Intensity before the great road of 2020: December Solar eclipse

We’ve all been feeling in someway the intensity build up before the festive week comes into full view… with the Winter/Summer Solstice 21 December depending where you are in the world certainly felt like watching our emotions walk through the one way door of transformation. This can be liberating for some of us and it can be painstaking for others. The planets are moving, degree by degree each hour to awaken us to our deeper truth, to make deeper connections in our relationships and to accept the choices we’ve made… whether they are beneficial or not. The last few days are a whirl wind, with the rush of the festive season preparation, the awareness and evidence of climate change disasters and of course our emotional connections with our families, nonetheless working through our deep emotional attachments of what we knew and what we know is about to shift. It is big.

As I write this, while in the UK with my family around me I feel a sense of awe and at the same time I feel i’m in the departures lounge ready to board my next path. The emotions are strong, nostalgic and somewhat disheartened about the lessons of 2019 and at the same time hopeful… all will be well. The shedding of 2019 is beginning to reveal itself to us and it may feel alien or exciting.

The week beginning the festive season 23rd December, planets will start to move into the seriousness of Capricorn… this is the energy that is about governance, structures, discipline, work, integrity of personal law and universal law, constrained to one vision, one goal where we focus on achieving the best expression of ourselves through work, through connections and most importantly through perseverance.

There is a lot of focus in Capricorn, we have the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter all the major planets making a big point on our bodies, our work, our earth, our future and our personal integrity to to our truth. This is the energy of 2020, no time to play, no time to take a break because work will be the grand focus of everything in our lives. Although it sounds super rough and intense, which of course depending on our personal relationship to attachment and to the choices we have made it can be intense. As we will have to stand by those choices regardless… but of course there is magic in the air we have to trust the experience to feel the magic of the cosmos.

The Solar eclipse on boxing day for Sydney at 5:16am and UK at 4:16pm we will feel a sense of magic and optimism of what the next six months will look like. It is when the moon joins all these planets at the South Node of the moon. The South Node is about releasing what is not weighing us down, emotionally, physically, spiritually and professionally. Jupiter the planet of expansion, luck and abundance will be trining Uranus, which gives us a sense of unexpected change of heart, situations, fortitude of events that will align this energy. Jupiter will also be conjuncting the Sun and Moon at the South Node, big release, big abundance energy rising within us to set great intentions for the next six months.


What to expect on the Solar eclipse

Some of us will be with our families or loved ones or perhaps at the right space and moment in time. Surrounded by a sense of joy and/or clarity of what 2020 will unfold. We will be the conductors of our path, knowing we have the inner power, and wisdom from 2019 to use in the most precious way to bring the best of ourselves out.

There is no room for cleaning out old areas within us, because by now we would have in some way experienced our inner callings. Although our hearts have changed, our psyche has shifted there is still the imprint of 2019 that will propel us to our destiny with the inner wisdom of knowing what is best for our growth.

We can be open to expect the unexpected… which means being present, being open, tuning into our feelings, tapping into our heart and listening. Perhaps even reaching out to those that we miss everyday… but cannot be with due to timing or the complications of being strong enough to keep that connection.

This energy is the doorway to 2020 which is a strong year of making our mark… defining our spiritual path and knowing who are the people we want near us… to support us. We will really need that support. It is the energy that will unpack our understanding of what true love is, how we felt when we were held unconditionally and most importantly it will reveal to us our inner power to achieve our goals.

Setting intentions

The solar eclipse energy is always a pivotal point of expanding our growth on an exponential level, it is a wild card energy. We won’t know how we will feel on the day of the eclipse but we will get a big hint in and around a three week timespan. Setting your intentions comes with a process:

Find some quiet time and go within. Find that peace through meditation, focus on the breath, and start to listen to the sound of your heart, your inner world. What creative outlook do you want to bring in your work? What is your major goal you want to achieve? What do I need to release in order to move forward? What am i holding on to that is a show stopper? What is my relationship with the choices i’ve made? What can i shift within me to reveal my ultimate truth? What area of my life do I want to improve or bring to focus for the next six months? How do I want to live my life? Where do I want to invest my energy that aligns with my path? How can I be open to the signs the universe shows me?

Using these questions to guide your intentions will set the tone that you seek within. Remember, the cosmos is like sign posts, warnings of the energy we feel… so we don’t really know how it will unfold. The eclipse energy is felt three weeks before and after the actual date… and the impact is six months. We are the creators of our path, so why not bring in what you really want in your life, regardless of what others may think or feel about it… this is YOUR life!

Happy festive season peeps… fly and spread your wings… you are supported and loved!!!


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  1. Thank you Sandeep for all your wise words and teachings. I hold on to what I have learnt and hope it propels me forward to something better in 2020. Enjoy the festive season in the UK. Take care
    X Angela

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