Messenger of the Gods, Mercury stationed for retrograde

The Sun is the centre of our solar system, followed by Mercury orbits around the Sun in only 88 days, which means we have a least three for four retrogrades a year. Mercury is known as the planet of communication, speech, intellect and psychic imagery. It rules both Gemini and Virgo. As I write this Mercury has stationed, ready to go in retrograde on 31st October 2019 in Scorpio and will conjunct (next to) Venus which will mark quite a substantial time of healing relationships.

The 2019 cosmic wisdom has been weaving through our psyche to dive deep where we are most vulnerable. And many of us have experienced a big shift in our own understanding of being in a relationship or a surprise relationship that spins all our belief systems in the Vitamix and all aspects of relationships. The dynamics of relationships have come strong. Long term relationships have been questioned, sexual orientation has been questioned, gender dynamics have been questioned, just to mention a few, all relationships have been under the spot light and still we are being held responsible for our choices and to step into our authentic Soul truth. No matter what society, friends, lovers, family and you think of them.


When Mercury goes stationary it is a message to observe what comes up now until 31st October, as this will be the flavour of the retrograde period till 21st November. If we stop and take time out, tune into ourselves the most important and loud factor will rise within us to measure our ability of our ‘Self-Worth’. Relationships, mirror our blind spots, show us where we need to evolve, whether these are with our beloveds, friends, work colleagues or a community of people. Pluto went direct a few weeks ago, giving us more work to unpack our deepest shadows. Pluto rules Scorpio, which is a sign of deep sexual desires, penetration, secrecy, spying, finding truth, uncovering what has been hidden from us that is preventing us from moving forward. We can look at this as an opportunity to be curious about our belief systems, why do we behave in such ways? What is our conditioning? Can we release it and plant new seeds in our healing process?

Mercury is in Scorpio along with Venus, where they will meet on Halloween inviting us to heal all the pain from our past relationships. It will certainly be a time of great strength and a test of our ‘Self Respect’. Use the time now to sit back and connect with our hearts. Tomorrow the Moon will travel through Cancer, opposing Saturn and Pluto in the South Node, again a time of pulling those stories deep from within us that will set us free from the pain we have experienced in the past. Healing wounds, re-connecting with our past relationships for deeper connections, perhaps. It has been a tough year. A year, where perhaps humanity has had to learn the importance of relationships, the integrity of Self and your beloved, the strength to fight for what feels right and to stay, even when we are being pulled to clean up our crap!

Next week as Mercury is still stationary, getting ready to move backwards (not literally) but in the way that it will heighten our senses, give us super psychic powers where our intuition is on superfoods, we will be in a transitional period. Some of us may feel that these last few months have been transitional, however the cyclical orbiting of planets also means we are experiencing the lessons over and over again, until we get to the root cause of the issue, thus have wisdom with compassion and empathy regarding our own current story, path, environment. To then explore relationships with this new profound wisdom that will heighten us to a new way of being. Authentic and real and raw!

Though this is a tough time, we might feel exhausted, we may feel energised, we may feel following a crowd, we may feel that we are in the right place, we may feel something will give in the end… it is a time to look in the mirror and accept the image that is reflected back with all its dents, scares and wounds, as it is. Through the wisdom of love. Protecting yourself is most important. Protecting yourself from your own judgemental mind, not blaming, not accusing yourself. Meeting yourself with compassion and love. Tenderly, gracefully so that we have the strength to meet the new moon in Scorpio peaking in Sydney, October 28 at 2:38 pm. Just when you think you,ve got it covered, no… this is the pitch fork that will open the doors to the retrograde with a full four weeks of Scopionic venomous energy reaping through us, empowering us to detox from our own morbid dark behaviours!

It is a time to not start anything new, only observation and self reflection is key. This time is a gift from the living sky to slow us down, to unpack, to get ready for a new decade. This year in particular is ending of a decade and that also means, shedding all that we have experienced in the last decade that doesn’t have the valid ticket to go to the next. Look for joy from within… if we seek joy with others, then we may be faced with huge disappointment, as it will be a great time of shadows being illuminated. These can counteract your own growth and no one wants to experience this year again, right?!

It is a hard week. Diverting your energy to something you love like writing, music, or creative expression will relieve some of the heaviness that we may experience. Or we may experience nothing, which for some can be scary as there is nothing pulling or pushing us. Meditation, and connection with ourselves will echo our inner needs more than ever. Its not a time for foolish decisions!


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  1. > Through the wisdom of love. Protecting yourself is most important. Protecting yourself from your own judgemental mind, not blaming, not accusing yourself. Meeting yourself with compassion and love. Tenderly, gracefully so that we have the strength to meet the new moon in Scorpio > THIS IS SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. I love you.


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