Transition to a new way of being… the experience of Capricorn!

This weekend is quite spectacular on many levels and dimensions. We are experiencing, for some on a subtle level and for others it can be magnificent, deep feelings of being real and serious especially with Venus who is now in Capricorn. Along with the moon starting her move towards Saturn and Pluto at the South Node of the moon axis. The energy is somewhat serious, in terms of our future path, in our relationships with a focus on our personal values. We have Neptune that went direct for us in Sydney on Thursday, a big shift in her going direct after 6 months of retrograde. Neptune is a dreamy planet, when in retrograde she gives us insight on our past behaviours, where we have experienced some heavy, life changing experiences with others. Pulling and pushing in our psyche about what is real and what is not real. It is a tricky planet, not only is it connected with our true spiritual path, it is also connected to escapism where it brings up difficult situations, feelings, thoughts and emotions that want us to run as fast as we can and not face these hard realisations.


This last six months have been quite transformative, and if we have been tuning into our inner world we get strong intuition about what we are holding on to, and what our mental body is expressing. Neptune going direct and the combination of this weekends planetary alignment in Capricorn, creates a beautiful pull of energies with a big square to the Sun. A square is always a transformative karmic energy that changes the course of our future. Neptune pulling at how we see ourselves, the Sun, can bring a feeling of guilt, confusion and disappointment. Remember Neptune is a big teacher for us to really dig deep and reflect on the past six months, to notice what was the pull and the teachings of that time. It is not about the other person, it is about our response to that situation. Some of us have been shaken to the core, only to walk away knowing where the gaps are for our inner growth when it comes to boundaries, integrity, collective love and most importantly exploring the deeper levels of our own self worth and self love. Neptune direct is like a truth bomb… it gives us the superpower to see clearly 2020 vision, with clarity especially in our role in our life, our attachments and the choices we have made. It is also reminding us, because it is so far from our Sun… we are being held accountable in the manner to learn from our experiences so we can be better at cultivating the personal relationship to Self.

What is interesting here… Neptune, is not saying the past six months were false or true or an illusion… but rather a test for us to listen deeply to our hearts. We don’t meet people by accident, they are our greatest mirrors, however if we cannot find the words to express our needs the ‘relationship’ suffers. Our personal values are going to court to be tested and examined how they fit into our world, into our core being in the world. If we are playing it too safe, then we will miss the adventure that is destined for us. A path is there for us, how we choose to be on this path, happy, joyful, adventurous, wild, integral, kind, selfish, manipulative, conscious or unconscious. In order for us to truly understand this we have to tap into the wisdom of Jupiter. This beautiful powerful expansive planet will move into Capricorn on Monday 2 December. And Jupiter is not a fan of being in a sign that is all about the seriousness of life, work, career, governance, structure, frameworks, and rule abiding expression and very slow at seeing results. Jupiter will stay and move in Capricorn for just over 12 months… yes, the whole of 2020… wow. The first six months are going to be life changing for all of us… and we cannot afford to be messy or loose. Get focused and stay within your integrity is the strongest message we will hit in 2020.

If this is not enough we have Venus conjunct the moon, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and this weekend it will ignite a serious, sober mood of what is really working for each of us in our life. This does depend on where your Capricorn is… and that starts to highlight which area of your life is going to have this biggest shift. Saturn is the master of the sky, if he feels we’ve done our work, we will be rewarded… and that work is not easy. It is an examination of why we are here on our path in the first instance. What we resist the most is the one thing that we must master. Pluto, is giving us the opportunity to purge, to transform, to be brave and make the transformation… the moon representing our emotional body, the feminine is also dancing with Venus and with both of them are giving us the chance to dive deep this weekend on what we need on an emotional level to feel valued internally.

guillaume-de-germain-X2optoXEFbk-unsplash When working with such heavy and transformative energy from the cosmos, the best approach is to listen to your intuition, in the manner that amplifies where we hold ourselves back because we are fixated on a particular value. This value may have served us in the past, but now it has no room for us. We can retain the lessons learned from this past experience, but really, what do you want in your life? This is the best combination to work towards this next month… Capricorn is a serious, slow and calculated energy… with Saturn there for the next six months we will be forced to work with our integrity. This is not moral integrity, that’s Virgo, this is the integrity of making sure we have followed the collective governing rules, understood them and then courageously walk a path less travelled, legally!

It is a big weekend, the last degree of Jupiter in Sagittarius is always powerful. Some of us will feel a big inner shift and may change the course of our direction. Some will dive deep into what is in front but realise, it was driven from an expression of fear and now it all seems or feels super different. We are all doing our best. We are working with these energies, only to evolve spiritually and be guided by our Divine true self. And sometimes, these feelings do not make sense at the time… we may feel compelled to hold on… it will all be fine…  let yourself breathe. The time also to rest. If we keep ourselves distracted we will miss radical openings from the Mars opposition to Uranus. These are the seeds that are being sowed now for our inner transformation… the new version of us is here. Now we have to figure out how we fit into the current and trust all change is for the betterment of our personal growth.

December will start off the eclipse season where we will feel the flavour of the serious, harding working year of 2020!

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