Lunar eclipse in July are you ready?!!!

We come to this planet with this essence of pure love. It is within us already. As we grow, and those of us who have experienced nurturing from their environment get to understand the importance of self care, self worth and self confidence. Although, it is not related to how much we were loved, but rather how we experienced this care, love or to be nurtured. Our childhood and the conditioning when growing up is ingrained in us and we become it, at the time we do not know the difference, because this is all we know. Then we go out in the world, and start to discover how others experienced love and care, and it maybe a little different or may be none, but what is important here is to know there is no right or wrong answer to this all. But, we are conditioned in someone else’s way of loving, being and behaving in life.

If you are an aware individual, and not afraid to go into your own blind spots then you will start to discover these limiting beliefs, conditions that have shaped your life. And perhaps you discover that this old way is now not working for you, perhaps your heart, or your emotional self wants something different. Think about it for a moment… how you behave in a relationship or what your idea of love is, where did that come from? Experience? Life? Parents, Guardians or Care takers? Movies? Books? Friends?

No one comes here with a rule book. Rather we have the test first and then the lesson after… and this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is all about the lessons we’ve experienced since the Solar Eclipse or even in the last two years. The eclipse season is always powerful energy lasts up to six months or even more. This Lunar Eclipse is positioned on the South Node Axial, the energy of letting go, of situations, people, behaviours, of old ‘conditioning’ ‘beliefs’ ‘ideals’ of ‘shoulds’. Wow! A lot of work here already. The Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon in Capricorn) conjuncting (next to the moon) is Pluto (Kali, transformation, intensely emotional) we are going to be shown how our behaviour is not serving our hearts, or emotions. And how we hold on to these old patterns of behaviour and make our life more difficult, or intense because of what we want rather than what we need.

Its Sunday, 14th July as I sit to write this post and the Sun is in Cancer, opposite Saturn, tomorrow it will be opposite Pluto, before we hit the Wednesday Lunar Eclipse 7:38am in Sydney, the rest of the world will feel it on Tuesday, we are going to have a chance to replenish all that we have learnt about what we FEEL is right by our hearts. Sun in Cancer opposite the moon is the nurturer. The Sun is shining its glory here, and this brings to the surface of how we treat ourselves, take care of ourselves and protect our hearts, homes, for love and safety. If we have the courage to look there, then it would mean we start to unpack what is familiar in our lives.


We have to work, we have to live and we have to eat, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling into what is shifting within us. We will have six planets in retrograde, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron and if you think about their qualities; Pluto death and rebirth, transformation, Neptune is big love and self care, Saturn is old beliefs, structures and ways of being, Mercury is communication and Chiron the wounded healer. Then we can start to understand, that the cosmos wants us to heal and burn our old ways of being so we can move forward in love.

How we see love is very different to how we feel love. Love is not something that can be described in words, apart from John O’Donohue does a very good job, in his text the Anam Cara, a great read. This is about discovering how our subconscious conditions are mirrored in relationships. And some of us may have the tendency to lash out, retreat, destroy, leave and disrupt. Remember its an intense full moon and it will bring it all up, already we tuning in, then there shouldn’t be a big surprise. So I ask you, in the most humbling way, what about love alone? Are you ready to let go of the old stories that have no sustenance and let love guide you forward just because you may not like something about a person? It’s not about being complacent, it is about looking at our conditional, controlling ways of our psyche regarding ‘love’ how it should to be, through work, hobbies or relationships. It doesn’t matter, what matters is your role in doing the work. Understanding where we have put surface level conditions that destroy the birthing of experiencing love.  Are you ready to make changes within yourself, your beliefs or values to move forward with only love as a beacon of light.

We will be invited, ready or not, to see through our own delusions and before we strike out into the world and destroy or shake it up… take a moment to site with where this ‘old way of being’ is all coming from. We are learning to explore the depths of love, in the manner that was not here for us before, in the manner where we don’t have superficial conditions. We are ready to see the nonsense that separates us from ourselves and move with knowing what we need with compassion and love and deep understanding.

This week, prior to the Lunar eclipse is about replenishing our own energy, sitting with what we need to move forward with love. Choose love, no matter what and the universe will not fail you.

We will face our fears of attachment to our beliefs because in some warped way we think this gives us power. No, its just an illusion set up within us that hasn’t served us at the best of times. So, are we ready to bring everything up that we’ve projected, feared, limited in our behaviour and move forward with love in our heart?

It takes a lot of work to be in this mindset of moving forward. Mars and Mercury in Leo, will bring up the fears of the heart for us, but with Mars the warrior it is reminding us to go forth with the heart and not get discombobulated.

I find it extremely difficult to think about self care, it is one of my blind spots. However, the forces and karmic patterns has given me an opportunity to be quite solo this week, to work on what I need and to connect with my heart for me. Only me. I don’t know what that will look like, but I know there is fear and there is huge level of uncertainty. As a Virgo my practical side cannot handle these two building blocks. I as all of us am learning to discover a part of myself that has lay dormant because of my own conditioning. It’s not rebellious, it is about bringing Joy into my heart.

Happy replenishing my friends and remember it is the discernment of where we place our energy, do we realise the true power of being human. Being love. Being you.

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  1. Sandeep thank you for writing with such clarity!
    I got a bit teary reading this tonight on the way home. It resonated so much and affirmed even more. (I love it when everything in my universe points in the same direction!)
    I have been feeling all of this for at least a month now, the strain, the tension, the not living my life the way I want to. It has been one of the hardest things to let go and it has taken some time to get to this point, but I’m already feeling braver and stronger for finally deciding to do this in honour of my growth and soul.
    Thank you again for your Wisdom and guidance.
    Hope all is well in your world.

    Light and blessings to you xx

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