The hidden power of Pluto retrograde

Planet Pluto has been playing a pivotal role over the last few years, months in particular this year the malefic Planet meets Jupiter three times and is about to retrograde. It will retrograde on 25/26th April depending where you are in the world. For us in Sydney it will be early hours of Sunday morning on 26th April. Its a very long retrograde from 26th April to 5th October 2020. During this time Pluto will meet both Jupiter and Saturn with major aspects to the Sun, Moon, Mars and most importantly its power will show when the moon nodes shift on 5/6th May. The mix of these planets, can bring huge financial breakdown, crises, war, even a deep spiritual discovery and those of us that have natal Planets in Capricorn will feel this aspect so strongly. It is an opportunity to clear away all that has made man so barbaric, emotionally detached, deeply selfish, and outrageously mean. 2020 is a powerful year of diligence, discernment and complete integrity to our hearts.

Pluto is an interesting planet. In mythology it is seen as the god of the underworld, bringing with it the shadow aspects of what needs to end, what is hidden, what is to be digested and released for the betterment of our evolution. It takes approximately 248 years to orbit around the Sun, and between 14 to 30 years in a sign. In 2024 Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, making a big radical shift for our psychological and emotional and technological evolution in its last decan of Capricorn. A decan is the subdivision of a zodiac sign (0-10, 11 – 20, 20 – 29). Each decan represents the maturity of the zodiac sign, Pluto at 25 degrees in Capricorn, gives us insight, perhaps harsh reality in learning about governance, power, discipline, structure, tradition, work, career, money, security, court and policy.


Pluto and Saturn conjucted on 12th January 2020, it is said to be one of the most hardest aspects that we can experience. Although the aspect is not felt immediately at the moment of their meeting it does have a definitive shift of direction in our collective psyche. We’ve already had a major shift on a global level, with huge lockdowns, restrictions of social gathering, limited access to our parks and beaches, the ability to work and earn money as we have traditionally known. These are only symptoms of what the cosmic sky is revealing. The next six months will bring about a ‘reality’ check on everything we keep ‘hoping’ will get back to ‘normal’ is delusional, Neptune in Pisces also at the last decan. At this moment in time Pluto is still with the South Node, which cushions its destructive, transformative power, which can bring this false sense of hope. There is some serious work to be done, not just on our selves, through meditation, music, sitting and facing our personal shadow, but also how we want to serve those around us and bring the light. This is the true understanding of Venus, although she is in now shadow, and retrogrades 13th May, we will certainly want to tap into ‘connecting’ to others for support or provide the support.

The other silent perpetrator is Jupiter who is in fall position in Capricorn. It is constricted, and Pluto is using its amplified energy to expand a new way of being, that is deeply hidden from us. Jupiter and Pluto meet three times this year. We’ve already experienced the first date which was 5th April. If you look at the news items, WA closed its boarders, the ICU predicted no more beds from 5th April, large number of cases reported and so it goes on… it was also when majority of NSW started to officially work from home and lockdown became the new buzz word and we certainly felt an urgency of freedom, some felt it financially.

Jupiter is a great planet, it is also quite manipulative in its essence, we get to experience all that it wants us to learn so we can digest its teachings. It is also swings the other way with beneficial qualities, where it teaches us to experience life to the fullest. It depends on our perspective and need if Jupiter is manipulative or encouraging us to expand. Pluto is dark, but it is also the light that shines upon our collective shadow. To digest Plutos full power will take courage, strength and also action. It will meet Jupiter the second time on 30 June and then finally on 12 November, in Capricorn. These dates are quite important, because we have a solar eclipse in Gemini opposite Sagittarius on 21 June only 9 days after do Jupiter and Pluto meet. This meeting can show us a break down of huge financial support, system and worth, security, and freedom, only this time there is no South Node making this slow transit light. We will feel its power to the max and if we have been listening then we can get through it. We may experience a war like scenario where food, supplies and movement is not only restricted but also conditioned.

Gemini, the fact seeker, with Venus in retrograde at the North Node on 13th May, gives us the energy to start to question what policy is forced upon society without any votes or consultation. Perhaps small groups will gather and start a revolution of shift of power. This is what we have asked for, over many years… and like any change it is never easy. And, what is interesting is, if you’ve not already noticed, the petrol stations, shops and most public places have these large plastic boarders displayed… I’m not sure if there is going to be a normal way of being, they certainly do not look temporary. There is something to say about Gemini North Node and Venus retrograde, when restrictions are made on our ‘freedom’, some of which are absolutely valid, and others are questionable.

Pluto going into retrograde is going to bring some hard aspects over the next six months. And in this small window of opportunity, before the nodes change on 5/6th May, we need to make massive shifts if we are not comfortable in our environment, relationships, work, people we associate ourselves with and our projects. And on the same note, if we know we want to be with someone, now is the time to express your heart and fight for what you know is true for you. After the nodes change we are going to be experiencing a very different energy that will certainly reiterate the ‘projected fear’ and we will be stuck in our environment, situation for the next 14 years.

Pluto’s power along with both Saturn and Jupiter by its side, and the next two weeks several planets that start to go into retrograde, life is going to be experienced at a different pace, slow, painful, restricted, challenging and for those that have made the moves, it will be a little easier.

Next week, on Thursday night at 7:00pm Sydney time…. I will host talk on what is unfolding for us in 2020. If you would like to join me, send me a message or find me on Instagram sandeep_virdi_astrology where you will find more information by Monday.

Find windows of opportunity to create your reality now, and not wait for the media to dictate to you when your life should start… live it.

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