Death of ego… Mars moving through Capricorn!

Our inner authority is demanding some respect and action. Mars a masculine planet associated with our will, desire, courage, war, penetration is going to be meeting with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node from the 19th of March 2020. All of us in some way have been feeling this heavy earthy energy that was quite strong in January is going to be reactivated and expanded very loudly.

  • Honouring our personal grief
  • The inner war just got louder
  • Exploring our relationship with control
  • Trim the ego
  • Getting through the tough self inflicted parts

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Honouring our personal grief

We have to remember Jupiter in Capricorn is in fall position, it is at the mercy of Saturn’s rulership. Jupiter still has this expansive power, with the Saturn checklist. This can be a tough energy to grapple with at the best of times. If you felt into this week we experienced some heaviness, and grief with Sun having a conversation with Neptune. Certainly giving us the flavour of what we need to ‘honour’ of what is not going to be birthed. The letting go of a dream, a situation, a habit, a way of being, the pain of the emotional detox, the releasing and purging of energy. All of this requires a personal ceremony to honour the grief we feel deeply and let it go with acceptance. Sit with the heaviness, sadness, the melancholy flavour of these few days before the Sun enters Aries, write poetry, express a dance, write that song which articulates the mood of your heart. Express it someway!

The beautiful moon has been weaving her magic over the weekend she was in fall position in Scorpio, which gives her this harsh, cold and mean frequency that makes her feel uncomfortable. Therefore we are uncomfortable. If you felt that, its okay Scorpio is the lone warrior and lacks any compassion when something needs to get done. Scorpio will go ahead and not care the slightest what others think because they don’t trust that others have the capacity to deliver. Where do you in your body feel this way? With the moon in this sign, it certainly triggers our stagnant emotions we are holding onto for sentimental values… and they don’t serve us at all. The moon moved into Sagittarius this morning, a fire sign, of learning, philosophy and also beliefs… with all that is happening around us we are now rolling our sleeves to take action.

The inner war just got louder

Mars will certainly trigger deep held beliefs in all of us this week. Especially around power. Power is something that is activated from our ego. With a healthy ego, we can accept with introspection how we are controlling situations, and wanting things to go our way… and we realise these needs are the problem. Ego with a not so healthy focus, is about the stubborn part of us, the part that is attached to how we can control a situation and we stick to that, even if it means we are having an internal war. That can be quite a force of energy that is simply unnecessary.

What is your relationship to ego? Do you recognise your ego, when you share a belief out loud in the company of others and realise that it sounds very archaic? How does being stubborn work for you? What is your relationships with others when sharing your plan or views, do you notice they are too polite to question your actions? We can continue to be self righteous and think we are on the right path because we want a particular outcome. Our inner algorithm created from the unhealthy ego, will make us feel like we are swimming upstream, and we are doing all the things that worked before but now they don’t hold the same power. In fact the struggle gets more painful.

Exploring our relationship with control

The Sun being in Pisces is interesting because it activates a scramble to control things, situations, outcomes, behaviours, expectations around us. Neptune the planet of the outer world, dreamy, also of the past, psychic and psychotic boarder line, working with the Sun is bringing a sense of uncertainty, chaos and grief. We are having to work with our fears as a collective in a way that we’ve never experienced before. Therefore, we are exploring a different part of our personality that requires us to adopt the Saturn code of self discipline. This is paving the wave for Saturn moving into Aquarius around 22nd March… a big shift!

Uranus the plant of the future, change and evolution is weaving through Taurus representing our values and beliefs. If you stop and think about all that we’ve experienced over the last 2.5years when Saturn arrived into Capricorn, we can confidently reflect our perception has deeply changed. We are not the same person. Are you living in the past because you have an aversion to the unknown? The universe is raising our consciousness, we want different things, and we want a more loving and human experience. But, what will it take for us to fully arrive?

The heavy earth energy is testing where we are deeply grounded in our world. Which area of your life do you feel solid, and stable, because if we use that as an focus point of home…  we can start to ride the wave of instability and bring new experiences into our world. And perhaps home changes it’s location. We need to be be authoritative in our truth, have the ability to see through all the facade that is being presented to us, so we can know and trust in our hearts, not ego, and question if this is the right path for you? There will be times where we will make choices just to feel wanted, seen or even run away from what is coming up… if this is the case then know this will be the flavour of the next nine months.

Trim the ego

Chiron the wounded healer is pointing to our ego, for deeper shedding, with the help of Mars conjuncting all those planets in Capricorn (Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto) and with the South Node, there is something to be said about just going with the flow. We are being asked to redefine our own understanding of the things, and to focus where we need to break the cycle of how things (emotions, relationships, friendships, projects, people, collective, fear, patterns, habits, construction of family, our living, our routine) should look from an ego perspective. This is a difficult process, only because we have no energy to dive into this work… but the timing is now.

Jupiter meets Pluto… I feel terrified about this already. Its a big bomb coming next to another bomb and we can only assume something is going to explode. Mars moving into Aries near the end of March will activate a burning desire to express this energy. Choose it wisely, because what you burn at the end of March will impact you for the rest of the year.

Getting through the tough self inflicted parts

This week has been a big eye opener on our personal control, our insights on what we feel things should look like and holding onto something that is not serving us on many levels makes us blind. With all of this explosive energy, if we truly surrender then we can witness a deep metamorphosis and activate parts of psychic that have been waiting to be turned on. Gentle, self love, and self worth, perhaps rest and taking care of what you need to ride this wave, is in order.

The world is changing right before our eyes, we are changing, and with the change we need some tools to ride this huge wave, perhaps find joy in this personal adventure of self exploration. The deep inner truth comes to surface and is activated when we surrender to the flow of what is coming in and not to resist.

Walking in nature is a great reminder and teacher for us. One thing I always notice is the continuous movement, the environments personal intimate and graceful evolution, continuously clearing and cleansing. Allowing for new beautiful unknown elements to merge. We are not different. Do a little health check on your ego. What are you attached to? What does it feel like when you plan changes instantly? How do you deal with personal grief? What is your relationship with your authoritative power?



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  1. Spot on as ever Sandeep… a heavy week for the collective and for
    me personally. I take comfort in what you write knowing that if I work hard through what is happening I will come out the other side on a much better place… despite the struggles. Thank you.

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