New Moon in Virgo, heightens karmic paths

Finally, we have a big shift in energy this New Moon in Virgo on Friday 30th August 20:37pm Sydney time. The wisdom of the cosmos has a grand opening with a stellium in Virgo. A stellium means more than three planets in one sign, and here in Virgo we have the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the astroid Juno. This energy is not going to give us the opportunity to miss the finer details of what WE need, to be on our true path of alignment with our emotions, heart and values. Yes. It is deeply intense energy, which may have some of us already in a difficult space.

Heightening an inner intense energy because not only is the New Moon surrounded with several planets encouraging its energy, it is also very close to the earth. Perhaps the biggest supermoon we will experience in 2019. The supermoon has a different energy, although it is a black moon, next to the sun, it acts like a full moon. The earths tectonic plates may shift causing natural disasters, thus making a dramatic entrance to open us up collectively to make radical, mind blowing, life changing shifts. Imagine what it will do to our inner emotional world.

The Moon represents our deepest emotions, she pulls and pushes them, in Virgo she will be assisted with Mars in a very big way. Mars will want to cut out all the parts of our life that we have been carrying for so long, making nonsense excuses for because our own conditioning has kept us tied up to act from a place of true emotional expression. Virgo, she is the goddess of nature, herbalist, deep healing, loves detail and caring in a manner where there is no attachment. Mars is finally here helping us to be a little cut throat with our decisions, with Mercury, planet of communication we will be more direct and clear about what it is that we don’t want in our life. We are going to be questioned what we are doing in our life right now that is aligned to our true path.

A true path is something that brings us joy, allows us to obtain energy to continue without even thinking, it awakens us from a sleep, and from being robots to the current scenario that is playing out. The Moon trines Uranus which is in retrograde in Taurus, this intensity will kick start many things and on the same note with Mars next to the Moon it will create a big cleanse energy. We may cut things out, and I don’t mean material, it maybe emotional, relationships, projects or personal values that are not working anymore because WE don’t feel good about them. And that is okay.


Image: Karmic is a painting by Horacio Cardozo

Yes, we can convince ourselves that this is not happening, the relationship that is starting or ending is it in true alignment of what we need? Is it worth the connections that we are making? Are we going to thrive from a deep emotional platform that brings us to a lighter more cohesive and centred space. We need clarity, about how our values, our relationships, our projects are serving us.

Sun, Mars and Mercury combined with the Moon bring a very powerful, perhaps for some a joyful, for others a releasing for others a paradigm shift energy. We will say what we need to say, our actions will be like a pair of scissors cutting away all those parts in our life that have drained us, pained us and stalled us. This is not an easy cosmic alignment, it certainly is a birthing of something new, after all, it is a New Moon.

This is a time for major shifts in our life, karmically with Saturn slowing down, ready to go direct on September 18th when we will be left on a path that will certainly be rewarded, IF we listen to our deepest emotional truth. One of the ways to consider this energy in any area of your life, is to observe what doesn’t feel good and what does feel good. If we are not happy, with work, in relationships, in partnerships or the projects that are not working but taking up too much energy leaving us feeling drained or heavy, or even exhausted, then we will just cut it right off!

Cutting something off from our life, that has always been of service, or is too comfortable will be a very tricky and hard action to take. Saturn, is asking us one more time, are you really aligned and on your path, because if you are not then you will have to wear this ‘energetic baggage’ for the rest of your life. This energy will rise to the surface with Juno, the astroid of relationships, marriage and connections which is next to Venus the goddess of beauty, love, passion and desire, trining Saturn making sure we have the right elements in our life, the right people, the right situation, the right space to be on our own path. Its also important to note, when Saturn is slow it is going to bring up resistance because we have to do the karmic work, we have to internally process and release authentically.

Redefining moments will be experienced over the next two weeks. And for some of us, it will be definitely life changing, ruthless, shedding, making room for birth. Giving birth is never easy, no matter what.

Ask yourself, what whole new beginning are you going start, without guilt, without the compromises that will subsidies your path of true alignment. We are awakening from a dream that has been too comfortable, that we had to make sacrifices, that we had to compromise and most of all we had to put our needs on hold. Discernment, is key, karmically we need to tap into what we want, without brainwashing ourselves that we are not worthy, or we need to continue because its always worked this way, or worse, everyone else is doing it this way. Jupiter will square Venus and these two will show us there is something out there that is bigger, better and more aligned.

An inner battle between the bigger things and the finer details will get us all fired up, and we will without a doubt make radical changes in our lives. The change will impact us for the rest of our life.

We are here at this moment in time, in this cosmic alignment, to grow, to connect with our true Soul calling and with Saturn, next to Pluto, because these two slow moving planets, will want us to clear our karmic past energies so we can feel freedom and transform.

Uranus in the mix with Mars and Jupiter trine Venus puts us in a vortex of infinite possibilities, new ways of being, new paths and perhaps strange and new relationships developing. Working on new projects that echo our redefined selves, while Virgo the perfectionist will make a few minor tweaks here and there, causing us to perhaps change our mind.

This New Moon energy in Virgo, is getting us grounded. To deeply root new seeds that will form a whole new life or path that IS aligned with our truth. It is a time of ideas, new projects and doing things that we don’t always do like start knitting or painting. Be prepared to accept that if we don’t like something we will cut it up, not throw it away because we can always go back and get it out from the bin. But cut it into shreds making it impossible to put back together. A reconfiguration. A redefining. A new birth that we have been waiting for because, to be honest we are tired of the same situations that don’t elevate us anymore.

Underneath it all the biggest test is to really feel the new moon in Virgo. Tune into the finer details of our inner world then with Mars we are going to have this cut throat vibe to shift and change so we are back on the path that is aligned to our heart. We are not here to take the nonsense that is not serving us anymore. Enough already! Are you ready to dive deep and go for it?

A great new beginning with extreme discernment, don’t take anything with you that will create dis ease in your life! 

Happy new moon in Virgo!!!

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  1. “We are not here to take the nonsense that is not serving us anymore. Enough already! Are you ready to dive deep and go for it?” This is SO on point for me right now Sandeep, as we move home and I reconsider my roles & relationships with others and who/what I want to embody and connect with. What space do I want to live in in this world? One that uplifts me! And that will truly serve others too. I love you. Thank you! 🙏💚

    1. I love you! And miss you so much… when you write moving home do you mean Sydney? (fingers crossed in anticipation). Thank you for reading my work. Love you.

  2. Wowww! That’s some detailed explanation. Explains a lot about how I have been feeling leading up to this momentus astrological time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights. I will indeed stay true and intune to my bliss.
    Warm regards, Amanda

  3. I found this fascinating and very much inline with how I have been feeling recently. Thank you !!

    I was curious could you explain what you meant here: “while Virgo the perfectionist will make a few minor tweaks here and there, causing us to perhaps change our mind.” Does this mean we might doubt these big changes were about to make but must stick with it?


    1. Hi Carly, thank you for reading the blog. The energy will bring about changes to our life and with those changes, the Virgo, will want to put its perfection on what we decided to do. This means we are not going to go for the lower quality, we are going to refine the things we want in life, making them personal and precise to our needs. Take time to perfect something means we own it deep within us! S x

  4. Sandeep, this got me all teary as I walked home tonight reading it. It astounds me how much of this rings true at the moment for me and has been for the last month.
    I’m definitely feeling this a lot more at the moment and in fact it’s been some of the hardest letting go I’ve had to do but necessary.
    I already feel braver and stronger and am glad I’m doing this for myself and my growth. It’s been a long time coming.
    Hope all is well in your world. Sending you blessings and light xx

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