Responsibility of love… Venus!

There is a lot that is going on in this world, and in our personal lives, working lives and not a lot going on in our social lives not what we are used to anyway. This week we experienced a powerful full-moon in Libra, she was very determined to get us to ‘act’ on without fear or any expectations to follow our hearts, dreams, projects, heal ourselves and relationships. The energy doesn’t go away, it simply churns within us slowly revealing over the next few weeks what has been unfolding inside, which becomes visible on the outer. Mercury will finally go out of Pisces and into Aries… this will certainly awaken us to some serious facts and news, and perhaps even get us to listen deeply of what is required or evoked from us over the next three months.


Image by artist Hans Valør, painting Cielo Cielo (sky sky)

I have been completely mesmerised by the artist Hans, who is based in LA, California. His work captures, a deep essence within the journey of our suppressed feminine, awakening to her infinite power, to create, to relate, to heal, to hold in great spirit. Her virtues with graceful power that are flawless, because of the dedication of her self work. The energy here reminds me of how Venus, the goddess of love, symbolising Aphrodite, common love and also heavenly love the spiritual. We are going to be awaken to our own experience of love, not the popular culture kind of love, but the deep, magical, spontaneous, fast and short kind of connection that leave us shaken and shifted from the core. Venus the goddess of fertilisation and transformation in her eight year cycle orbiting the Sun, and every 18 months she goes into retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights, sheds away our deepest fears by shining light to where we let ourselves down, and betray our hearts.

We are now entering a significant moment of 2020, in terms of our own relationships, creative projects, expressions and living from our hearts without fear. Later hours of 9th April 2020 in Sydney she will shadow, and two days after Mercury will come out of dreamy, psychic, psychotic, delusional Pisces and travel into Aries. A whole new ball game is going to be activated within us, and those of us that have done some work, figured out which path we want to take, (nonetheless with Mercury in Pisces, I’m not convinced we know the real truth of our hearts) that is most beneficial.

Although there is a big catch, Venus is in the sign Gemini. This sign, is air, doesn’t really know who it is, or what flavour they want to project. On a high conscious level, Gemini is searching for various facts, engaging in intellectual conversations, mingling with those that are influential, but not really understanding their place. On a low level, Gemini manipulate their deep hidden emotions, they will change to the environment so they are liked, or seen as the star of the show. Unfortunately, they are always found out, and have a very difficult time figuring out who they really are, and who they really want to be, without the deep shadow work, or even inner child work of self this can mean a rollercoaster ride. Where are you in this energy? What has been coming up in terms of driving towards your destiny with the right people with you? Answering this question will take time perhaps the answer will awaken during these 40 days and 40 nights.

Now, place that energy with love, relationships and the energy of retrograde. We are not going to know what is authentic or what is truly tangible or a fleeting connection until we’ve dug deep into our hearts. This digging activated for us in 2019 when Venus was in several signs that she was not exalted, in other words challenged, frustrated and couldn’t wait to get out. In Gemini Venus is like a ventriloquist although sexy, enticing, seductive, chameleon and not really knowing her role we can fall victim of going the wrong way from our hearts. Venus is about the heart, that is open and unconditional for other but conditional for ourselves, to maintain healthy boundaries.

The moon nodes change after a big long 18 months of Cancer and Capricorn. On 5th May they enter Gemini North Node the path of what we need and resist, and South Node in Sagittarius our ingrained beliefs, complacency and familiarity. Gemini constellation is also in line of sight of the Pleiades star system also called the 7 sisters. Some believe this is where all of humanities highest level of consciousness is aligned. We are divinely connected with this constellation. Venus is having a conversation with them throughout her journey through Gemini. She goes into retrograde 13/14 May depending where you are until 25th June but will be in shadow until July where she will again meet us in 5 degrees of Gemini of where we are right now.

What is she teaching us?

From personal experience when Venus was in retrograde in Gemini was April 2012, and I had one of the most amazing times of my life. I was connected to community, two of my sisters got married, shaved my hair, I became a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and met my beautiful teacher and now dear friend Rima, and travelled a lot and had a great love affair. The energy was ultimate freedom, joyous, it was being present and connected to heart, community, purpose, to not really having an attachment to any outcome. I was in complete surrender. A great feeling.

This year is super different, first of all we opened up with a big eclipse, a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto asking each of us if we’ve got what it takes to live our soul purpose, or live a life connected to source, truth, spirit, kindness and love. We are also experiencing Taurus who is ruled by Venus, go through radical shifts with the planet Uranus asking us to step up, shift the old patterns, or even look at the true beauty of life, we all deserve to experience this beauty unapologetically. In five and half years time Uranus will travel into Gemini, perhaps reactivating all that we will experience over the next few months.

Venus, with a North Node conjunction, solar eclipse 21 June and many conversations with the cosmic heads of our Milky Way, we are being asked to experience life from a non limited, inhibited, controlled, predetermined, and/or superficial way. Venus will give us the ultimate experience of both self love and relationship love, she has the ability to stir love and arouse erotic impulses in others, but not really take the responsibility of what has been awakened within ourselves or another. Everyone knows, when we start to fall in love with life, with projects, with other humans, with our friends, beloveds, families, our work, our purpose there is nothing in this world that can shift this energy, absolutely nothing. The only shift happens is the limitations of our beliefs, South Node in Sagittarius is going to play a huge role in cleansing us from our own personal beliefs.

Like any good cleanse there is always discomfort. This is it… be prepared, if you’ve not already decided where your going to direct your life from the 10th April 2020, you will be thrown around in the mixer of emotions, connections, false friendships and loves because Venus gives us the wisdom of knowing ‘rejection in love’. She teaches us the meaning of responsibility so we can learn to be sensitive to the emotional impact of deeply connecting with others and not following through.

Finally, Venus in Gemini with all the ‘toing’ and ‘froing’ she will do over the next 3 months, ignites a personal insight in understanding deep and real connections, meaningful and supported friendships and of community, and ignite our yearning for the sacred feminine nature within. The essence of this energy through beauty, desirability and heartfelt real connections, we may meet the love(s) of our lives or we may break up to rise to something even more profound. We may open so many doors of opportunity that life becomes the most exciting place to be… let us all rejoice in being open to this time, regardless of the ride.

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