Divine intervention – New Moon in Aries

Restrictions to our life without our consent is a big wake up call on how much freedom we have as a society, community and especially personally. These next six days are the most ‘intense’ experiences the cosmic alignment activates within us. The echo of this activation will vibrate until end of April. During this intense ‘outer’ situations, we have to, no matter what, find a positive perspective upon this current climate. The human race is getting a deep wake up call to heal collectively from many deep traumatic experiences.

We’ve shared some dark times collectively and personally, such as 911, out breaks of sickness, the massacres to cleanse differences across the planet, loosing loved ones. Over the years this has now with Saturn which means Kronos (time) at the 29 degree of Capricorn, has karmically come to ‘reveal’  to us what a world we have developed through dogma, judgement, separation, colonialism and much more. There is such deep pain and/or sadness in all our Souls that we’ve carried through our ancestral lines which is now here for us to release. That is the golden nugget.

This is a heavy burden upon us all. No one is untouched. We may respond differently individually, we may choose to reach out to those that we care or we may not. Our very act of being human is demonstrated through our actions, responses, reactions to what is projected from a global level. And here, we can see that no country, no race, no one is invincible from what is unfolding before our eyes.

Over the years that I’ve been observing the planets, their positioning, their timing, their meetings of one another in particular placements around the ecliptic belt is no accident. There are no accidents. Ever. We are witnessing how what once was great becomes lost over time.

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All the work that we have been doing since 2012 is now awakening within us to show up in our most compassionate, none discriminatory states to work out how we want to continue in 2021 as a collective, as a society and as a ‘real’ community, including how we want to be governed or do we need to be governed.

There is a big emphasis in Capricorn, those who have been following the astrology already are aware of the heavy earth energy intensity. We are craving lightness which can only come if we walk through our own darkness. What makes the energy more powerful is where the degrees of the planets are positioned. They are within the last degrees of Capricorn, (Saturn, Pluto, Mars) Jupiter is there but not at the last degrees yet) giving us the experience of what serious restrictions, limitations, control, the use of power feels like. We are following our governance and who knows if ‘compassion’ is part of their agenda.

We have the planet of war, Mars travelling through each of them over the weekend, activating within our psyche to ‘see clearly’ what action we can take. This can be both externally and internally expressed in someway we will open ourselves up to a new way of being and therefore going back to basic is the very ingredient that we need to understand that it takes a crisis to remember our lives depend on each other.

We think we have the freedom of choice to do what we want, but I question this from a highest level. And, the cosmos is revealing to us just that, the lack of freedom. We are forced to use this time of isolation to go within, and the timing of this is perfect. The Sun will leave Pisces and start the new astrological year of Aries today. While the dark moon will travel through Pisces over the weekend and then into Aries new moon 24th March in Sydney at 8:28pm.

There is so much emphasis on the moon, but I sense that the real power of activation is Mars as he travels between Jupiter and Pluto, giving us a real truth bomb of our lives, where we are at, how we can change this and experiencing the simplicity so we can work on ourselves. Quieten the mind, and listen to our hearts, create and dive deep to cultivate a new vision of how we want to perform as custodians of our planet.

How best to use this intense energy?

The energy is conflicting, as Mars is so happy in Capricorn and wants us to take action. Perhaps the reflection is about preparing, making sure we have enough supplies, and things are in order so we can work in isolation. As the Sun moved from the last degrees of Pisces and into Aries today, having a firm conversation with Neptune regarding our connection to heart and collective, and carrying that widsom like a light burning so we know the direction through this darkness.

The collective wounding

Chiron the wounded healer in Aries is squaring the moons nodes (North and South Nodes). Chiron in Aries, is about a deep soul wounding of self worth, self acceptance, self love experiences that we’ve endured, perhaps not only in this life time, but several and this very conversation with the nodes, about releasing, redirecting (without lower ego self) to where we ‘personally’ need to set up within ourselves. All of this takes a lot of work, personal deep self-realisation therefore sitting with our discomfort is facing our shadow, without being negative about the negative.

The personal work is the most intimate, difficult, awakening and transformational. Chiron is here to give us the option to either replay those stories of lack of self worth, and not valuing who you ware in the world, to embracing your special power as just being YOU!

Divine intervention

This is no ordinary New Moon, she wants us to emotionally step up. She wants us to stay in the here and now. Leaving the past behind or anything that is complicated which comes in-between your emotional maturity and ego. Personal shedding. We have to do what is required. To isolate. To work from home, those that can, and for others a beautiful time to sit with your practices, dive in to your hobbies. Find something within ourselves that allows us to see clearly of our surroundings. A sense of appreciation, perhaps even for some picking up the phone and hearing the voice on the other side is better than a text message. Taking care of your plants, animals and the home, practicing music, singing, painting just being with yourself. This is the golden moment, when we will experience our own personal ascension.

Lastly, the planet of Uranus is having a conversation with Saturn. This is where tradition meets modern. Saturn moving into Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, is an indicator how we have embodied technology to take care of the small things so we can dive deep into having expansive experiences. This is also about bring the power back to the people. And this energy will take us through the next four weeks.

Take care of each other. Call your friends around the world or locally. Call your family. And dive deep into the magnificence of YOU!

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