Jupiter meets Pluto to birth a new way of being…

Remember Prodigy they released their song “I’m gonna send him to outer space, find another race” in 1992, I guess now “we are ascending to outer space to find another race”. This week, the pull and push of the cosmic energy moves within each of us, rapidly, and at the same rhythm of the ebb and flow is divine timing. Each day is different, the deeper we allow ourselves to open the easier this energy will feel. We have Jupiter meeting Pluto, and they trine the Moon which conjuncts Uranus and dances with Venus, including the square to Chiron and the Sun… while Neptune moves into the most powerful degree of ultimate illusion of fear and distress, we are certainly being asked to look beyond the current chaos. And, not forgetting Mars meeting Saturn on 30/31st March depending where you are in the world. This will be a magnificent force activating every cell in our body that we have ignore, denied and controlled.

What does that all mean? Well… Jupiter is expansive, giving us what we need, with much more force so we pay attention while meeting Pluto. They haven’t met since 2008, and if you can remember that time it was extremely transformational. And we survived! When Jupiter and Pluto meet, there are two forces at play… one is of deep healing, a realisation that something within us is buried and can feel uncomfortable. We feel the undercurrent of massive shifts in our psyche and this can be extremely difficult to sit with. Especially those that do not have a spiritual practice, or those that rely on others for guidance. Nah! We are on our own and together. And two, it reactivates or starts  a conversation of why we are here, both individually and collectively. Pluto is at the edge of our galaxy, as is Eris (in Aries) the goddess of discord, engulfing our planet therefore everyone on it, the power, experience and radical shifts of what was familiar is in a wheel of metamorphosis to create a new version of our world. No matter what, when we get through this, and we will, it will be a very different, beautiful world and we will be very different. Unless you’re spending your time eating junk food, talking crap, and dedicating your time watching programmes that reiterate the ‘old’ stories. How we spend this time is poignant and very sacred. The conversations, the language we use, the perspective we hold, the beliefs we stand by, the habitual patterns we follow are all up for a big shift… Uranus in Taurus will have a conversation with Venus and they square the Jupiter Pluto meeting. There is no power to control, but only to accept what is happening.

We haven’t been told off, because that’s loaded with resentment but we have been called to awaken to our new selves. We have been called to reflect, organically on what our divine path holds, without any ego attachments. And if you don’t think ego is involved, then this weekend and early next week, the cosmos will certainly shake this out of us… every last inch. This is a magical once in a life time experience, if we let go of the drama unfolding and start paying attention to our inner world we can make massive quantum shifts of our emotional, heart and psychological evolution.

  • Dismantle the old way
  • Collective healing
  • The revealing of truth
  • Shine the light on shadow

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Dismantle the old way

All of this simple yet timely dance of the planets have gotten us to this very moment in our life. Some of us have been waiting for a big wake up call, others have denied it, while some have lived a life that reflects a ‘delusional’ identity. 2019, was a powerful ending of a decade, which made us work within. And for those that have the eyes to see the essence of grieving our old ways with compassion are perhaps least impacted by the drama. The old structures, beliefs, how things ‘should’ be, how relationships ‘should’ unfold, what we tried to control, whether it was something within or something out, it just had to go through the inquisition to reveal if they stood the test of authentic truth.

Here, some say a global crises, financial crises, a reset, a blaming of these people, or even a particular race, country, perhaps a person, while others may reflect on the beauty that is rapidly unfolding before our eyes. The blaming will not come until April, and we will have a choice if we want to follow the crowd or look beyond of what is being revealed to us and what is ‘hidden’ from us, Pluto. And this is the magical ingredient of both Venus and the Moon travelling into Taurus meeting Uranus over the weekend, while Mars is at the last degree of Capricorn, ready to hang with Saturn. It is truly a mix of emotions and behaviours for all of us to experience and witness a psychological, cultural and social re-programme of ‘how things should’ be, to transform into ‘surrendering’ and focusing on a single point that brings us true joy, happiness and freedom. Big shifts, big healing and activation all is going to be well.

Collective healing

Chiron is playing a huge role for us in Aries and meets Eris the goddess of discord, where he is hanging with the Sun, representing our ego, and as the Moon moved through earlier this week, we feel old emotions rise. Perhaps it was fear, grief, loss, guilt, pain, uncertainty, anxiety and much more… all rising high, deep within our physical and emotional bodies. There is no way that we didn’t feel any of the ‘fears’ come up, we may call them by a different name or experience, but they were triggered by Chiron.

Chiron gives us the greatest gift, the ‘space’ to ascend from our shadow, with reverence and grace, or perhaps not. We are told to isolate, I see this as the cosmos granting us the space to reflect on our role on this planet, as custodians, as healers, as spiritual beings, as guides and as great loves. But, we have to walk through our own forest of darkness before we can get to the other side. Walking, in isolation, sitting with all that our inner world brings, perhaps heartache, perhaps tears, perhaps ignorance, denial, and just a big struggle to feel light. Chiron has a conversation with Uranus at some point, giving us the permission to accept the ‘alien’ parts of ourselves, recognising that we are not here to follow, to morph into one another, but to rise within our own individuality. And, more importantly to own it. A dear friend of mine said, everyone has angels taking care of them, even if those people are unethical, or charlatans or even riddled in fear and denial. That’s a tough one.

We are experiencing the divine power of the Universe, in its beautifully cyclical crafted movements to unravel and release what we are not. Centuries, ions of time we have spent judging, creating war with those that are different to ourselves, those that have more or even less than us. The educated, the non-educated, the beautiful, the ugly, the yin and yan, our sexual orientation, our unique conditioning of how we should live our life, how much we should work, and so on… we are completely exhausted by it all… and we have over extended this ‘model’ of society that creates boundaries, loaded with unconscious and conscious prejudices. Can we continue? No. Do we want to continue? Well I don’t. I want a world that people realise they are the most beautiful beings on this planet and that they are loved no matter how they express themselves.

The revealing of truth

As you may recall in my previous blogs, Saturn has been having a deep conversation with Pluto for months, and they finally met on 26 December 2019. Pluto is secretive, and doesn’t reveal what is hidden from us, until Saturn moves away. Since last weekend we’ve had Saturn move into Aquarius, and this is a great moment of truth, of real change, and also to burn down those walls of ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ judgement. As we get to early next week Mars very active, and has been racing through Capricorn meets Saturn. Two powerful, strong malefic planets is certainly going to ruffle more than just feathers. They will activate restless, deep energies of old patterns and behaviours, perhaps that will not serve us for the future. So we shed, we release, we observe, we grant ourselves the kindness that we’ve denied because we have not had the time to look deep at ourselves. Although, pay close attention to this alignment as it will give us a subtle insight to how the year 2020 will end and 2021 will begin.

Right now if you are triggered by the illusion of fear that is created by the media, perhaps you may not see beyond what magic is unfolding for the better of the planet and humanity. Our world is never going to be the same again. The governance has been shifted with so many planets moving through Capricorn over the last 2.5 years, making their way to Aquarius at the end of 2020, so we can become more inter connected, but also honour our individuality. Chiron, asks us to dive deep into the parts of ourselves we deny or are ashamed of, or where we feel we are not enough, we are not worthy, or even not deserving.

There is always a choice that we can make at a higher level, whether to keep going with the knowing that all is well, and there is a new way of being birthing by our very commitment to isolate so we can work through our shadows. Shadow and light are in every entity, we cannot be too light as we will not see where we are going and we cannot be too dark because we will never find our way home. Therefore, finding the balance is our job, it is our responsibility to honour where we are in this moment in time. Find a way to sit in the discomfort of self for real organic sincere comfort. If we control what we think brings us comfort, it will be a struggle, and if we let go of what is being shifted, changed, and surrender, we can find the space to connect with our hearts. And go through this time with some ease.

Shine the light on shadow

Life throws us lemons, puts pot holes, or makes road blocks, and we always find a way to make the most of what is given to us… although this global event is something mankind has never experienced so close to home and all at once we are having to listen. We are having to just work through our own inner shadow, the discomfort and allow ourselves to feel it in our bodies, connect with it only to rise without the ego suggesting what it should look like, we can then remove from a victim state of being.

Something big is going to be revealed to us, and as Eris activated within us all an activist warrior, there will be an uprising of people even if it is internal or external. This is a very powerful time. It is the way we expand our consciousness, open our hearts, ground into the present moment over and over again. This perspective, takes a lot of work, and it also takes time. It is a time of healing, accepting the emotions that come up. Watching the ego, noticing how we treat ourselves, how we deny, and bury the feelings, blocking the healing to take place, blocking the actions of the heart, this is the first indicator of control. Once we let go, and open up to the excavation of our subconscious, we naturally surrender.

Mercury in Pisces will come out of its shadow on Sunday where this situation at a global level becomes more clear. Mercury is a powerful planet, it is the all seeing eye, so its very timing gives us hope of a new positive world. So let us rise together, let all that is within you trust, drop out of your head, come into the heart centre, take a breath and know you are well, you are free and you are pure love. We will know peace, true peace when we are on the other side. As we dive into our own healing, we will come out with deep empathy, and heal others around us with unconditional love. Anam Cara!


4 thoughts on “Jupiter meets Pluto to birth a new way of being…

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I got shivers reading it! My 8 year old business has collapsed in this which should be devastating. I don’t feel that way at all though. All I feel is excitement for the open book ahead of me. I get to start fresh, look within and come out of this experience more whole. I am excited for the new world and am looking forward to the positives that this will bring to humanity as a whole.

    1. That’s beautiful! I don’t feel devastated about it either. I know that only good ness will come out. Thank you for sharing and look forward to hear what you birth!

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