Magic verses matter – Pisces Full Moon

A good friend once advised me ‘don’t get on the train that’s crashing’, about a situation I was puzzled about. I didn’t know my place and everything I learned from my past was telling me to stay, but my intuition was shouting out loud, ‘don’t’ or ‘let go’. Wow! This beautiful Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday 14th September at 2:32pm Sydney time is going to heighten our psychic, intuitive and compassionate higher selves. This is the magic, opening up a new door, bringing a new situation to life, a new project or even a new way of being. But there is a catch!


The Full Moon in Pisces is conjuncting Neptune the planet of dream, psychic, heart, deep feelings of love and compassion, opposite the Sun in Virgo with Mars, Mercury and Venus all soon to be travelling east to Libra at the end of next week. Phew! Whats the catch? Over the last few months, we all have experienced immense change either in our environment, or in our relationships, our positions, our projects, our hearts, our minds, our beliefs and our emotional truths. We have been called for action, to test the stubborn parts of ourselves, to awaken the delusional addiction to old behaviours, and to let it all go! To trust, to surrender!

My teacher Sharon Gannon, co founder of the Jivamukti Yoga method always states ‘magic is a shift of perception’. And here in our cosmic sky we have the planets aligned in the most poignant points for us to really connect and speak our truths, to bring awareness to the stories we are attached to, or convinced things are working but they haven’t vibe together for a long time, so why would they vibe now! No! They are not.

Saturn is the teacher, discipline, the ‘let’s go’ authority in the cosmic sky and therefore a big player along with Jupiter where everything is in abundance, including the negative and positive.

The new moon in Virgo earlier this month started to highlight what change we need to bring into our lives so we can feel happier, or more aligned with our truth. The Full Moon in Pisces is allowing us in someway celebrate or mourn that change depending on your attachment to the old or the inner rising of ‘i’m done, give me something new!’.

Mars the planet of action, a warrior, lets get things going, the masculine is squaring Jupiter. Whenever there is a square it brings conflicting energies that can cause confusion or inner tension. Jupiter is showing us we need to see with our peripheral vision and not make decisions with tunnel vision. Mars will lose its masculine power, giving us all to an opportunity to soften, to surrender and making a deal with the feminine Full Moon in Pisces connecting us with our dreams, our hearts and asking us to follow the new, only if the new is the vibe that we are attracting or aligned with our frequency.

Virgo Sun, Mars, Venus (in fall position in Virgo, because she feels like she needs to be told how to look beautiful) and Mercury are putting the line in the sand for discernment. This time, and only this time in our lives will we experience such a karmic direction of life changing events. It might mean working on something that gives you joy and you’ve only just discovered it, or someone new walks into your life with a different perspective and you have clarity on your own personal journey. Or, it can go either way, if you’re attached to your drama, your old way of being, the relationship that is not serving you, and deep down you know what to do, but you DON’T! Why? Because that is Neptune bringing delusion to convincing ourselves we can still create some beauty in that ‘old’. Then we will experience deep darkness in our emotional body. This is what happens when we do not speak our truth, instead we block, lose faith or somehow put others before ourselves because we like them. Nope, the planets are asking us to step up, to take action. If you’ve truly have done the work, against all odds then at the end of next week there will be time to reap the benefits of that work.

At this Full Moon in Pisces, go and spend time with like minded people, if you’re not doing that, then change your plans and do it! Or meditate, tune in to your own vibration and listen to what you’re feeling, and find the courage Mars to act! If you believe in magic you will experience magic, even if its only for a short term, but Jupiter is asking us to experience, see, feel and taste it all, and only then make a decision!

If your inner world is not vibrating the frequency of your reality, this is a big indicator for change, for surrender and to trust the higher wisdom of the cosmos!

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

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  1. Thank you Sandeep for all your pearls of wisdom. I love reading your thoughts and readings… and also hearing them when I come to the weekend yoga classes at Botannix . I will be away in Europe for the next month but I will continue to read what you write and take inspiration from it. ❤️

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