Integrity, and the illumination of our strength: Full Moon in Aries

This year feels like a tumultuous roller coaster ride in our relationships, whether they are business partnerships, beloveds, friendships, colleagues, projects or even a community of like minded people coming together. We have since January, have been on this journey of struggle, of questioning the ‘norm’, of finding our authentic truth and yet there has been many tests and illusions along the way, some even karmic.

The moons nodal axies playing in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, give us an insight of power verses what nurtures us, or me. The South Node always represents what we want to leave behind, shed and let go of, in order for us to make room for growth that is aligned with our hearts. Capricorn is the dominant sign of leadership, governance, structure, framework and discipline. This is the 10th month of the year, and we certainly have felt a shift of perception how we operate in our lives, because all of us, in some way have done some real shedding.


The North Node, represents the place we need to evolve towards, and this has been in Cancer. The sign of the mother, ruled by the Moon and is always about nurturing, loving, taking care and finding that space to rest and retreat. The moons nodal axis cannot be physically seen, they are they representing ‘huge’ energetic transformations. There is more, we have experience two major planets Saturn and Pluto at the South Node, giving us the opportunity to change where we hold power, or for some of us let others empower us. At this full moon in Aries these planets, especially Pluto is major because it is squaring the moon. Remember a square is a conflicting energy that demands us to take a look at how we can change our behavioural patterns to reach a better version of ourselves.

Relationships, always mirror parts of ourselves that we do not see, where we need to grow, what we need to open to experience or understand our own inner strength and power. A full moon in Aries, means it is opposite the Sun in Libra. Libra is the diplomat, looking for balance and Aries is about the significance of our individual self. In a relationship we can lose our individuality, especially in co-dependant relationships, where this energy is about teaching us discernment and if we are lucky to already have this quality, then we have to learn how to compromise or allow the other without judgement so there is an equal balance in our relationships.

The past few weeks, especially when Pluto stopped and then started to move direct disrupted our inner shadow, our pain, our discomfort, our struggle all in the glory of relationships! This full moon launches in Sydney on 14th October at 8:07am, and before that Mercury the planet of communication will be going into shadow, ready for a three week retrograde, all in the sign of Scorpio. So much has been revealed to us, our perceptions have gotten an upgrade with Pluto moving forward and raising our awareness, but at the same time we can be in severe doubt about our feelings. Here, is the work. We can seek consultation, advice from others, but they do not know how you feel and why you feel compelled about certain people or a certain someone in your life.

The full moon comes with a grand trine. A grand trine is two squares and an opposite of planets. The energy causes inner discomfort, war, discomfort, perhaps questioning integrity or finding the courage to have the ‘right’ conversation with the person we are in a relationship with. This doesn’t mean the worst, it simply means we need to voice, Mercury in shadow, find words to express where we feel a level of discomfort, or change, or even an strong energy to act upon something. This full moon energy will activate a different perspective, that may wow! others, or even yourself, there is a chance of spontaneous, different encounters, and connecting with others that we didn’t think we could. There is magic, there is struggle. Which path do you want to take on this full moon?

The work is not a surprise, if you’ve been tuned into the vibration of the living sky, you will intuitively know a) who you need to have this conversation with b) not to make concrete decisions because there is an essence of surprise c) where can you find joy and beauty in the everyday d) what discipline or inner belief has to change in order to move forward without feeling any guilt or doubt.

If we want magic in our lives, or if we want to experience the beauty of relationships in all its forms, then ask yourself, what are you bringing to the table that is allowing you to be in your integrity so that your relationship can experience an exponential unconditional love with no formed ideas or attachments… are you ready and deeply sure with the person you want to have this conversation with?

This is not Hollywood romance, where one of you gets drunk, dials and expects a miracle to happen… its about being totally conscious and open to your feelings so that Venus opposite Uranus, can show us the shift, magic, difference we need to dive into something special together, or not!

There will be fireworks or bombs going off during this full moon in Aries, and it is okay not to put them out, but to experience the fullness of energy that we feel within and have that argument that will release the cobwebs and bring the illumination that we need to stay within our integrity. There is always magic in the living sky if you wish to see it!

Love, Light and Vegetables



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  1. Wow..I’m blown away, again ! You really are magic and we are so blessed to have you share this with us โค๏ธ thank you

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