Inner resolve, full moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini falls on 12th December at 4:12pm in Sydney. It is the last full moon for 2019 before the eclipse season begins on 26th December. Therefore marking this full moon one of the deepest emotional game changer. Why? This moon completes the six month eclipse cycle that began in July, highlighting and bringing into focus our intimate relationships, our home life, our projects and our relationship to money.

Deep healing

This full moon will make quite a relationship with Venus, Saturn and Pluto as they form a quincunx. This aspect is formed between planets that are roughly 150 degrees apart. … When we express one of the planets or points involved in an opposition, the other planet or point feels “left out”.  The moon in Gemini represents the emotional, mental body or being social, being seen, cultivating a sense of belonging, while Venus in Capricorn is reminding us we are worthy of what we give out to others. Really asking us to question if we made the right decisions about our relationship? What was the fear of driving these decisions? The four combined will create an imbalance in our intimate relationships, leading to extreme behaviours such as arguments or even something more drastic. This combination is a seeking for affection and nurturing on a deep emotional level and when its not received we will find ourselves filling this void. Find a clear answer under this full moon is not easy… so a lot of patience and deep truth listening is to be undertaken.

Saturn and Pluto are travelling very close together ready for its own dance in January. The emotional state the moon will upheave within us gives insight on some of the healing that needs to take place. How do we deal with guilt? How do we find a balance between work and personal lives? Where and what in our life are we avoiding because there is so much that is incomplete? What is being transformed within us that is now ready to be healed or purged?

Neptune the planet of the subconscious will be squaring the moon this is where we may feel intense mental confusion about the decisions we have made. It will certainly provoke us or set us on a path less challenging. We have to tune into Mars in Scorpio who is asking us to take radical action that is aligned with what we need as individuals, as a collective and as a partnership.


The writing on the wall

If you have any planets in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus this moon will be felt at a deep level and can be quite transformative. The concluding of 2019 leaves us with both grief and wisdom, empowered feelings of hope and a sense of ready to work at making our relationships, projects and security in a more harmonious rhythm. We are being called to awaken from our deep emotional sleep, to awaken from our egos, and to walk forward to make something come tangible.

It is not about holding back, it is about reaching in deep to then align with our inner knowing and reach out to those that we love so dearly, work at those projects that come from our heart centre, to create a future that is stable and sustainable. The recent fires in NSW have certainly grabbed our attention because of their shear strength, power and unpredictable direction. I feel as though they are burning within us all, where some of us feel angered, frightened, apprehensive and somewhat disappointed with the government not addressing the biggest climate change impact. This full moon will bring about a lot of people coming together in protests, demanding radical change and to request our government to shift their priorities for the greater good of our planet. What does it take for us to shift our behaviour to walk with integrity, to show we did something about it? We can write letters to the Office, we demanded a shift, we protested physically and silently and most of all we took responsibility of our own destiny.

This full moon is powerful, dynamic, and very loud. We will feel our internal world melt around those tough emotional feelings regarding relationships and projects. We will feel a sense of loss and void… and we will certainly feel exhausted from the emotional purges. The energy will continue for two weeks… it wont be on Thursday we will feel everything. We may feel it start of this week or over the next two weeks we get insights,  realisations and deep longing, to have that conversation, to make that phone call, to speak our hearts or if its too much, we may sit with it and give it space to unfold in the divine timing of all that we experience.

Self Care

I cannot write about self care enough these days. It is almost like my own personal mantra at the moment is self care. Self care, is not really a sexy thing by any stretch of the imagination. It is something that is done personally and often in isolation. The simple things like sleeping, resting, and eating well are enough. This is of course, silly season and so our attention and energy will be focused on the outer, especially with the full moon opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. It is quite a Capricorn vibe over the next four weeks… allowing the important aspects of our lives to settle, afford it space and slowly we trust all will be well. This is the Capricorn way. All will work out because the universe has its plan… and we are just muppets playing along with the illusion that we have the power of control.

Self care is taking time out, learning to say no… diving deep and not to write all things from 2019 off… magic and beauty was experienced this year to get us ready for the 2020, new decade, millennium and the year of the Rat! Stay focused, stay diligent on your path and all the cogs will align in your favour!

This full moon will awaken those that have been living their lives with no spiritual practice and leave them quite frantic or birth a earth warrior, and will also challenge those that are tired of all the emotional turmoil and as a result we will just jump ship! We have to sit in our sacred space to take action responsibly and accountably.

Happy full moon in Gemini!

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