Seeking comfort in the discomfort: full moon Leo

This month the astrological climate is superbly aligned to trigger our creative, sensitive, hopeful attitudes and desires and address ‘shadow’ especially as we face the full moon in Leo on Sunday at 6:33pm, peaking in Sydney.

Everyone will say it is about the heart, and diving deep into finding courage which is one of Leo’s strongest traits. Only if your inner Leo has found a way to tap into the inner wisdom that life is not to be controlled, or to be in any particular structure but to flow. Personally, I have been feeling the energy of Venus travelling through the end of Pisces as she in herself is not looking forward to entering fiery Aries. This is particularly intriguing because Chiron (wounded healer) and of course Eris (goddess of discord) are both there. The week also brings Mars moving away from Sagittarius into Capricorn and Mercury going into shadow in Pisces. What does this all mean?


Image by daniel Olah

Revealing the ‘golden shadow’

The energy this week and early next week, reminds me of the ‘chaos theory’. Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the study of chaos—states of dynamical systems whose apparently-random states of disorder and irregularities are often governed by deterministic laws that are highly sensitive to initial conditions… definition from Wikipedia.

Most of the planets are moving towards or in signs they don’t really want to be in, and where they are super uncomfortable. As above, so below. We, in someway are feeling this internal intensity and the only release for February is with the Full Moon which will give us the power to raise our inner roar, to ‘get up and do something that brings us joy’. Eris the goddess of discord, is going to be working closely with Venus the goddess of love, desire, beauty… so what can we expect? Discord, shadow… and bringing it to the surface, is what we will expect. The flavour, love, relationships, connection to our own hearts, what we need to feel joy knowing that the external world is still crazy ‘chaos’ theory. We are all extremely sensitive, and with that we are playing ping pong with our emotions. Why?

If we just stop controlling, blocking, and obsessing what is wrong with everything that is happening around us, or within us, then we are going to feel this ‘butterfly effect’. This is the more technical (controlling, structuring) where we are going to act within our lives, because of the initial external and/or internal dependency of the sensitivities shaped by our own beliefs… we are going to feel ‘chaotic’.

Eris is dancing with Venus to dive into our hearts, allowing them to emotionally bleed, to feel, to evolve and morph into new ways. Nonetheless, we have to be willing to look at the parts of ourselves that we hide from others, or are hidden from us (Shadow), and when we walk through the discomfort, we are having to hold ourselves in ransom. The reward, releasing parts of our hidden potential which is on the other side of the shadow. When do we make excuses because of fear? Guilt? Uncertainty? Not being truthful about a situation in our hearts, also means bearing the grunt of the ‘heavy’ energy and the karmic actions that this will reveal. Let us be uncomfortable, the new norm these days and find some comfort without feeling we are not enough. Is this too much to ask for?

Going with the flow

The world around us is going mad. Our lives at this moment in time do not make sense, things are changing fast, work is taking its own path. Friends are behaving in very cold and disconnected ways. Family is there, but reality is hitting us strong. We are tired, the fatigue is catching up, wanting us to just for a moment, break free and do something that allows us to experience a personal joy. This might just mean getting a big chocolate cake and eating it with fatty coconut cream. Or having a ‘coke’ drink, fizzy and fat… who cares! It satisfies our need to experience some enjoyment.

It also means, there is no exit from feeling heavy, because we are still unraveling the Pluto / Saturn conjunction that is going to be working with us throughout the year. We will also experience deep expansions of struggle with Jupiter only moving 10degrees in the next 10 months, with retrogrades and shadows and then finally meeting Saturn in December.

We all know and we can feel that something big is coming. So why make it more challenging by waiting. No! You are the most beautiful being on this earth at this time. You have come here, to experience a personal evolution. This energy that we feel so deeply in our hearts is about letting go and cleansing the heaviness that we at our most vulnerable state, perhaps unconsciously, energetically adopted it, absorbed it, and we didn’t even know (shadow). We are going to have to find beauty in this chaos, we are going to have to surrender to the heart, otherwise we will never know the true wisdom of our own strength (Leo). Moon opposing Sun in Aquarius, is about tapping into the creative flow, with the communication planet enjoying the beauty and softness of Pisces, who will meet Neptune brings and real connection to personal spirit. We are discovering our true potential.

There is so much… and yet there is nothing. We are no where and every where. We are the ones that have the power, to truly, madly and deeply look in the mirror… let go of what is or was… just look into your beautiful eyes, and feel the wisdom rise within you!

This full moon in Leo is the only break we will get, because the following week we will have massive reality checks. These will continue… so do you get sucked in, or do you put your hand on your heart, meditate on your beautiful essence and take the courage to follow your heart! You have nothing to lose but to gain, a new experience in this higher vibration of the multiverse opening! I say, take it. I say drop and dance it all off. Play your favourite song and dance like no is watching. The world is a different space. You are in a different space. This is my personal message from my heart to yours. Only yours!

Happy full moon in Leo!

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