The truth highlights no nonsense: Lunar eclipse in Cancer!

So much is happening on a global and national level! The bombing in Bagdad, the burning of Australia, the protests around the world… mixed messages in the media around the world about one event… all giving rise to fear, to take action, to awaken us and to step into our Soul purpose in life. This weeks cosmic alignment is not only intense, deep, it is life changing. We have a full moon in Cancer in Sydney 11th January at 6:21am opposing Saturn, Pluto and Mercury and creating a trine with Neptune. This is the week that will change destiny for each of us for a long time. There are events going on in the globe that are demanding our attention, our power as the collective and we know in our hearts this is the way, we will experience personal loss to understand the unfolding of a better world, a better life and a better version of ourselves.


Image by Joel de vriend

The eclipse message

The moon always highlights our emotions on an exponential level, in Cancer, in its home sign. She is next to the North Node which is always a big shift in energy. The North Node is what we resist the most, it is the dharma that we are to follow to get to the space within which is peaceful, harmonic, present and nurturing. The Moon is full with a lot of power opposing the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn, where the South Node is placed.

South Node is what we are to release, to let go of and to shift within our own psyche, emotional body and belief system that is not serving us anymore. We can feel the undercurrent of questioning the governance of our lives, our Country, our nation, our planet… and yet we continue. We are here for a reason. A personal Soul reason to bring something in to the world, whether that is at a personal level or global level it will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Eclipse energy is very powerful, it leaps into growth quicker than a normal moon. If you’re already feeling sensitive or uncertain about a particular area in your life, then this is the subtle hints of what needs to shift. Cancer moon, is always nurturing us, allowing us to take care of ourselves not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is using the light of the Sun and reflecting it back to Saturn, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn a sign that is all about integrity, practical, ambitious, patience and careful, it can also be pessimistic and fatalistic embracing the energy of misery and grudging. These are the very qualities that will come up for all of us, strong for some and in the flow for others.

This energy is so strong it will challenge our decisions we have made and destroy what is is not on our path. We will, with the help of the moon feel stronger and more confident to walk towards the path of our dharma. Why are we here in the first place? This question is being pulled from the depths of our core being so we can follow the path of 2020, clear vision. Knowing ourselves is a gift to those around us.

Rising of the collective

This weekend makes it a magical one, with an opportunity for all of us to shift into a deeper consciousness of the aspects of power, our path and what we need to do to move forward. Saturn conjunct Pluto on Monday for us in Sydney. It is such a powerful, life changing energy because Saturn rules Capricorn and thus making it even more powerful because it is in its’ home sign. The Sun next to Saturn, our ego verses our humble path requires us to be strong within. To make the choices that go against we know deep in our hearts are not working whether that be governance within or outer. There is something we’ve left behind, whether that is another, a situation, our own dreams, our path of destiny, our courage, our worthiness, our own principles… something. This conjunction of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto is not taken lightly.

We will be speaking of this day, through the global events that will prevail or our own personal lives transformation. This is destiny. We’ve spent 2019 working through some serious shadow work and the cosmos is revealing to us another layer of shadow that we must awaken too. Mercury in Capricorn will give us far too much to think about… we will be in some mind boggling thoughts contradicting our hearts… it is a big message from the universe to reset our path if we haven’t already.


The planet of Neptune, all heart and all collective is squaring the Moon and Sun, creating a trine. This alignment is about walking our path with the people that we know will bring us support without judgement. To support us when we face our demons, because they will come up strong over the weekend.

If we have a niggling feeling inside of us, we must attempt to tune in… to reveal to us our true path. The destruction is the storm that needs our attention so we can make the adequate action into our karmic paths. We think we are in control but we are not. We are all here for this shift in our hearts and psyche. The growth from the falling comes only when we stand in our integrity, when we shift from what we have been told, to what our heart beckons us to do… it is the weekend we are going to remember a long time.

The best way to handle this energy is to be around those that love you unconditionally, or if that is not possible because ego is in the way… thats just another story we have to work through… then ground yourself. Do some research on wars, on global catastrophic events, bush fires and find out for yourself what comes from these turbulent times? The world as we know it… will certainly be different, if not literally in the outer we certainly will feel very different!

Enjoy the eclipse… and do what is right in your heart, no matter what. If we don’t. If we stay in the current state of our lives, then we will spiral to a very painful, unfulfilling life… and no one wants that! This cosmic alignment is not a joke. It is the most intense, serious, life changing aspect that we’ve been waiting for. So… lets do the work and follow our hearts path. This is the way!

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