Full moon in Virgo – self discernment!

The unweaving of our habitual, limited and constraint behaviours have been under the microscope this last week. There is some light at the end of the tunnel, if we are willing to swim against the fear of the collective that is mirroring back to us where we need to transform.

Full moon in Virgo on 10th March at 4:47am in Sydney, is a Supermoon, reflecting the light from the Sun in Pisces, who is having a conversation with Neptune. This polarity of qualities, Pisces is unconditional love, collective consciousness, compassion urging us to live in a new way in both inner and outer worlds. Neptune the planet that rules Pisces is powerful, it is the embodiment of spirit, the higher consciousness of collective and Self. The Sun, our self identity is shinning its light to the moon in Virgo, as she churns these emotions that require some logic, order or clearing. We are being called to step into our highest level of the human state, which is the marriage of both light and shadow.

  • Diving deeper into our shadow – our inner world mirrors the conditioning that limits our growth
  • Activating the divine feminine – rising to the transformation by trusting we are held by the divine
  • The inner awakening – releasing what we have created as humans to deeply understand where we are now becoming more inhuman
  • Control verses surrender – forcing the way things should be, can cause so much upheaval… releasing to the flow and accepting to the now lets us exhale

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Diving deeper into our shadow

Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication, speech, voice, non verbal, and thoughts who has travelled back into Aquarius, the sign that is the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury also stations on the full moon which brings the focus on how we condition our behaviour through our own inner critic. Aquarius has great qualities for ideas, innovation, along with the ability to be emotionally disconnected and the capacity to bring to surface where we need to evolve our own perspective on the chaos that surrounds us. What is reflected on the outer, is a great indicator of what is merging from our inner. We have the power to simply shift our perspective, but it takes work.

The work calls for us to stand in our truth of how the world around us mirrors and projects what we deny in ourselves. This can come into many different forms or aspects… it also means we sit in discomfort long enough to fully understand why we feel the way we do and examine if we are attached to the story or actually have the ability to observe. In this self awareness, we can feel somewhat unstable, and confused… but if you’ve ever encountered a detox you will know that in order for us to clear the ‘junk’ we need to feel the fully embodiment of that junk.

We can expect some serious deep emotions to purge up from within us, that can shock us from ourselves. The inner critic can be loud. It doesn’t have to be your truth to embody, but a catalyst to work with our shadow. To open the gate, as it were and to sit in observation. Giving ourselves the opportunity to expand the truth within us. The Sun and Neptune dance is giving us a sign to move into the flow of life, your life. It has this magical opening, if we are fully present to what is unfolding. This means looking at our own actions, which derive from our thoughts. Letting go of control and to surrendering to what is unfolding is the ultimate essence to see beauty (Venus) in our world.

Activating the divine feminine

The moon who is an embodiment of all the feminine aspects in all of us, with both fertility and transformational qualities, can reach the parts of ourselves that we have denied, ignored and are not willing to look at because we may want answers. And those answers that perhaps we’ve preempted. Alternatively, you could be denying your right to feel joy, and indulging into the shadow because you may feel safe, or even lazy to walk the path of truth. If you are numb, and waiting for some thing, or some sign or some one to shake you up from your sleep, then this is the planetary alignment that will do just that. The feminine aspect within all of us is becoming louder, and if we are not willing to shift, or are stubborn in our decisions that we have made, then she will make you feel super uncomfortable. And the energy will bleed from us when we least expect it… what is your relationship to the feminine energy? Do you embrace it? Do you deny it? Do you feel it is a literal notion and therefore completely feel removed from it? Are you worthy of this energy? Sit with these questions and invoke your inner feminine energy.

The feminine polarity is the power of transformation. It has the ability to change one thing into another and this full moon is doing this as it brings the light from the Sun, to give us the chance to stop, breathe, and simply let go of what you want to control. It could be old behaviours, your stubborn attitude, being self righteous, your emotional state because it serves you to be sad, a victim, or being rescued. Where are you kidding yourself that you are fine? Which area of your life do you need to heal, but your ego is too large for you to swallow pride?

The inner awakening

March has quite an adventurous planetary alignment for us all, in terms of our emotions and the big shifts of releasing, the igniting of our will and desire to follow our heart no matter what. This occurs when Saturn finally moves into Aquarius from Capricorn after 2.5 years of this heavy earthy energy to something different, forward, innovative, and simply a rising of an inner evolution of Self. We are being asked to rise with pure consciousness, pure presence and awareness to own our shadow, to hold the discomfort long enough and be responsible for our thoughts to only unravel a path that isn’t so clear but feels right.

Venus moved into her ruling sign Taurus this week and she has a robust conversation with Uranus the planet of higher consciousness. Venus the archetype of love, sensuality and desire is inviting us to self reflect on our notion of what is the uniqueness in our personal appetite for love. Venus also has the power to take away this love, she declares ‘lost love’, denied love in the manner that we feel the pain of a broken heart. Why? So we can learn to appreciate the connection of love, the power of love and to surrender into what holds for us that allows us to expand with no inhibitions.

Venus with Uranus we can expect the unexpected. A change of heart, perception, ideals, way of being, surprise and shock even. It is always a way of awakening us from this dreamy state which Mercury perpetuated while travelling through Pisces. It is a time of rebirthing, transformation and commitment to raising our human condition to a more compassionate and responsible state.

Control verses surrender

The polarity of the Sun and Moon beckons us to search within us the force of control that we hold so tight. This could be expressed through our emotions, beliefs, conditions and actions. Sun with Neptune, is the key to sit with the intensity of the sky for pure surrender, and to trust evidently the path of providence within us so we can fully live from our hearts.

The power of going within through whatever modality you choose can be helpful around this full moon. Bringing the awareness of both your light and shadow. Jupiter gives us permission to dive deep into what needs to be released, cleared, reignited even as he will be speaking with Pluto which will be quite an alignment for us to ‘release and transform’ within. Making clearings and openings, with the inner wisdom on self discernment. The power of inner discernment is the true wisdom of the Virgo full moon, asking us to be honest, not to follow the loud external pressures that throw us all over the place but to trust we are in the divine hands that weave our life in a beautiful tapestry of experience and growth, and of course elevation.

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