Valuing our truth! Uranus retrograde in Taurus

The aftermath of two eclipses had some of us in the eye of the storm, where we are being pulled from our ultimate truth and the illusion of attachment. The living sky, our cosmos is raising our awareness in moving forward. Allowing the past to be just a dream so we can move swiftly forward, perhaps solo for some and for others connecting to our higher spiritual truth. This week is phenomenal in terms of what we will experience before the full moon in Aquarius on 15th August at 10:29pm in Sydney which will highlight our extensive need for love and affection verses the tension between relationships.

The moon will be a climax to what is happening from now until the middle of next week. We have the planet of change, innovation, outer worldly, other, forward thinking – Uranus going into retrograde at the end of the weekend and at the same time we will have Jupiter going direct, finally after four months of retrograde in Sagittarius. This energy is big, and expansive. Uranus is in Taurus and here it is making us think about how we are aligning with our internal truth, spiritual truth and intuitive truth to move forward, while Pluto and Saturn, still in retrograde positioned South Node in Capricorn is setting the trap of attachment of the old way of thinking, we can fix this, unhappy situation, relationship, project or even financial status.

This week is powerful, as it will dive into our psyche to test our growth and understanding of the eclipses if we are living from a place of our ultimate truth. And, finding the courage within ourselves to move forward, without looking back or even becoming nostalgic because a part of us is attached to an ‘energy’ that is not aligned with our growth. We are here to grow!

The energy will test us, pull us in the direction that we know is the right thing to do, and this the only way we can move forward with integrity in our hearts. Letting go of the old ways. There are many great alignments in the sky that will help us get there either by intense struggle because we resist or by letting go without self judgement. There might be moments where we may feel moving forward is hard, and I don’t want to let go of something that I know is in some way comforting, or comfortable. No! The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are in Leo, big heart energy all churning their qualities in our emotional body to birth the new path. Alone, if that’s what it takes.

Trusting in the unknown, and allowing the past to be a dream, this is the time to stand in your heart centre and operate with self compassion to move and grow to the next level or stage of your life. Jupiter will be a magical energy in Sagittarius moving direct on Sunday for the Northern Hemisphere and Monday for the Southern Hemisphere. It will certainly give us energy to move into alignment of our inner wisdom that the time is now to move forward. This energy will also give opportunity for some of us to shine in our path and lead the way for others. Tune in to your knowing and deliver because the world needs your courage to tap into their own.

Ask yourself what is keeping you from your light? What energy are you holding on to that is keeping you from moving forward without any doubt in your heart? If you think you’ve figured it all out, then the universe, the cosmic goddess will test us until we hear it loud and clear. The time has come to step into the wilderness of our hearts desire, re-examine those old stories, values that hold you back, question every ‘should’ way of living, and move into your own self expression of living from the heart.

This year is about relationships, so we can open 2020 with the relationships that will be aligned to our own vibrations, no if’s or but’s or excuses about old ways. One way to feel this through is by tuning in to your level of comfort. If your current relationship feels edgy or you’re walking in life empty, then that is a sign to move, to leave and take the leap. It is difficult to do, but if we do the hard work now, we will certainly be in a space for 2020 where we can reap the fruits of this work. We have to find a way to express what is in our hearts without feeling any essence of guilt.

What is your relationship to attachment? What happens when you start to let go of everything that has caused you pain, struggle or it just hasn’t been easy? Explore by visualising, or journalling or even dreaming about letting go. And if you feel lighter, happier and more free, then why are you still looking back into a place that is causing you grief? This is potent time for making magic, tuning into your own sovereign self, without any doubt, and loaded with courage to move into a place that is unknown. Be aligned to your vibration, to your truth and feel the magic of life come alive within you. Are you ready to do the work?



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