Our wisdom is birthed through the acceptance of releasing our old self: new moon in Taurus

It has taken some time to feel the shift of energy with the two powerful illuminaries (Sun and Moon) moving from one fiery sign Aries to earth loving Taurus. The earth sign Taurus, gives us an opportunity to connect with what is important to us both personally and collectively. We can walk and connect with our Gaia, we can now step on sandy beaches as the restrictions have been lifted, we can connect with the beauty of wildlife, plants and our sacred spaces. The new moon will be dancing with the Sun in Taurus at 3 degrees on Wednesday at 11:25pm Sydney time, along with the planet of ‘shock, surprise, change’ Uranus. The number 3 is associated with creative expression, optimism and social interaction. Even in this confined space we are finding ways to feel optimism and express our creativity.

The quality of Taurus is about resisting change, keeping our personal and social values high, and setting a sacred space around us. The Moon pulling our emotions, and the Sun touching our hearts of desire, while the cosmos places Uranus in a position to invite radical shifts. Expect the unexpected, perhaps even a deep sadness. The moon has been on quite an unhappy journey making her way to Taurus, she had to travel through Capricorn early last week. This triggered the Pluto, Jupiter, south node and reactivated the degrees of what we experienced in December and January when Pluto conjuncted with Saturn. She then travelled through Aquarius, the non emotional, heavily scientific and socially focused sign, conjuncting two malefic planets Saturn and Mars. And then washing those heavy aspects into the sign of Pisces, diving deep into the depths of our soul, unleashing a knowing to release the old self and leaving its ruins strewn all around, while we are expecting to continue, to live and find the magic through the cracks.

The most deepest part of this cosmic alignment is when the Sun and Moon partially square Saturn, and conjunct Uranus. This aspect is not only unpredictable, but it is harsh, it shakes us to the core, so we can truly understand its very purpose of our life right now, and find a deeper connection of who we truly are, and how we truly want to be in this world. This living sky has huge constraints, shocks and also a door way of wisdom to expand our current experience through the lens of acceptance, joy, love, compassion and deep kindness.

The placement of Mercury, the all seeing eye. This neutral planet is friends with everyone in the cosmic living sky and knows everyones agenda… especially Pluto who has been hiding its agenda. An agenda influenced by both Saturn and Jupiter to pull us through what is being revealed. We can choose to read as many stories with different perspectives, and find many reasons to why and what we are experiencing at a collective level, only to realise over time they all become boring. They become redundant because there is nothing tangible about the information. There are no true facts out there, or statistics to why the death toll is high. There is no concrete evidence to what we are being allured to… either side of the fence.

Mercury plays a strong role in this situation, as it squares the moon nodes currently in Cancer (north node) and Capricorn (south node). Giving us wisdom, if we choose to see it, the vision of what is unfolding is a way of being, which centres around an awareness, both of which are uncharted and consistently startling. Uranus plays a great role in our personal ‘heroes journey’, where we are shaken emotionally, mentally and psychologically to shed the last of what keeps us shackled to old patterns, thinking or even neglecting our hearts. Self love is the key to all of what is unfolding. And we have to watch our personal judgements, our old patterns projecting onto others through social media, our perspective and ask ourselves honestly what is our intention in engaging in such conversation if it brings a sense of controversy. We are already fighting a personal deep battle, consciously or unconsciously.

Christopher Newport Brackett

“The beginning of wisdom and enlightenment happens long before an opening of the third eye.” ~ Christopher Newport Brackett (artist unknown)

Therefore, no one, no government, no party, no group of people, not I and nor you can predict the next few harsh months of this year. The days bleed into one another, our daily patterns become rituals, we begin to focus on ourselves, we collectively are in our own retreat and this blend can perhaps awaken us knowing we could be the key itself. We are all doing the work, our personal expression and connection responding to this current time which stirs and raises neglected emotions, habits, relationships, connections, patterns, behaviours and attitudes. Simultaneously, we are searching for the algorithm to heal our selves, community, country, the globe and the universe. Only to retrace the day again and again, to shed, to cry, to laugh, to mourn, to accept deeply and much more.

During this Taurus season, there will be some massive shake ups, perhaps on the planet with earthquakes, or our society, our governance or even our inner world when the reason for all of this is finally unveiled, which is around 24th December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn meet zero degrees in Aquarius. Everything around us is an illusion, everything around us is a manifestation of our inner world once we start to accept or understand this at a deep Soul level we can surrender to our personal work. And here co create a world that we truly want to experience. The wisdom from the sky, Pluto, Mercury and Uranus are cyclically pealing the layers of our personal and collective ignorance, so we can awaken.

The sacred divine feminine

Venus is now diving deep into Gemini, and with the Sun and Moon in her sign of Taurus there is a hidden calling for us to find deep self care. To take a look at what is worth fighting for, what is worth keeping and what is worth releasing. We are on a long marathon of isolation, for some us this is a walk in the park and for others it can develop some serious dark moods. The activation of the divine sacred feminine is now showing her power, through Gaia, she has claimed her healing; through the Moon, she has invited us to take a big emotional leap into our shadow to understand and heal; through Eris, she has shown us that we are more magnificent when we have the courage to look at all our dents, scares and deep hidden love for life and our commit to our ‘sacred’ work of self; through Venus, she has invited us to experience freedom, space and honour the unmanufactured, untainted beauty that surrounds us; through Vesta she gives us the compass to navigate with only love and light in our hearts.

Venus, is guiding us, along with Vesta (astroid) who is also in Gemini. Vesta the eternal flame, holds the beacon of light for honest and faithful dealings. Guiding us to know a sense of freedom in this restricted space, to know that all will be different. We cannot turn the cyclical pattern of the planets off. The cosmoses world-class penetrating gaze reminds us we need to develop some kind of spaciousness around the knowing of everything before we start. This is the dance we are all experiencing through the understanding of life times of our self-betrayal and now learning how to triumph in salvaging our core essence of sacred worth.

It’s not an ordinary week, month, year… this is a magical moment as the planet within our cosmos travels through a different magnetic field, where everything in the Universe is being upgraded, including us.

I share this beautiful spoken word by the artist Hans Walor.

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  1. “The wisdom from the sky, Pluto, Mercury and Uranus are cyclically pealing the layers of our personal and collective ignorance, so we can awaken.” Beautiful


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