The week of purging emotions with the dance between Venus and Mars

The new moon which happened for us in Sydney early hours this morning in Pisces has amplified the emotional body for us to elevate into a deeper truth. Pisces, is quite a beautiful wide ocean energy, where emotions swim into the depths of our stagnant ideals, beliefs and is washing away what has ended. This loss will be met with both liberation and mourning of the old. The moon is powerful, she pulls and pushes our emotions, her dance around the ecliptic belt of the zodiac awakens us to different perspectives that we face. These perspectives are not always met willingly, most of the time we resist the change, resist the uncertainty, fear the unavoidable pain or traumas that triggers. What is your escape route? The moon passes Neptune tomorrow and we will want to escape from this pain… sitting cold, without any distraction in our own prison of ‘hell’ is the key to transcendence.

  • Emotional blender – what comes up that is murky and requires to be purged
  • Experience brings transcendence – holding the old narrative keeps us stagnant and blocks the inevitable personal evolution
  • Understanding to allow for healing – habitual patterns can keep us on the ferris wheel of experiencing the same day everyday, courage allows us to jump and invite something new
  • Accepting the divine order of things – the release where Mars encourages us  will come into our full awareness around mid March where we experience new expressions from the space cultivated as a result of purging

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Emotional blender

This is no ordinary week. It is a big week of going deep within, as the moon moves from Pisces into Aries, the beginning of the zodiac cycle. She will also pass the Sun and Mercury retrograde, that triggers us into working through the messages we received in January. The Moon moving into Aries is like a new year for the astrology world. As the moon, the big emotional churner, the pagan goddess of emotional truth meets, Venus and Eris in Aries with Chiron with a square (intense energy we need to unpack, address or evolve with) Mars in Capricorn. Fire and Earth, the emotions are hot, releasing or awakening an inner rage, discord, and letting go of partnerships, friendships, projects that are truly finished.

This letting go, comes from Mars in the south node of fate, to give us the courage, will and force to move forward. Thus inviting us to move through this big internal destructive energy to birth the ‘being’ we are destined to be, not what we want to be but who we are needing to be because of our dharma path. Before we get through to a peaceful weekend of celebrating diversity with Mardi Gras we have to travel through our own deep ‘shadow’ forest of endings, and finding a path that will bring us a different evolutionary cycle of personal growth.

Experience brings transcendence

Letting go has to be done with compassion, and that means accepting everyone’s perspective is their truth, and that may not align with ours. Watch out for where we may default to control something because we fear the pain, the trauma of the change that is on the horizon. Compassion has the word passion in it, indicating that we need to be passionate about the company we keep without wanting to change the unfolding narrative. Our deep desire is to express what is in our hearts, this brings us the experience that we need and that maybe blissful, or destructive, either way we have to then find some form of experimentation of the experience. In other words we will in our own time look at all different avenues of what was expressed that gave us the experience our Soul yearned for and only then transcend.

Expression, experience and experimentation also means once we have embodied these we need to experience a personal transcendence. Transcendence is to let go all that we have achieved, all that we have gained, all that we felt deep in our heart, for our own emotional evolution and maturity. Letting go through the lens of love, even if we cannot consciously see the reasoning, but the force of love alone gives us insight to the future. It is a week of serious introspection, and if you are experiencing destruction in your environment, or you having to be someone that you’re not aligned with, you will feel the rage, anger, the pureness of wanting to express your frustration.

Understanding to allow for healing

The only way to deal with this energy is to ask yourself what are you ready for? What do you need to bring peace in your heart? Are you able to change the situation? If yes, then do something, if not then release it. Close the chapter. End the narrative that has held you with energetic shackles, chains or limiting beliefs. We are all here, to experience and understand our version of the truth. This is what we did when we were in our mothers womb for 9 months, in those months we felt every energy of the cosmos programming our neurons that get activated through the current planetary movements. Nothing is an accident. The people, places, experiences, situations, stories, advice… it is all part of our personal understanding of truth.

There will be some shocks, new discoveries about situations, truths that may throw us into a dark spiral of deep shadow work. It is important not to dismiss this tough emotional uprising. Sit with it, courageously and with kindness to self. Do what brings you comfort when our inner world is a volcano erupting.


Accepting the divine order of things

Eris meets Venus with the moon is no joke for the super sensitives out there. Truth be told that is all of us. The endings that will come near the end of the week are karmic, they are all happening in the divine order of things. Accepting the current situation comes with peace and wisdom. The wisdom that we have gained from the last six months will come to a close. It has been largely based on the Pluto and Saturn moving through Capricorn in the South Node. 2020, is a year to shed, experiment with what needs to be experienced, to mature into a decade that will reward us on the path of our destiny. We will understand at some level within our own psyche that the external world is a hologram of our internal world. This gives us strength to make a change we need to dive within, to shift our perspective with a need to understand ourselves, to invite something new, we need to end what has already ended. If you do have the hunger to do the work, the perseverance to stand with the discomfort and purge with an understanding all is happening within the divine order of things, celebrate at the end of the week for being authentic with your emotions and learning.

Join me in May when I will be running a two part shadow workshop, it is designed specifically for those that want to make a big shift in their own lives. Details of event, times and investment will be posted on my website in a few weeks.

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