Floating to accept our inner power – new moon in Pisces

There is a lot of earth and water energy in this living sky and its churning up some muddy emotions. Thich Nhat Hanh quotes from No Mud, No Lotus “both suffering and happiness are of an organic nature, which means they are both transitory, always changing”. This is what we are going to be experiencing over the next four days and into a week followed by walking in thongs through mud… Mars the planet of action, will, drive, force, gets things going, is dancing with Jupiter the abundant planet of expansiveness, growth and with Saturn the teacher, re-stricter, governor, order and discipline with Pluto transforming death to birth, diving deep into underworld energy all in Capricorn.

Capricorn is strong earth energy that has been holding us accountable for the last 2.5 years and we are on the last legs of all that we have gained from its wisdom. They are all in the South Node moon axis, which is about releasing entities in tangible or non tangible form once we have gained the experience and personal growth.

This energy is speaking with divine connection of the New Moon in Pisces, who will be with the sun and Neptune… Pisces is deep, watery, gets into the tiniest cracks and if we’ve been hitting and hoping those will pass, then this new moon will certainly bring that to surface.


  • Connecting to Spirit – spiritual path aligns us to new experiences
  • Unpredictable emotions – digesting old stories can be time consuming
  • Tuning into Magic to experience the healing – trust the unknown
  • Time of providence – experience the wild ride of life

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Connecting to Spirit

The water emphasis is the new moon will move into Pisces on Monday 24th February at 2:31am, along with the Sun and Neptune. The two luminary planets with Neptune are certainly asking us to surrender to our intuition, our inner knowing, to trust what will come up for us and not have any expectation of the future, or what the future should look like. Neptune is the planet of the psychic and psychotic and we may feel both perhaps within us or through others. What is your plan to anchor these emotions? When emotions run high and through us we can feel like life is just being unfair, or life is laying a path that I feel I don’t have the strength to move forward into.

Unpredictable emotions

Prior to the new moon in Pisces, it will travel in Aquarius making a dark balsamic moon and this always brings uncertainty, a sense of unbalanced emotions of not being able to anchor ourselves to what we think is working for us at this moment. We may feel discombobulated and unstable, with the planet of change, evolution, surprise, shock, Uranus trines the Sun and Mars giving us courage to go forth and experience life instead of worrying about how things should be. We cannot predict the strong Uranus influence over this new moon in Pisces, which for some of us can put us deep into our personal stories that limit us, condition us, narrow our thinking, narrow our growth and personal expansion in some way. Are you ignoring the call or are you following a path because it is familiar?

This is a heightened time to dive deep and trust your spiritual practices, whether that is playing music with no attachment to where that will take you; healing others without cross checking if you have enough clients; connecting with nature without the appropriate gear; connecting with those that you feel compelled or navigating towards without any expectations or attachments. This energy is not for the faint-hearted, or those who take full responsibility of their actions… it is about trusting your inner world, your hearts desire and synchronising both with a sense of ease, joy and playfulness. Here is the solution to give us the experience our higher soul yearns deeply for.

Tuning into Magic to experience the healing

We can only experience magic, if we let go of the planning, conditioning, and the serious attitudes about how life should be and where we should be going with all that we have learned. My teacher Sharon Gannon always said “Magic is a shift of perception”. We are the key! This is the poignant time to surrender, float, listen to what and where your intuition pulls you towards. Even if it doesn’t make sense, or seems logical or something that was and now is not, no thinking is involved, just acting on these intuitive impulses will only birth a new way of being. Opening us up to a new world that has been orchestrated by the wonderment of the multiverse. We are here to experience life, and through these experiences we make profound connections, we also learn about the authenticity of these connections.

The work over this weekend is to simply trust, be open to the Mars, Uranus squaring the Sun energy for unpredictable situations that can or rather will change our perceptions, attitudes, perhaps awaken us to the fact that we have been hanging with those that are lonely because a part of ourselves is… and so something inside triggers us to find those that are whole, that can bring growth, those that hold a space and have the capability to dive deep spiritually shamelessly.

The New Moon in Pisces is no ordinary energy of the living sky, it will certainly give us a choice to either clean up the emotional mud only to get everything muddier or to rise in joy, being open and accept where we are at, tuning into our spiritual path, our personal prayers for life. A magical door is waiting to be discovered and finding the key to open this door is part of our personal journey. The key could be in your heart, it could be with another, or the key is a code… we do not know, yet we feel the excitement of Mars and Uranus birthing this energy. Life is not meant to be serious, it is meant to be experienced. Venus will move a little further into Aries, making a beautiful square dance with Jupiter and this movement happens when the Moon peaking in Pisces on Monday/Tuesday depending where you are in the world… follow your precious heart and by doing so you are in the work of your life already!!!

Time of providence

We have all come to a point where our stories are louder than what is actually happening. We can witness ourselves in the company we keep, we realise the closer we get to these people the more we see the miss alignments from self to heart. This is the release, relationships are heighten so we cleanse and purge the glug!  This can be somewhat painful, or a revelation. Alternatively, we can come together and play nice only to miss the magic because everyone’s stories seem louder, or we can experience a life that brings us joy by being open to new possibilities. The earth will certainly flow into this energy, so we may again experience some strange weather behaviour. Again what happens in the outer world is a reflection to the inner world.

Loss can be felt as a dramatic downfall, or as freeing ourselves in order to fly into other realms, dimensions, worlds… it is a time of dreaming, experiencing magic and fantasy working with our imagination, experiencing life with the ability to be flexible. Next week is going get heavier, and when Venus moves to square Saturn and Pluto relationships will be up for questioning, healing, and/or growing.

Enjoy this wild journey of life… keep the light of joy burning through you, because you matter.


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