Relationship to Self – Full moon in Libra

There is a very wide gap between fear and love that we are all experiencing right now. No body is getting away from this ‘new norm’ of self isolation, the shift of our social activities, the pause of our daily work routines, and the restrictions we face. Saturn in Aquarius, with Mars conjunct last week, we certainly felt this energy unfold and it will continue to heighten. We are all in this together. Some of us might feel like sitting ducks, while others are taking full advantage of this space and others are feeling frustration, guilty, fearful, uncertain, heavy and also to the other extreme relief, perhaps personal spiritual freedom or even disconnection or frozen emotionally.

And we may feel everything and nothing because this is the residue of the whole worlds collective force of energy amplified within each of us. It is huge. This weekend we will experience Jupiter expansive, exaggeration, over the top energy, with Pluto death transformation come together at the orb of the ascension portal. If we are not grounded, this energy can throw us deep into our own darkness. This means the news will get worse before we can feel a relief of it becoming easier. It is also the energy where we are governed more through external powers and as a result experience further restrictions can also play out causing frustration and a sense of helplessness.

  • Understanding our new connections through isolation
  • Vehicle of awakening
  • Full moon in Libra the relationship to self
  • Are you ready to recalibrate your old ways?

Understanding our new connections through isolation

Saturn is a dominant and powerful energy source which we’ve experienced over the last few years, which moved into Aquarius at the end of March brings a very clear message to our social gatherings. Saturns dominance is expressed and influenced through social restrictions. Aquarius is the sign of community, social, friendships, innovation and also technology. There is a sense of coming together, but always at a distance, it is not warm, loving, nurturing and soothing, it is quite cold, and separate.


Saturn is the gatekeeper of our personal ascension; to raise our emotional, psychological and spiritual human state. It is the last planet that we can see with our naked eye which is symbolic as it reflects our attitude, diligence and most of all integrity of our actions and behaviours. We have denied our planet, we have forgotten the way of ritual and sacredness that surrounds us as we have embarked on our own success, security, greed and perhaps played a role in a false identity of hierarchy that separates and divides us. Here, Saturn demands, yes demands each of us to rise out of the old conditioning of the human social psyche and emotional burden, that separate us for being individual. We rise in our own uniqueness and on the same note we accept the ‘authentic true’ state of others. We stop judging, we start to meet others with kindness and compassion.

Like every gatekeeper there are some conditions, rules and initiations that need to take place. This moment in time, in the planetary alignment as we experience serious global shifts we are reminded to trust our feelings, to know with all the flood of information flowing at us from friends, family, colleagues and community and the news that we also have this innate truth that is completely valid. Give yourself the permission to sit with your truth. We don’t need to work out what is happening and why, but to simply take a step back, surrender to our environment so we can listen to our heart, to tap into our purpose. It is a great privilege to be born human, it is a gift to be able to experience life on earth regardless of our situation. We have the innate capacity to experience life and choose joy or pain. What will you choose?

Vehicle of awakening

Each time Jupiter and Pluto meet we experience a global awakening that impacts us through some form of plague. During 1918 the world experienced a flu pandemic, in 1981 the HIV epidemic and looking further into history was the black death of the 14th century. The planets continuously and cyclically warn us and remind us we are here for a higher spiritual experience to raise consciousness. This time will pass, as quickly as it came it will disappear. What is left after this time is the most important factor. That is the reprogramming of our society, our friendships, our communities, our connections and most of all our relationships.

Mercury is the all seeing eye, and right now this planet is in Pisces. This is interesting placement here because Mercury tends to play out as not really being present, it can bring out our imagination, and sometimes even delusions about the whole situation that is playing out. Mercury will travel out of Pisces into Aries 12th April, where we will find some truth in our Media. It will also sextile Saturn in Aquarius, perhaps a shift in governance or restrictions will become clear. Neptune rules media, and Mercury conjuncting on 4th April this doesn’t give me hope that what we are listening to and watching is actually revealing concrete facts. This energy can play out in our psyche in several ways, dramatic, disconnected, delusional, destructive of self, deceit and divination. Taking care of ourselves in this time is most important. Raising our vibration in love is key. Observing our behaviour if falling victim to the information penetrates fear that brings something else out in our personal relationship to self. And fear cuts us off from spirit and our soul.

Also, it is not a time to ignore the fear, or anxiety or any shadow that comes up, but to give yourself permission to sit with these emotions, with compassion and kindness. As we get through this difficult and challenging phase, we will be required to rebuild a society and community and perhaps asked to show up and make profound offerings to our humanity. This can be only done if we are strong within our selves and truth.

Full moon in Libra the relationship to self

The full moon in Libra is at its peak on 8th April 2020, 12:35pm in Sydney. It is a super moon, meaning it will be very close to earth. This also indicates massive earthquakes and perhaps frustrations within our relationships, but most of all the relationship we have with ourself. That is the most important.

Venus rules Libra, and she has just moved into Gemini. The last time she was there was 2012, where we experienced a vibrant lightness in our connections, and we surrendered into the moment as it unfolded. Today, for some of us this may seem impossible, but for others it may seem the right path. As Venus rules what we like and she also has a conversation with Saturn in Aquarius, which brings in a whole level of new dynamic on how we connect with people and if we connect with them in an authentic way.

There is a lot of Air energy around the full moon in Libra opposing the Sun in Aries, who is busy having a conversation with Eris the goddess of discord. Venus in Gemini another Air sign and Saturn and Mars in Aquarius raising the air element within us all. These signs are the virtue of knowledge where they are curious, initiative and original. Communication is one of their strongest points. At this time communication has been one of the most important aspects of connecting with those that we cannot physically be with, therefore what, when and how we way say things, the use of our language and practice deep listening is vital so we can develop a better understanding of our relationships, connections and our true identity. Because air rules the mind, the intellect on a light side this can bring out the genius within us, if we are getting overwhelmed with news and information we can experience some mental blockages even psychotic episodes. So taking care and doing the activities that ground you is super important.


This Libra full moon is going to heighten frustration or creativity bringing us back to taking care of our own needs. Even if we are mothers, who are now teaching their children, as well as taking care of the household, relationships are going to be high on the agenda. For those of us who do not have these challenges to face, there is the challenge of those that are in your circle. Maintaining healthy boundaries emotionally and spiritually is key so we don’t get swept away in the drama, or other peoples lack of compassion towards a situation (Aquarius can be quite mean and separate) or even hang with a group of lazy individuals that drag and prevent your potential to dive deep onto the path of raising your human spirit. The moon is balanced in Libra, indicating that we will feel burdened, compelled or even rejected through our actions if we do not listen to our heart, Venus.

Are you ready to recalibrate your old ways?

We have to remind ourselves we are in this ‘golden time of awakening’ to recalibrate our life. Reprogramme our society, to know that we can dive deep into our healing with reverence and grace. Feel supported by something that is greater, and to be truly open to adapting to change. Our truth, and the feelings we get in our gut, not the news, not your friend, not what conspiracy theories say, but what you feel is the direction and wisdom that can awaken us deeply into knowing ourselves and empowering our future actions with integrity.

We have been built to be in this moment in time, to rise from our mundane human idea of self, to rise, trust and experience our sovereign self which is empowered with awareness. Need a translation… we are raising our consciousness, we are experiencing big shifts of our external environment, we may feel ripples of fear, anxiety, or we may feel joy, freedom and connected to nature all of this is opening deep inner gateways to raise our personal consciousness to be empowered through peace love and compassion.

Whatever we feel, it may come in waves, it may stay for longer than a day, our emotions will go up and will go down. We may feel old behaviours, patterns, unresolved situations play out, we may awaken to deep buried levels of ‘lack of self worth’, we may even feel ‘I don’t give a shit’ energy, and we may feel too proud, too stubborn to just let this change be a norm. We may feel cut off from our spiritual practices, or we may feel that is the only relationship that is right for us. What we feel when we feel it is ‘right’ for each of us, how we express this, or how some people show up or not show up, is also fine. All of this is to deepen our self-trust. Awakening is different for all of us, because we are so diverse in our values, attitudes and behaviours, therefore our experience of this time, when Saturn conjunct Pluto on 12 January activated the shift and triggered us to do our work so we can pass the gatekeeper and reach a different level of our own life experience.

Change is happening. Our daily routine has changed. Our resistance to this change can bring out frustration and make this experience quite painful. Therefore here are a few tips:

  • Change your home around, move the furniture
  • Express your energy through poetry, writing, painting
  • Learn to cook or even garden
  • Most importantly get to a space that opens you up to gratitude
  • Look after yourself more and more

Most importantly accepting this is the current situation can bring a sense of freedom and lighten the burden for some of us. Take care of you, because you are very important in the unfolding of this great awakening. The future is not set, therefore we have a serious role in raising our vibration for a global healing to take place. Let’s do this work together and create a harmonious world through the highest  level of love.

If you need to speak to someone, send me an email… I’m here to listen.


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  1. Hey hun can you explain this to me?

    What does “ meet actually mean”.

    Have there been pandemics at different times or mainly when these two meet ?

    Each time Jupiter and Pluto meet we experience a global awakening that impacts us through some form of plague. During 1918 the world experienced a flu pandemic, in 1981 the HIV epidemic and looking further into history was the black death of the 14th century. The planets continuously and cyclically warn us and remind us we are here for a higher spiritual experience to raise consciousness. This time will pass, as quickly as it came it will disappear. What is left after this time is the most important factor. That is the reprogramming of our society, our friendships, our communities, our connections and most of all our relationships.

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