Taurus Full Moon – Self Worth is up!

The magic of the planets have certainly given us food for thought over the last few days. The Sun in Scorpio is shining light on all our shadows, our troubled emotions, giving us room for growth in the discomfort… yep a week that we will all remember for a long time. Not only the discomfort but it is a karmic and a big time of transformation, morphing into something we don’t fully understand and with this comes huge uncertainty.

The Sun is hanging out with Mercury in retrograde, asking us to speak the truth, to find the platform of our inner world that prevents us from moving forward. It is karmic, because what is being unearthed from deep within us, is old patterns of behaviour that only relationships can mirror. Mars moving through Libra highlighting that our biggest growth is in those relationships. This whole year has been about understanding ourselves in the role of relationships. How we see the other and what is projected back, perhaps what is mirrored back is our sincere blind spots, and so coming to that realisation can make us super unstable, shake us from our inner depths and release something that can shock us to the core. We are vulnerable and open, and receptive to all that is around us because of the inner turbulence.

The Full Moon in Taurus is opposing the Sun, the moon is mirroring these intense deep emotions within us, where we cannot take anymore. The moon passing Uranus, that brings change, extreme shifts that can change destiny in our relationships, letting go, going into a deep cleanse, noticing attachments, connecting with the wrong people and not realising. And here we are, finding the strength to move forward with our authentic self. Taurus is the embodiment of our bodies, our sensuality, our core values where we feel worth, where we feel seen and acknowledged… and if that is not happening then Sun/Mercury is going to trigger the most difficult decisions that need to be made. Let. That. Go!


The Full Moon in Taurus peaks in Sydney on Wednesday at 00:34 hours. This is a powerful moon for transformation, it is also a moon that gives us the teaching to stay completely present with this very moment.  It is also a big sense of manifestation and reaching deep within to pull the old stories, behaviours, beliefs and condition out from us. It is not a time to think about what others think. It is definitely a time to stand your truth even if that means going against the masses. There is no time to look back and there is no need to look forward, the time is now, because we don’t want to travel back where all the discomfort was felt and we certainly do not have the tools to know how life will pan out as a result of all this cleansing, clearing and purging of people, relationships and emotions that don’t serve us. Stop making excuses to continue… move forward with reverence.

The energy of Saturn / Pluto are dancing with Mercury asking us to be still, we have just experienced an emotional explosion and perhaps some of us have made huge decisions that require for us to be still. Let the dust settle so we can see with clarity of where we stand. This beautiful cosmic configuration is diving deep into our core, to put our self worth at the forefront, but it is also a deeply practical and spiritual calling… therefore if we feel in our hearts, and are aligned with our emotions, even if they are super uncomfortable and we find the courage to act from this space then we will be rewarded in some way. To let go in order to grow and learn something about ourselves, this is the perfect storm to take us to the end of November, where Jupiter will meet with Venus creating a harmonic dance and rewarding us in the way that brings great wisdom to fully accept all parts of ourselves.

This is Scorpio season, and that always requires us to undergo some deep shadow work, to notice our own behaviour in relationships, to stop trying so hard because what is in our head is definitely is not in our hearts. This misalignment causes so much confusion, so we have to find a simple action of taking care of ourselves. Eating good nourishing food, that gives us sustenance and vitality is a start.  We are given this great profound opportunity to transform for a better version of what we require.

If people are aligned with you, they will be in your life no matter what, if it is meant to be it will be… there is not holding on to something that doesn’t bring balance… the light will be clear for us after the Moon travels through to Thursday we have the illusion cocktail of shock, pain and perhaps a sense of shift in what gives us security with Venus and the Neptune dance. It is not wonder many people in NSW are under this energy with the bushfires… it is quite a frightening experience to be evacuated from your home. From your relationships, from your beloveds… As soon as this comes, it will go, but it is something that will fuel our emotions with doubt. As the buddha said ‘doubt is the key to death’. We are being asked to completely and fully accept ourselves, in all its colours, modifications and shapes only then can we truly be authentic. And with this energy we will attract authentic people in our lives.

It is tough, it is raw… it is about finding some space in your day to be in solitude, to listen to our inner thoughts and feel into our emotions… notice if we can find joy in our current situation. Find goodness in this painful quest, what is the teaching beyond our present story… do we have insight or foresight to know this is the right decision for me… If not, then work has to be done. If we do find ourselves visiting our shadow and it shakes us… take time to rest… to get into nature… to connect with the divine mother. This energy is super feminine and she is tough, she will go where it hurts and ask us, really, you think this is actually going to work? Who are you kidding? Do you want to live a life of pain and discomfort.

We have to have faith and surrender but at the same note, take refuge in the practical parts of our human state. Connecting with our bodies, connecting with our hearts, connecting with our deepest emotions and know that you are at the right place, having just the experience you need to transform.  This is a time for an honest assessment of our fears… it is only about you not another person. They are just a mirror. We also need to learn how to grieve loss, learn how to mourn broken relationships to release them from within us… to know that true wisdom resides in a conscious understanding of our actions, and the responsibility of our decisions we grieve, we sit and pack it away with ritual.

The Taurian energy invites us to find pleasure in the present moment no matter how challenging it can be…  it could be just resting, or putting your feet in the sand, connecting with earth… whatever it is… it brings you to the now.

Trust in the divine cosmic unfolding… and notice your attachments to the past!



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