Can you focus on the lightness? New Moon in Aquarius…

This is a big big week, so much is happening, astrologically and emotionally! A week where we will not only enter the Chinese New Year of the mental rat, but we have a beautiful alignment with Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. And not forgetting the New Moon in Aquarius. There is always a catch before we get to experience this delightful energy. The balsamic moon will pass Pluto and Saturn raising within us shadows, stories, unresolved emotional blockages released for us to ponder with… it can for some bring up huge amount of frustration, fear and concerns around relationships.


Photograph by Casey Horner source


The Sun and Moon, our two illuminaries are both in the sign of Aquarius. This brings not only magic, inspiration, change, spontaneous acts, desires, but it also gives insight to our future path.  The new moon peaks on Saturday in Sydney at 8:41am. Therefore Friday we will feel the emotional body, the feminine, move through Pluto, the embodiment of Kali and then Saturn the embodiment of Bhrama.

Before we explore the sky even further, the energy on Friday, perhaps it will even start on Thursday will bring to surface where we need to transform and how we implement this transformation. Venus in Pisces with Neptune can bring up unresolved conflicts or unresolved issues with others. We cannot hide from this energy, rather we are to entertain those connections because magic may arise from them. We may feel ready to embark on something substantial together, or we may realise this as a barometer on how far we have come.

It is not for the faint hearted. Already, if we feel an inner conflict, or we are shutting the door to our heart (Venus in Neptune) there will be a strong price to pay. Pluto and Saturn with the moon can bring up truths of our ego, where we hold ourselves back because of pride, or that at one point we thought we had all the answers. The living sky, informs us this is a time to look forward into the future, bring to light the dreams you want to manifest and where in your life will you be supported by those that are strong enough to endure this intense energy.

The sky is dominated by Uranus in Taurus, squaring to the Sun and will move to the Moon on Saturday. It brings big big big challenging energy where we might jump ship. How much energy does it take for us to stay where we are? Where do we stumble with change? Shutting the door on your heart would be the greatest personal defeat you can give yourself.

Taking control

The build up of tension expands with Venus and Mars squaring each other. Highlighting the inner masculine to act and to know truth verses the inner feminine to dive deep in our emotional depths to get an understanding of our current state.

Uranus is all about the other, Aquarius is the futurist parts of our psyche, so where do we hinder our path because our ego, or where the past has such a strong hold? Times like this weekend, is where most of us will have to calm the nervous system, and become acutely aware of our behaviour, which stems from our thoughts, words and actions how they keep us in limbo mode, we need a strong spiritual practice, together with strong faith that all is in the divine hands of the Universe.

We may begin to feel like throwing the towel, but its not what we are here to do… this is the year of working towards our dharma. Staying focused on the goal ahead will unleash the pressure of the mundane present moment.


Values, relationships, dogmatic structures of how things should be are highlighted.  Family can have a big focus, our relationships can take its toll, our friendships are being highlighted too… which area do you feel is preventing you from walking your truth? What core values shape your actions? Are they working for you when things fall apart? Uranus, Aquarius are about waking up, to our future, our heart, our relationships. There is conflict in the sky which suggests we reach deep inside of ourselves to have the courage for those important pending conversations. Its conflict, confusion, sudden change… mixed with magic, inner awakenings and knowing ourselves through the work of the shadow.

The healing comes through as being brutally honest. It is not a time to ‘see how it goes’ energy. Thats the greatest BS (belief system) that we can use as an excuse. It is the year of the mental rat, we need people to get us to our goal. The rat used the Ox to get to the finish line. There is a energy of being smart, so as dizzee rascal said ‘fix up and look sharp’, for the whole of 2020.

You matter. Your values matter, Your goals matter. Your heart deserves the love it craves. You are the person that needs to let it all flow through you so you can rise, rise up to your potential. And if we do… Jupiter making a beautiful sextile to Venus, gives us luck in this difficult energy.

The intentions we make on Saturday, will be profoundly met with reverence. Where in your life do you want to make a change? What blockages in your heart would you like to release? What shift can you make in your daily routine? Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months? What magic would you like to experience? Who in your life can hold you unconditionally and provide the support that gives you strength to be empowered?

Or we can just give it all up and live a life less travelled.

Happy new moon futurists.

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  1. The clever Metal Rat purports New Beginnings, Strength and Prosperity. May your Path be Protected, your Fortunes Great and Truth be your Guiding Light.


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