Let us meet Mars in Scorpio!

Planet MARS

We are now approaching the gates of intense November season… with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio highlighting our awareness of what is in front of us. Which seems a little strange from what we assumed around October 15th when this planet of communication stationed, ready for its retrograde on halloween! Today, November 19th Mercury will station once more, only to go direct around the 20th November slowly and then full speed December 7th / 8th depending where you are on the globe. And this is the moment when we will be able to feel our inner strength and knowing will be revealed. Its powerful, personally empowering us to move into the change that we all need to find meet ourselves through this big year of metamorphism of the Self.

Why is all of this super important right now? Mercury has been under the Scorpion constellation and this whole year, it has spent most of its retrogrades in water signs. This brings us to truly connect with our inner world of intuition and heart. If only, it was this easy… a planet never works alone, it has many allies and we’ve had Mercury dance with Venus, Saturn, Pluto and now it will dance with Mars. Mars moves into Scorpio on 19th November making us explode deep within. Yes. Mars is the ancient planet that ruled Scorpio and in this position of power we are going to expect some fireworks in our personal lives. Mars is a red planet, and some astrologers associate this planet to be super masculine and practical, active, directive, sexual power, war, conflict and even a sense of getting things done now. The energy it will bring from within us, if we are not conscious or if we are not in our own integrity is ‘war’ like this is because we are experiencing a ‘false’ sense of pleasure or in a state of illusion… only Mars will pull the rug from under us and then it will certainly arouse big drama in our lives.

Mars is also travelling in Scorpio which will oppose Uranus, the planet of change, innovation, difference, higher perspective and the third eye of the universe. Making this a time of great shifts for us in our personal lives, identity, what we are passionate about and realigning our beliefs. This week is a big stepping stone to give us insight on what is to come before the New Moon in Sagittarius on 27th November at 2:02am in Sydney.

If you’ve been following my blogs, then you will know that I’ve mentioned ‘relationships’ pretty much in every post, because this year has been about us growing into the types of relationships that we need, in order for us to set a strong sail for 2020. Mars moving in Scorpio is diving deep into the depths of our psyche, from the perspective of truth speaking, no nonsense Scorpio and opposite Uranus, we are going to experience radical, chaotic, shocking change that will shift us from our sleep and wake us up. There is no time to waste.

Over the last five weeks we may have encountered many different situations, connections with others and felt a truth… however now is the time when that period is over and we are going to align what is right for us, truly to what is being shown to us. We will, if we are truly listening have deep realisations about how people are showing up for the sake of their personal agenda, and then not acting upon anything. We may witness people reveal their shadows and as a result, we realise ‘hold on’ I don’t want more drama in my life… I want to be on a path of peace. We will be placed in a position that will test our emotional diplomacy, our passionate desire to walk a path of integrity and most of all the illusions of others will be unveiled. It will be a time of deep loss for some and growth for others… depending on our attachments.

To work with this energy, is to know that there is a silver lining in all that comes from drama… perhaps we notice our addiction to unhealthy relationships, or how fear is a catalyst to making the most odd decisions, choices, or dreaming with those that are actually shallow or cannot meet you at the level that your Soul desires. There will be internal churning of emotions, desires and an inner energy to come back home… what ever we feel, we have to be super certain that IT IS on our path of truth.

There is more, to add to this weeks mix of planetary pulls, with Venus and Jupiter travelling through Sagittarius giving us insight to truth. If used incorrectly we can over commit only to realise Mars is asking us ‘are you sure, this is the path?’, ‘are you sure this person can bring you something that is balanced?’ ‘Come On!!! it will echo in our hearts so loudly that we may explode or rebel to those ideas because we know deeply that it simply wont work out.

The magic of these planets, are not superficial, they are a blessing for us all to step up, find courage (the positive side of Mars), to speak from our hearts, to heal the past as they slow reveal to us true connections, that are rich and meaningful and to find compassion and grace if we are to morph into the change that we have been experiencing internally. One of the ways to test this weeks truth pill, is to meditate with no distractions, no timers, no limits… and open up to what is being revealed as opposed to what we want. This week is a big inner fight between our hearts, minds, security, the past and passions… it is not about thriving to make radical changes… it is a time to observe and act from our hearts.

This year has been tough on all of us in some shape or form… if we resist… it will just be more dramatic and if we let the flow of the energy move through us we will experience emotional maturity,  connect with our inner truth… only then will we be able to follow the 2020 compass that embarks on many magical openings. Are you ready?


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