Retrogrades: the power of the collective

Last week, we had Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all retrograde joining Plutos retrograde state since 25 April. This unfolding cosmic shift is yet another catalyst of powerful psychological and emotional inner energy. Retrogrades are opportunities, should we see them in this way, a process of going within, deeply and with sincerity and most of all integrity.

Pluto is all about the transformation, but it is also the big teaser that gets us to walk through the passage so we can be in the right environment for the lessons to be embraced. Its retrograde will last until 5th October in Sydney. The magical alignment of the planets start to give us the experience of walking through our life in a wall of mirrors. There is projection, there is enchantment, there is fear, and most of all there is an undercurrent of ‘pack mentality’ brewing. This is a difficult, challenging and illuminating time of seeing the truth as it is. Our job is to notice our role in these times. What is our role? It is the role of stepping up to those challenging topics that are bombarding us since January 2020, where there are many different points of view, different avenues to get information, and different types of people sharing that information. And there are those that oppose, somewhat strongly to other peoples ideas, or beliefs. A very dangerous and separate way of thinking.

Pluto is revealing where we need to change within, as it meets Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius during the next few weeks, the area within our psyche of our beliefs. And Saturn coming in strongly with its retrograde and entering Capricorn on 3rd July in Sydney; on a shadow aspect we can experience some strong beliefs being pushed upon us to conform to another groups way of thinking. Or we can take a step back, reflect from what we’ve experience or been led up to believe since 7th January 2020 when Pluto and Saturn met and to start thinking from our highest heart aspect. The highest heart aspect can show up to us as illusion of an hidden agenda, Pluto is about what is hidden and Saturn doesn’t do anything without a plan. Think back when it was the beginning of this year, where you were, who was in your crowd, what conversations were had and how do they align with what has been unfolding for ‘us’ emotionally. These are big deep questions.

During this life changing retrograde season, which will last all winter for us in Australia and summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere… Jupiter goes direct on 17th September, Saturn then goes direct 30 September and finally Pluto goes direct on 5th October 2020: there is a lot of deep personal and emotional evolutionary steps we have to take. These steps are not about doing the work alone, but it is more about helping others, supporting others where you can, EVEN if we do not believe in their beliefs. It is a time to question our story, the narrative that is ingrained in our psyche because it worked before, and now it doesn’t seem to make sense. How can we step up collectively with an old mindset?


Venus in Gemini, retrogrades just over 40 days and 40 nights is not about falling in love, she is inviting us to be real about our situation in relationships. Throughout May she has a conversation with Neptune, and this dance activates a deeper connection to our subconscious as to ‘why’ we behave in certain ways in relationships, or ‘why’ we are holding on to a particular experience that hasn’t given us ‘proof’ of their commitment… I could go on further. The bottom line is, if we are in a situation where we are not finding joy in our relationships, the planets will start to highlight those uncomfortable patterns. In times our own discomfort we are in the most primal state, so there are no hidden ways of behaving everything gets exposed. Gemini is quite an erratic energy, it is air; it is also like a chameleon shifts and changes so that it ‘fits’ in and it is about seeking information, facts and experience that informs us on personal levels.

As the North Node travels through Gemini, it doesn’t this time round meet Venus in retrograde, their meeting will occur on 5th August, but it certainly meets Mercury who is flying through. Mercury is the wisest planet, it is the truth seeker without an agenda. It will see both sides of each situation. Right now on our planet, when in some Countries the lockdown restrictions haven’t lapsed at all, and there is no sight of when this will end, we feel ‘frustration’, ‘desensitised’ and ‘restless’. These qualities are reminders of where we are at with our personal beliefs. And for those Countries where lockdown restrictions have some space, there is a chance to over do it and return to the old way, where things wont ‘feel’ the same. Something has shifted. South Node is in Sagittarius, and this signs glyph is an arrow. It only points in one direction. South Node is what the living sky is reminding us to release and let go to shift or expand our peripheral vision… which is our strong beliefs.

Beliefs can be good if we welcome other beliefs, however there is no evidence in history of where we see different beliefs come together in harmony. At sports games we have sides, we have supporters and they naturally don’t like the other team and their supporters. Each religion has stated they are the ‘better’ version, which means they’ve already judged the other. Our political stance and voting can cause fights amongst friends and family… the list can go on and on. We are seeing so much evidence of friends posting information about this global situation, and I wonder ‘who knows the truth?’. Jupiter is manipulative, hopeful and speaks philosophically, right now we need direct experience of truth, why? because it will inform the power of the people. The inner power of how we live with integrity.

South Node in Sagittarius for the next 17 months is giving us the wisdom to question and perhaps release beliefs that separate us as a collective. We are being questioned to look at our position in our world, community and groups. Are we really flowing through acceptance that everyone in their positions or perspectives are all seeing and understanding things differently? Where do we hold judgement? Where are we consciously dogmatic? What are the mirrors in your life projecting back at you? It does take a brave person to look at oneself with love and compassion. This self reflection, which the retrogrades will unravel for us will shake weak, power play, denial of heart and disloyalty of our values, charlatans highlight their positions for self interest be blinded by their own behaviours and including those that seek an opportunity because they need something from a particular person… in relationships will be a big disaster.

Venus retrograde in Gemini is not a joke, it is the most quick, energy of exploring many avenues and gives us tools to communicate our message, our heart, our needs and self worth in a more clear, perhaps direct way. If we are not experiencing this level of articulation or sharing of our inner needs with those that we are with, but going through the emotions, it wont end well.

Mars going through Pisces this whole month until end of June is reminding us to connect to the collective, and our higher heart of pure authentic truth. We cannot deny how we feel, even if we may fear those feelings or even block them in many ways. We cannot hold on anymore to the unknown of not healing relationships because karma comes and it comes back hard. Saturn returning back to Capricorn after two and half years, only spending a few months in Aquarius is coming back with wisdom for the future. What is showing up for you? Where do you feel you are not tuning into your heart? What part of your life do you feel requires you to sit back and observe? Where do you hold judgement? What separates you from the collective?

It is undoubtedly a big month, and so is the rest of the year. However we can choose to surrender and let things unfold as we lead from the heart and trust we are so ‘worthy’ of the experiences we deeply crave. Or we can wait, continue to lead from our ‘inner critic’ where we will set ourselves up for more challenges that can make this year even more difficult. What path are you going to choose.

We are now being called to experience our deep Soul truth and that also means many different paths, opinions and ways of being so we can truly step into a collective wisdom.

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