The Shift: node change and full moon in Scorpio!

The shift of energy after 18 months of the nodes in Capricorn and Cancer we are now in a very different chapter that bleeds from the stories, mildew, haze and ghost of the last.  Those of you who are wondering what the nodes mean and how they impact us will be certainly tapping into the Gemini north node energy of curiosity.

The nodes of the moon are not physical bodies i.e. astroid or a planet; they are the points formed how the moon orbits around our Gaia and intersecting this path between Gaia and the Sun. They are energy points that move counterclockwise around our personal natal chart. North node represents the space that we must evolve into, or the place of dharma (our Souls ultimate path of truth in this life cycle). It is the energy we resist the most, and at times the universe gives us insight of its very experience which leaves an imprint in our psyche. The south node, is exactly opposite the north node, and it portrays parts of our behaviour, character that is overemphasised. This part takes over our personality, because we’ve experienced it before and therefore we can become quite unaware of our actions when reacting to our environment leaving us with a feeling of ‘doubt’ or ’emptiness’.

The nodes moved today in Sydney at 3:49:27 pm exact, into Gemini north node and Sagittarius south node, bringing a new 18 month journey of experience through observation verses participation. The last 18 months have given us insight on where we have deep emotional blocks therefore the energy will still ‘linger’ into this new cycle of the nodes but with a demand on how we respond to newly discovered emotional blocks.

Experience through observation

Sagittarius south node is about giving us the experience how much we take information for granted and not find out how this information was formed. Perhaps the information came from a person who has no insight or direct experience from the source that shifts our perspective. This is the flavour of Sagittarius south node where we will personally and collectively feel into an energy that is self-righteous, somewhat distant, aloof, making big assumptions that ‘others know’ our emotional state or environment and not doing anything about it or diving deep to ask why, and to top it up giving us a big idea about thinking others know what we are saying without really listening.

As we dive deep into the heavy energies of May, with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn joining Pluto in their retrogrades for our entire winter in Southern Hemisphere and summer for the Northern Hemisphere, we are going to want to be truly honest about our deep subconscious emotional truth in our relationships, in the company we spend time with and how this group of people benefit our higher spiritual growth.

Subconscious emotional truth

A full moon in Scorpio on 7th May at 8:45:27 pm exact in Sydney, opposes the Sun in Taurus a polarity unearthing deep subconscious emotional needs within our relationships and the relationship to Self. Scorpio reveals the inner mysteries which are sealed in the depths of our personal emotional evolution and are penetrated every time we make choices that deny, betray or waver or go against what we deeply know that we need ’emotionally’. The Sun in Taurus is about our values to Self, questioning or highlighting within us the decisions our ego made because of our attachment to where we are placing our energy, the outcome, or wasting time on dead beat relationships where we are searching for ‘solutions’ to fix what is already breaching to borderline discomfort.

This full moon in Scorpio is special, as it has the power to make or break relationships. The cosmos and our inner world have a two-way relationship, where we can either actively participate or we can hold and ‘wait’ until the waiting just gets a little ‘dead beat’. After this full moon we will experience three major eclipses, and three major planets go into retrograde that present some deep psychotic, disturbing, mental experiences that might put some of us into a different kind of isolation. Although, how do we know we’re not there already, considering our environment has shifted, and our social media channels, television have bombarded us with big threats of ‘fear of freedom’. What is our true state of being? And how have we measured the shift within?


Delusion of the heart

Venus is squaring Neptune, which lasts over a week. This is not only about watching out for being ‘ripped off’ by others, but also the tendency to rip ourselves off because the fear of speaking our truth from the sub-conscious is greater than the ‘bull (Taurus) shat’ that we talk ourselves into over and over again. The last eight weeks for some has made those uncomfortable situations physical or emotional louder. And what is really loud is the ‘self betrayal’ that we continue to practice by ignoring the souls yearning for transformation or some loyalty to self without the projection of our ego. It is all connection to heart (Venus). The energy will be heavy and intense because this month we will start to feel the true power of Pluto and Saturn as they move retrograde and Saturn will return back to Capricorn to join Jupiter and Pluto with no south node to cushion the blow. This is going to be the year of ‘bold authentic truth’. And it is not about blaming others, but rather searching in our hearts to heal, and to accept and then surrender to our inner yearnings of deep connection.

Moon in Scorpio will certainly bring up a deep knowing that we have not been entirely honest or brave or even given something from the past a chance. This might be the key to unravelling and meeting our emotional truth. We have become too stubborn, soft, complacent as when we ‘hear, read or see’ something we form a judgement that then ripple an action causing deep deep sadness with our careless ability or need to fit into a group of people that are not vibing the same way. Why do we continue to do this? It is also not an excuse to become a hermit and hide in the mountains either… come out and stretch your magic so the world can see your true beauty.

Experience through participation

Gemini, although crazy energy, is simply witty and curious, in your face, is at the north node. We are going to have to make quick decisions about our hearts, our relationships that require some serious ‘truth bombs’ so we can experience an authentic deep and equal connection. This is not a time to wait, this is definitely not the time to observe and make judgement or decisions, because the Scorpio moon will bring up what we’ve been blocking, avoiding and neglecting. This action/energy can reveal the facade of our emotions, when others can sense our disconnect because we hurt and punish ourselves from the decisions we’ve made.

The north node in Gemini is the key to adopt its healthy curiosity by taking action to experience a situation that we’ve judged. It is about asking questions so we can learn how others think and dive deeper to know the facts before any decision is made concrete. It is about seeing both sides of the situation so we can be better, more logical and loyal to Self in all our relationships.

There are many things that hold us back, such as the limitations on how we can socialise, but Gemini north node will certainly bring out the cracks, the energy if someone is willing to participate or just observe. We are here to experience our life so we can gain the wisdom from our own understanding. If we leave things unfinished, and rip things away from our hearts, we are left with a cyclical karmic pattern and that bounces back faster and harder.

The heart knows, the subconscious knows and our dreams give us the answers that we are too afraid to bring to the surface of truth through Gemini energy. We need the courage to live a life without the fear of being judged, let us move into a place where we can ask the right questions to those that matter and in turn give us the opportunity to make our own choices, from our true emotional state.

Here are a few questions that will help us work through this weeks energy:

  1. Whats the point of us holding on to the relationships, projects and connections that don’t dive deep for an emotional connection?
  2. Where in our own psyche are we making stories that things are going to be hopeful?
  3. Where in my own life am I holding back because of not dealing with my emotional needs?
  4. Where am I denying a deep truth?
  5. What is the ultimate truth that I am searching to experience a deep connection in my most naked version?
  6. Am I willing to dive deep into that old story that needs to be resolved for a higher emotional truth?
  7. What is distracting you from your emotions that doesn’t need that energy?

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