Holding space in our hearts

“The heart is a sensory organ that guides our decision-making ability as well as our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. It’s a symbol that transcends time, place and culture. ” Dr Joe Dispenz, Becoming Supernatural

I was reminded today whilst teaching yoga how important it is for us to go back to basics, tuning into the breath and becoming aware of our heart centre. According to Dr Joe Dispenza, from his amazing book ‘Becoming Supernatural’ he advocates this as being the most poignant organ in our body and yet we fail to see its treasure, its power and its magic.

We are being called to rise up within ourselves and take responsibility regarding our thoughts and actions. To become aware of how our thoughts trigger our emotions and keep us trapped in a vicious circle of pain, conflicting views, habits, beliefs and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. As an astrologer, I follow the cosmic living sky every day, tuning into the the planets especially when my outer world is in turmoil. This year alone, I took a big commitment to work on myself and to find the courage to work on becoming a better human.

healing heart

The work i’ve done so far on myself, through powerful plant medicine has bought me to this space of discovering who I truly am from my heart. I have loved hard this year, and in someways failed, perhaps my own anxiety of not being good enough came through loud and strong. I was taught about compromise, something that I do all the time to make sure the ‘other’ is happier and comfortable at the cost of my own comfort and happiness. Compromise for me is not difficult. What is difficult is finding a space in my own heart to put myself first is the difficult part. To take care of myself and to nurture myself in a way that is more centred and balanced. The medicine showed me in several ways how I will fail to live my life fully if I don’t learn to take care of myself.

This year alone from a cosmic point of view and alignment has been about two major topics which are on many levels ignored or not regarded with great importance. The feminine and relationships. We started this year 2019 with a solar eclipse in Capricorn, and with the bright star Vega. The star Vega is the feminine energy, much like the goddess Saraswati, about music, arts, culture, language and creativity. The start of this year has been the backdrop of everything we have experienced so far, especially in relationships. Where do we hold space for ourselves, heighten the feminine energy so we can learn to nurture, take care and bring forth space for creativity? We do not do this well as humans.

This year is about us tapping into our hearts, in a manner that is connected to our Soul, our inner depths. Already, this year has bought to surface old patterns, struggles within ourselves that words cannot articulate and yet we continue, wishing and hoping something different will come out of the situation. There is a big tendency to convince our hearts that all is going to be well, if I make an adjustment to my behaviour, my personality, my behaviour, my perspective. And yes we can, if the reason why we are making these decisions are for our inner development and not for a desired outcome.

Also, what is being highlighted is how we are holding onto to old internal structures, algorithms that have worked in the past and now they do not hold the same power. We are left flawless! Confused! All we want is freedom, true inner freedom that allows us to make choices without adjusting in anyway. These choices are not questioned or judged by another. To choose freedom from our core, is to know we have followed our hearts calling, synchronised with the universe and honoured our values. When actioned this feeling will enable us to tap into the power of our heart! And the joy in doing so brings us in alignment with our hearts, where we will feel invincible. Wow, what a concept?!

This is a pivotal point in our life. Enough is enough we are done. We want to experience freedom without guilt or doubt. We want to feel a sense of wholeness without putting any conditions. And most of all we want to feel a sense of deep worth within ourselves. The antidote for this is holding space in our hearts is the key. I’ve been practicing breathing to my heart centre parts of my day, especially when I feel my outer world is not making me feel happy. Just by breathing, just by bringing the awareness into my heart centre I have started to feel the power of my heart. I feel its strength and most of all I feel complete. I’ve changed my personal environment to bring me peace and joy, although the real work for this will start to unfold in September. That is the time when I will authentically feel the strength to hold space for my own personal healing.

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  1. ” To choose freedom from our core, is to know we have followed our hearts calling, synchronised with the universe and honoured our values. ”

    Oh, you are divine. Absolutley divine. Thank you for sharing your wisdom beautiful woman. Hope to come baxck to one of your wonferful classes very soon.

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