Are you ready to break those walls to tap into your divine essence?

Let us first exhale the energy from July. Wow! What a profound month of exploring all those shadows we have been hording deep within us. The emotional pulls and twists, giving us the opportunity or the struggle to re-evaluate our relationships, our projects and our creativity. The two eclipses in July were just the door way of a path that has now started to unravel for most of us. The first chapter being the Full Moon in Aquarius, Sydney, Thursday 15th August at 10:29pm. This is no ordinary Full Moon, she is strong and pulling opposite the Sun and Venus. Yes! This is really rare to have Venus right there behind the Sun in Leo, with Mars and also Mercury. A big stellium in Leo, big heart energy.

This opposition is not a bad one, it is inviting us to look at ourselves with x-ray glasses and examine why we have put so many barriers up that prevent a deeper connection in our relationships. Are you ready to dive deep? This whole week we are going to feel the energy shift from feeling uncertainty and fear triggered by Mars in Leo, knowing that a shift is a must, if we want to grow and evolve and of course clear some karmic heavy unnecessary energy, but how do we act upon it? Or even with Pluto pulling at Uranus which is asking us to be very very honest with our emotional and spiritual values. The world doesn’t seem the same. Everything is different and that can be quite scary.

On the other hand, we might feel isolated, knowing that the path in front of us is uncharted territory, where the unknown is going to challenge our own courage, strength and of course, our decisions made in July. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the South Node have been playing a major role in our world of relationships. Consistently asking us if we feel valued, equal, connected, seen, nurtured, and loved and then to give us the greater wisdom to step away from these ‘holding’ values, that once made sense and now they do not! And that is okay!

The most interesting part of this cosmic alignment is the planet of change Uranus went into retrograde in Taurus, both are fixed signs. Air and Earth. Uranus is at fall position here, where it is truly asking stubborn Taurus to look at what we value, and how does that value serve us in our current life situation. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and she is behind our grand Sun (representing the individual) in Leo, big heart, courageous and also very creative. Just taking a moment to think about this alignment, gives us insight on what needs to change within us to make room for Mars going into practical Virgo next week.

If we dive deep in our hearts, and truly listen to our emotional and spiritual and perhaps Soul’s calling then we are in line with the changes that are shifting for us. We are in this karmic thread of Sun/Venus, Saturn/Pluto and Neptune in Pisces and then Uranus in retrograde with Jupiter finally going direct in Sagittarius – we have to use this energy in a loving and beautiful way. Dissipate the anger by connecting with a higher source of love.  And of course, when we do the work, what we will start to examine is find our true barometer of  our self worth. How strongly, harshly are you judging yourself?

These energies are echoing from the inner depths of our being and reminding us, or showing us, that we are more than enough as we are… with that in mind we will be asked how willing are you to drop deeply into your truth of reality, with no delusions, just feeling the strong barriers that we have to break, or change the rules, the conditioning that we project onto ourselves? This is deep work. Introspection, journal, walks in nature, connecting with the heart is essential. We have to listen, otherwise we may pay a higher price in five weeks time when Saturn finally goes direct on 18th September where the energy can be quite slow, reflect and also asking us – go for it, stop wasting time about getting attained in a skill or questioning if you are good enough for this. Just. Do. It!

This will mean that we will be going more internal, without distraction by our own judgement and shift those old beliefs to explore how we can connect deeper in our relationships, in a raw, authentic, personal and intimate way. If we do the work, then we will start to experience a better connection in our relationships, be open to going even deeper with another, with ourselves and allowing our vulnerability to be exposed, without the fear of judging! Are you ready? Or why do you run away from what is truly opening up for you. Yes, our hearts are open, raw and our souls are thirsty to be seen and nurtured without our own fears tainting our experience.

It is big! Happy Full Moon in Aquarius.

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