Courage to step into true spirt: New Moon in Gemini

This is the biggest week of our life for the rest of our life. The planets have aligned a short window of opportunity from Thursday right through to Monday, where the Universe positions the planets perfectly for radical shifts in our personal lives. We may experience an array of emotions and revelations that birth truth, deception, and attachment to our mental body, beliefs and ego instead of trusting our intuitive wisdom. This will be the catalyst of introspection for the rest of the year unraveling the biggest personal and global radical changes we witness in our life. The energy is not a joke and it certainly shouldn’t be wasted. Therefore, it is not an energy we dismiss by any stretch of the imagination.

The power to the truth seeker

Thursday the Sun which represents our ego, whether that is from the perception of our needs (higher ego) verses our wants (lower ego), moves into Gemini. Gemini, as I’ve stated in a few of my previous blogs, is an air sign. It has a diverse and dynamic energy. On a high vibration this energy is curious, intelligent, social, fun, freedom, connection and strategic. On a low vibration this energy is analytical to its detriment, gossipy, manipulative, and scattered. Therefore it has the potential to birth radical shifts that change the course of our perceived life plan, to a more karmic and reward bound path. It is both exciting and daunting at the same time.

It is Gemini season, with the North Node moving slowing through this sign brings the energy of where we need to focus on what is true in all aspects of our society.  We are reminded to look up where the information is coming from, who is writing the information, why is the information there, what is the agenda behind it. This inquiry comes from what is going on around us, within us and through us in relationships. This fact seeking quality is to form our own understanding to walk a path with loyalty and reverence to our values and by doing so we expand our beliefs. Mercury is already flying through Gemini, which penetrates a hunger to search truth, although the truth may not be what we want to digest. The new Moon moves into Gemini too, all meeting Venus where she is retrograde. A stellium (3 planets or more in one sign) approaching in the sign of communication, revealing of truth, also manipulation and curiosity will be projected how we engage in our relationships with full integrity and wisdom.

Relationships with our beloveds, friends, family, colleagues, groups, society, and even our possessions that we value with high regard. Remember how we see or behaviour in relationships is based on our personal vibration, frequency, values, interests and of course our perception shaped from our life experience. We can expect radical shifts in our psyche, and how the energy unfolds is dependent on our personal connection to heart/intuition verses mind/ego.

This is the only window of opportunity to make those undercurrent feelings that are yearning or niggling for real change, before we are swamped by the chaos that the rest of the year brings. We are being asked to follow from our heart/intuition even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it means swimming upstream because everyone seems to be going with the crowd and even if it means closing many doors on our understanding and familiarity of our own life. The shift is already felt if we can give ourselves the chance to listen to that inner voice craving for excitement, freedom and most of all joy. Therefore, this energy is shouting loudly to commit to taking steps to experience a life that empowers us on many levels.  The changes we make on a psychological or emotional or even practical level will be massive and super quick with no regrets.

The shifts can be felt on a subtle level. Perhaps through a change of heart from what we need and value in relationships to what we have, it could also bring active shifts where we take action, seize an opportunity to walk through doors taking us on a higher spiritual and deeply personal path of a new world. It is an overwhelming change but with excitement, although we have to be open in trusting our intuition. Our intuition overrides our ego, mind and old beliefs. One indicator of this energy is to look back to May 2012 which was the last time Venus was in retrograde in Gemini, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the South Node. The only difference now is the nodes have changed, so the energy will be flipped. What was going on for you at that time? If you were in a new relationship, this could mean change, if you were on a new path it could take it to a deeper place or a radically change brings new experiences in your field.

This is no ordinary new Moon in Gemini vibe, it is powerful activating our mind to shift our perceptions, hearts and desires to want a better, more balanced and valued relationship. A mind blowing concept and one that without a doubt, paves a truly different kind of year we will experience in our entire lives. It will bring big surprises, big news, and big information of sorts.


Remember the North Node is where we need to look for wisdom, the South Node is our place of comfort, which is in Sagittarius. This placement is about hope, making bold statements with no experience, reading from the book of life at the age of 6 where we think we’ve got it but have no idea how the unseen of life experience is what shapes us. This is not a time to be hopeful, we cannot be strong in our limited beliefs or if our thinking is around how things ‘should’ look or feel. And we certainly cannot be in this idea that all will be well if we just sit back and assume and resume life back to normal. It is a time to move, shake our lives up, take a risk on someone you love or don’t love. It is a time to be brave and commit to a life that we have secretly dreamed and desired, but the old conditioning has held us back.  What will you bring into your life for a beautiful version with those that see you, bring growth, support, understanding and also give us insight to a magical possibility.

There is a big warning to this moon on Thursday and Friday before it enters Gemini on Saturday. It is having a conversation with the planet of change Uranus in Taurus and sextiling Mars and Neptune in Pisces. The moon is dark, so we may feel a little wobbly and even anxious about the future. This combination is pushing us to emotionally and spiritually let go of an old narrative that does not support the quality of life we need to experience. This could look like many things such as waiting for the world to be normal, or it could be the reveal of our inner most desires that awakens us to a deeply profound sense of unconditional happiness and love. It may give us the nudge to give an old connection one more chance to dance. Whenever Uranus is involved, there is no way bidding on what we could experience. All we know is something big is brewing and it will be the big shift that brings people together or keeps them separated.

The truth is always revealed through our relationships, because they are the mirrors of our shadow, the parts of ourselves that we cannot see, or neglected or even compromised. It could be, we may have not understood something from the past and it comes back only a little wiser and more open. The change isn’t necessarily new, it is different. The energy of the living sky is giving us deep insight and reminding us we are so worthy of the love, the connection, the life that is free from all the trials and tribulations of power play, deceit, betrayal, manipulation that we’ve become truly tired with. It is also a reminder how we reconnect to birth a new way of being together, that is balanced with respect to the untainted feminine energy.


The Sun will trine Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius is the higher octave of Gemini, and with Saturn here in retrograde before it moves into Capricorn gives us the push for a better future. Saturn is supportive of this shift. The energy can activate the stagnant parts in our psyche (if not already activated) that keeps us stuck in fear, paranoia, a mental merry go round, that needs the biggest emotional purge and acceptance. We owe it to ourselves to simply take action and through this action we demonstrate self love.

We have four planets (Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter) in retrograde making space for us to sit still, not to be distracted in the understanding and observing what needs to be released. It is going to be tough if we resist. The resistance comes from the subconscious attachment to our ego. We do not know how the attachment limits our emotional and spiritual growth and connection to source. These can play out through being stubborn about a particular point of view or idea that was formed in the past and now we lay in its prison of haunts.

Sitting with the lens of love and compassion when we do make these big shifts is the key to be graceful in our actions. Because sometimes what we think we want through our stubborn and controlled ways to what the universe is directing on our path via our intuition can be very different and life changing. It is not easy to bow to our errors without guilt and shame. But this is the work that rises within all of us. No one is enlightened, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. The very act of bringing awareness to our ego and mind controlling ways, destroys its power of manipulation to Self, giving us an experience of being humbled. This release has already been showing up, we can feel it intuitively. What will prevent us from purging the darkness around our lack of self worth. It is time for us to understand we deserve to be in a better space, place, environment in our relationships, in our hearts, bodies and mind by trusting the dance of the cosmic energies.

Spiritual bypassing

Where we intuitively do not listen we will pay the biggest price of regret in our lives. There is no second chance. Spiritual bypassing is when we do not use emotions as measures to step into and respect our personal sacred boundaries. There is a big tendency to sugar coat our behaviour to mask our need for control, fear and being vulnerable or even not knowing what to do in a situation. And this is where life doesn’t make sense, we start to have the same scenario over again. Venus square Neptune for the rest of May will certainly bring psychological delusions thoughts and when Mercury meets Venus on 22 May at 3:55pm brings mental dilemmas, confusions, and psychological turns. This will only occur if we are not willing to listen to our intuition and trust the greater inner wisdom that directs our Soul to the right space. We can channel this strong mental energy through the practices of meditation, yoga or qigong.

We can walk through this window of opportunity or we can stay and hope things in our relationships will become better. That is the ultimate illusion we can fall for right now, because after this new moon, we experience three major eclipses and that is intense 6 month cycles. Do the work now and reap the rewards in January 2021. The best advice to follow, if it doesn’t make sense any more, or it doesn’t have value the writing is on the wall. Follow your gut that leads you to the most beautiful life you will experience with no regrets.

The moon is powerfully supported by Neptune on Friday, indicating connection to our spirit, our sacred truth. If we are feeling anxiety, fear, or discomfort this is the inner message to make the radical changes that require us to deeply trust in the process. Mars the planet of action is now in Pisces meeting Neptune until end of June, supporting us in connecting with our self love to make the right choices for our unique precious life. Follow the path with courage to embrace joy, freedom and truth as the new norm. So, it is time to remove the inner toxicity that holds us back in this pattern of darkness preventing us from expressing the life that we truly deserve, that separates us from our true self. I don’t think we have control who comes and goes in our life so be open.

This is not about talking it out, it is about making the radical change necessary to honour our values because Venus in retrograde hasn’t even begun exercising her power teachings of radical cleansing in all relationships. The new Moon in Gemini and Mercury will certainly activate Venus retrograde on Saturday as she dives into the underworld. This is the only breath of fresh air we will experience astrologically. If we are willing to listen to the dark persuasive subconscious and become aware of how our behaviour sets our delusional manifestations that don’t support our highest level of self love and love for all we can certainly rise to a better life experience. We will be motivated to make the right changes that are spiritually necessary. We will certainly witness a big split in our society that is dangerous regardless of what side we are on, because Mercury is indicating to not have sides but seek the truth for our own freedom of choice and embrace a collective love with acceptance for all. Follow the path that brings the magical experiences and echos the dreams of your heart.

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