my career and where I could dedicate my time, however my need for working hard, which is programmed in my psyche was not working with my heart. And like so many of us I continued to spend time cultivating my hobbies and finding that my heart is also shifting.

This is why one of the reasons the total solar eclipse on Wednesday in Cancer will change our lives forever. We will not be the same. Cancer represents the mother, the mother within us, we are constantly searching for that nurturing feeling within, and this total solar eclipse opposite Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will raise our own beliefs about how we should live our lives.

Saturn represents governance, structure, institutions, organised religion anything that has some framework. Yes it worked over 100’s of years, but now, let us stop and think for a moment! How is that time impacting our lives today? Are we bound by the strong cultural beliefs on how our life is dictated? Lets take relationships as an example. All relationships are dictated to us through media, parents, society and even religion. Do some research on the perfect ideal partnership that is bound by marriage where there is equal harmony among both parties involved. I think most of us will only see parts of the story and not the full picture.

Relationships are important part of our lives, as they provide the support from the person we trust and love. If in anyway, this partnership on a personal emotional level does not align what we truly want in our life, then why are we continuing with it?

This total solar eclipse will make big inner shifts, that will leap our own needs in our life. It could be that we may feel something that doesn’t feel complete anymore.  Something that needs to take place in our life that we’ve been avoiding will come to the surface and we have to be connected to our emotional bodies to know the ultimate truth of what we want. 

Mars is in Leo, which is quite a powerful aspect as its attempting or rather forcing us to stay true to whats in our hearts, with reverence. And Venus over the next six months will play a huge role, she is currently travelling in Gemini and soon will be in Leo, again bringing us back to the matters of the heart. This is hard work. It is not about going to a candy shop and picking your favourite things because you’re in the mood to do that, or that everyone is picking the most popular candy. It is about you feeling you don’t need candy and choose to have something else, something completely different like a salad.

The energy we feel from Saturn and Pluto is heavy and dense and it is not going away anytime soon. Perhaps there will be a release of this energy in September but we will truly know its purpose when we’re near the end of 2019. In the same way, this eclipse cycle will refill our cup of truth, give us release and a sense of authentic emotional truth.

What do I mean by authentic emotional truth? It is when we have committed to listen and feel what is going on within us. If for example we’ve realised we like different partners, or we want a partner that meets with us equally but we continue to put up with what society dictates to us then we will feel this dense heavy energy and it will slowly make us very unhappy. If you want to actively participate in your life, then you have to become clear on how your beliefs shape your world? And changing our beliefs will raise eyebrows, defend the majority or the conformed and they will convince us that we’re absolutely crazy or going through a phase. Think about it for a moment. How many of us actually question the beliefs of our parents, family, lineage, the government, society, popular culture, religion and education? Because even if we don’t like change, all of these are going to change in some way, and we’ve put our hand up to actively participate in the collective new world that is shaping in front of us.

Everything you must do in your life to find your authentic true emotional self is going to be a difficult process. There will be hard decisions to make perhaps things need to get cut off.  Mars in Leo and Mercury retrograding on 7th July in Leo is about healing the last 12 months. Massive traumas where we’ve been trying to figure out this crazy world but we ran into more blocks. We can only make it if you know how to follow your emotional self. How long can you live in your life, at this point where you are sacrificing your emotional self for some unwritten law?  Relationships is going to be big, massive redefinition of what a marriage is, raising the feminine energy within us all. Things need to change.

The cosmos is giving us the passion to dive into our emotional truth. We need to understand where we feel good but the old rules don’t apply concept. Neptune the planet of compassion and spirituality is also addressing the conditions of the spiritual community. It isn’t the same as it was a decade ago and will continue to unveil the truth that our brains cannot comprehend but our hearts completely understand. The institutional miss conceived conceptions are breaking down around us and within us, where we will not be able to be in this current world and we will seek escapism. That is perhaps where we find the ultimate truth of our emotional body and go forth without any exceptions.

We might do things that look crazy or even going up stream. We might question what am I doing here and I don’t feel good here and if you’re emotionally connected and you’re listening then a shift will take place. This whole year has been about redefining our concept of relationships, no compromises, not being misconceived about what a relationship should be. We have been constantly proving ourselves in our relationships. If you’re in a healthy relationship which is authentic where there is a platform for having those difficult conversations, then this is the emotional truth that is getting you to dive deep with your beloved. Or, if you feel that you need a marriage or a child to show to the world that you’re with this person, but emotionally you feel trapped or don’t want children, but you carry on, then you are not in the right emotional state 

This is the time to go into the world with a feeling of being unapologetic. There will be a lot of judgement from others, how we are in the world, who we sleep with in the world and what a married or a de-facto relationship should be like. Now is the time to actually, feel into your emotional body and take note of what comes up. Truly without any fear or heaviness, go with what your ’emotional’ body is stating. There is no rule book here so it makes it amazing to go forth with what you feel knowing you have the support of each other

Moon is about our emotional body. It too has a dark side, as does everyone has a dark side of emotion. They don’t want to bring light into it. We are told in our society to not say it, or don’t say it that way, or you don’t feel the love anymore. Questioning our belief system, our own conditioning and going to the darkest places in ourselves is where we find the light to shine. Thats the growth.  Until we go there we are never going to truly tap into our own true authentic emotions. This is not a time for compromise.

Are we ready to see the truth. This is the work that we have to do… go within otherwise the same in December that gets you to question your emotional state will either keep you in the same game or take you to a new way of being. It is the choice we have. 







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