Cosmic wisdom giving us an opportunity to Surrender!

Silence is not just sitting in meditation. Silence is the end of resistance, it’s the end to the division in you. It is deep stillness and with that an experience of unity grows within the depths of you, realising you’ve connected to the Divine. Surrendering!


The last four months Saturn the planet of moving forward, discipline, framework, the teacher of our most difficult lessons and most of all the planet that is raising our growth to a higher realm within us, is coming out of retrograde next week. This beautiful planet of tough wisdom pulls and pushes us to evolve from the inner depths. This week Saturn has stopped, slowed down, and is very close to Pluto (planet of transformation, death and rebirth).

If you have been monitoring the cosmos you will know that Saturn and Pluto are both at the South Node, the axises of the Moon. The South Node represents what we need to release, to let go and to cut off from our life. This week alone, Saturn is slightly blinded as he stops, with so much energy from the other powerful planets, aka within us, there needs to be some grounding. Here Saturn is helping us to stop, to really think about the decisions we need to make to be more happy, to feel more free within ourselves. This is the karmic pivotal point that is closing in on us, fast and furious.

The joker in the cosmos or the bull in the china shop, as some may say, is Jupiter. Jupiter is an expansive planet and with that he expands everything. This year alone we have been taken on an inner journey of relationships, projects and the direction that we want to be held in, within ourselves for 2020. Jupiter is Squaring the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury all of which are in Virgo a mutable sign and Neptune the dreamer the one that connects us to our past and she is in retrograde. Mutable meaning changes. Neptune is bringing up so many past memories of how we were in relationships, how we respond to our projects, giving us the wisdom of what we take on and what we leave behind.

This week is giving us insight to the next full moon in Pisces, which is also going to be opposite Virgo and that means, the Sun, Mars and Mercury. Venus will travel finally at the beginning of next week to Libra. Venus is not comfortable in Virgo, because everything she is showing us in our reality means we need to do some practical work, (Virgo).

The combination of Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces and the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus in Virgo (image a triangle and its red) causing a grand trine of some serious internal conflict about what direction to take in our life. Nothing is sticking, no plan, no idea, no old structure, no new way of being and no new formed ways of connecting in our plans, travel, relationships and projects. This is a call for us to surrender to the higher Divine within us. To let the energy ride through us, with Jupiter playing the curious one within us. Asking us, do you want to go on that path? have you explored something different? There is something bigger and better out there. Here, Saturn is stopping so that it can go direct next week on the 18th September.

Saturn is the planet that will allow us to invest in a future that is more aligned with our truth. To get to this Soul level of truth, we will need to let go, surrender. We need to get into a space within ourselves that explores where we are attached to the old ways in our life. The plans, the situations, the processes that have worked before and now they are simply the leaves dancing on the earth as the wind, Jupiter pulls them here there and everywhere. And perhaps some of us are freaking out about it!

We are all feeling this energy in someway. We could be going through a huge transformation, Pluto, knowing that what we have experienced in our past has served us enough and our Soul, the North Node in Cancer is showing us to take care, to nurture and to find true happiness and freedom within before you are willing to make the next move in this karmic cycle.

What is our role in this moment in time? Look at what is coming up for you, and see that as the biggest gift of awareness. To grow within and to reach an inner calmness that carries us forward next week with integrity.

Neptune, will bring in some aspects of illusions that we may re-think what we feel, or we may doubt what we feel. There, is a possibility of some serious depressive moments with Sun and Saturn meeting this week in a Square. This is where we need to find one point of experience that is personal.

When we finally surrender to this mutable energy we will find our reality. The reality that brings us this inner love, inner peace. This reality, this week will change and go up and down, around and then in and out, nothing will stick which is why it is important for us to have a strong spiritual practice, whether its meditation, connecting with nature, doing a Sadhana practice just for yourself. Not reacting to the changes with a fiery war like energy, Mars in Virgo conjuncting the Sun is bringing a fast eagerness that we should be doing something about this discomfort feeling inside. No!

Change for most of us is difficult, in fact it can bring up anxiety and the intense energy that draws us to panic about the unknown, because change is unknown. Letting go of control, and preconceived ideas within our relationships, projects and direction can also be a detriment to our Souls growth. If we can see this week as an opportunity, rather than a destructive shedding of ‘woe is me’ we will reap the fruits of this practice and surprise ourselves.

So, observe what is coming up for you this week, because it will give you hints on where there is an area in your life that is toxic and needs to be eliminated and where there is true love that needs some tenderness and attention.

We are all in this together, no one comes through this week without a scar to show that we have survived for the greater Soul evolution. Surrender is the key word that keeps coming up for me over and over again. My tendency is to retreat, to go within and sit with my own emotions, because change and my own reality has changed dramatically. I am surrendering to the unknown. As I look around my environment, I notice how I envy the trees, standing tall, holding their ground and surrendering to sun, wind, rain and cold weather.

This doesn’t mean you retreat, but we go with the experience that is unfolding around us, even if it is something that we may not ordinarily be comfortable with – the time has come to change for the better. To orchestrate the reality that brings us the ultimate joy.

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  1. Do you think you could start a podcast and speak these lessons instead? I’m super interested but am cutting down on screen reading as it doesn’t make me feel good. I’d love to learn more in another format.

    Thank you!

    Louise 🙂

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