Highly Sensitive Month – Surviving June 2020

Frankly, June 2020 is a deeply emotional month, highlighting in every crevasse within our psyche the desperate need to ‘see’ the reality of what is happening in the world. We can feel the importance of ‘truth’ in our personal environment and the sheer weight of injustice both inner and outer. It is loaded with two major eclipses, back to back, along with aspects pulling, pushing and peeling the layers astrologically of what needs to be healed emotionally, psychologically, personally and collectively. I want to focus on sharing key tools how we can best navigate the enormity of energy because of its potent and raw concoction of planets that will hit us in someway emotionally and pull at our sacred hearts.

Breakdown of planetary movements

We have already moved through the lunar eclipse on Saturday 7 June, a full moon in Sagittarius at the South Node, opposite the Sun in Gemini at the North Node. The nodal axis are magnetic pulls of energy, north node being closest to the north pole and thus astrologically seen as the dragons head. The south node is 180 degrees apart therefore facing south, thus embodies the energy of the dragons tail. The symbolism of the dragon is an ‘archetype’ in our psyche that represents what we need to leave, purge, let go of or heal (dragons tail) to what we need to aspire, improve, understand and embody (dragons tail). Evolving through some challenge to get to the treasure. Sagittarius is associated with our beliefs, understanding and the broader philosophical topics, whereas, Gemini is about facts, information, communication, intelligence and expression.

We have a Solar eclipse on Sunday 21 June, Sydney a new moon in Cancer, with the Sun in Cancer, and it will be the Winter Solstice. A powerful, new moon because it aligns Mother Earth to the galactic centre. Giving us access to the vastness of the unknown and also a great time of setting intentions that will put us on the path of true joy. This Solar Eclipse is one degree away from the North Node in Gemini, where the moon will travel directly in front of the Sun, creating an eerie feel during the day. It is an annular eclipse, because the moon moves directly to the centre of the Sun’s circumference, where we witness, especially if you’re in India or China, a golden ring in the sky.

This month we have many planets either in retrograde or going into retrograde: Pluto, Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn; Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and entering Capricorn on 2 July; Venus in Gemini goes direct 25 June; Mercury in Cancer goes retrograde on 18 June and Neptune goes retrograde on 23 June. Therefore on Tuesday 23 June there will be six planets in retrograde. This energy alone can be felt at many levels within our psyche, projecting deep emotions, perhaps suppressed, oppressed or hidden from our conscious understanding. It can leave us feeling heavy, and perhaps making our peripheral vision somewhat foggy.

Pluto is a powerful planet, it is well known for its transformative ways by breaking down the qualities of the sign (Capricorn) it is moving through. It is also a planet that is furthest away, giving us the impression there is always something churning in the background, hidden or unrevealed. And we can already feel this at a global level, where there is so much uncertainty. Capricorn is predominantly a sign of power, governance, structures and discipline and lacks feelings. Pluto is conjuncting Jupiter, the planet that is the lord of the cosmos, associated with abundance on a high vibration and manipulation on a low vibration. The combination of these two planets have immense power to force a deep process of change, transformation that we can marinate in whatever needs to evolve on a personal and collective level.

These two planets are especially under the spot light this week because of their square to Eris the goddess of truth, discord and activism. Her qualities on a high vibration is to help the helpless, voice and speak truth for justice, to guard the vulnerable. Her low vibration is the bully, the mean girls, the rebel with serious ammunition. Eris squaring Pluto and Jupiter is no joke, we will notice where in our personal environment we need to process a truth, or what is being shown to us that requires to be transformed, shifted or discussed. I don’t think Eris is the type of archetype that likes a chat over vegan cake and tea. She would rather throw the truth on the table, leaving us with jaws wide open. So this can bring up some serious heart, emotional and psychological shifts that can leave us free or trapped. Eris’s love for truth and justice can leave us feeling somewhat shaken or in denial. What truth is showing up in your personal life that requires attention?

Pluto and Jupiter play an important role in our personal psyche, about shifting our perception or becoming acutely aware of what is hidden from us. It can also bring up personal issues regarding power, how our power is projected and how others inflict their power onto us, where we feel disempowered. Saturn in Aquarius has only been here a short while, before he returns back to Capricorn on 2 July. In our personal lives we can feel Saturn through the restrictions and rules and when he travels back into Capricorn, he is coming back with a taste of the future. We may experience a shift of power, or have an epiphany what is not working anymore. In many ways, when Saturn is involved, it is a death or an evolution of our ego and where we need to take responsibility. It is an initiation of being custodians of our life, and this brings about shedding the old in its most raw, real and blatant ways so we truly understand the importance of shifting our psyche to be more harmonious.

The other major aspect to this week, is Mars and Neptune meet 20 degrees in Pisces. This is a big shift in the way we may experience Mars. Mars on a higher vibration is seen as a spiritual warrior and action orientated. Pisces is connected to ocean, deep feelings and with Neptune the planet of altered state. These two meeting can either enhance our illusion or amplify the direction towards our dreams. We cannot pick and choose which vibration is showing up inside, because it is a two-way street of our commitment to step above our old beliefs, once we’ve had a rough walk, been dragged by the hair through the darkest parts of our psyche and have met, digested and processed our shadows. Metaphorically, we are all in a personal war, whether this is about heart verses logic mind, our self worth, our place, our perceptions and how this quality is projected through the people and situations we spend time on. What is activity is bringing you the most personal joy, where you can align your beliefs to and support?

Mars invites us to deeply act, take regular checks of reality as Neptune gets excited with this ally. They both square the Sun, and this can bring up inner frustration, deep emotional pain and grief. It is important we pay attention to these emotions and feelings, distracting from them will unfold into a difficult six month battle when Mars travels into Aries. Mars and Neptune is inviting us to work on the painful past for true healing to take place, and to come together with love and compassion in our hearts. To build strong bridges, where the colour of our skin, our gender, our religion, our beliefs, our perspectives, our sexual orientation, our need for freedom, our personal healing, is seen, held, understood and we recognise how our past societal has limited our understanding and experience of the power of loving people.

Mercury in Cancer, this ‘all seeing eye’ wisdom planet slows down for its epic retrograde 18 June and meeting the Sun and Moon on 21 June with the Solar Eclipse. The sign of Cancer represents the home, family, nurturing, the connection of motherly love, emotional, highly sensitive, raw, our nourishment, our reaction to run for safety and service to others. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini, which is both logical and ideas. Virgo qualities are analytical, orderly, organised and loves to serve. On a low vibration Virgo can be extremely judgemental and can spend a lot of time in the mind finding algorithms for every life experience. Gemini, which is information, communication, facts, scattered, gossipy, ideas, manipulation and most of all people pleaser.

Mercury in Cancer is in almost fall position because the mind has been taken over by emotions. This can be dangerous if we are making decisions emotionally because we can carry all the unresolved emotional baggage in places, conversations and situations. Mercury will square Chiron the wounded healer making our communication super important. Notice where we project our deep hidden emotions and where they are not supported. On a high vibration it is the very combination to speak with compassion, love, understanding, and use language that is nourishing, kind and words can be healing. We will experience this energy for over four weeks.

The fractal alignment of our living sky is going to certainly ruffle our emotional feathers. Self care is the only antidote because I’ve summoned the aliens and they refused to help me so here are some personally tested tips.

Surviving June Tips:

Self care – this is the most important. Taking care of our health, by nourishing our body with good meals, full of nutrients and veggies. Honouring our bodies by bathing with delightful soaps and scrubs. Sleeping at least eight hours, taking day naps if possible, and not having the alarm clock set. These simple acts of self care go a long way. We even look pretty.

Emotional intimacy – get real with what you feel. Understanding and working with our emotions during this planetary alignment has never been more important. Take steps in seeing what emotions are coming up. Observing them without judgement, feeling them raw in the body, being present. Grief, sadness and anger are some of the most common, so common that we have become desensitised on how to decipher what we our body needs. Therefore tuning into our emotions as we sit with them can be difficult, because it is super uncomfortable. We observe them as we feel them and take our sacred breath to those parts, the body will naturally release and heal.

Spiritual Practices – Yoga, meditation, qi-gong, walk in nature is so important. Our bodies need to move, to shift stagnant energy. Connecting with nature helps us to ground and be in sync with our Mother. Meditation, quietens the mind, giving us permission to observe and a great tool to check if we are under any illusion of what is unfolding. Helps us to process our emotional state and strengthen us to face anything.

Creative expression – writing, painting, drawing, music, songs, dancing, and/or gardening, cooking and much more, whatever allows us to express ourselves creatively, helps us to release what cannot be spoken or heard. To tap into the magical creative feminine energy inside us all helps us to recalibrate and become present.

Discernment – an important and mostly understated quality. The power of discernment allows us to take a step away from the noise of information, people, stories, beliefs, perspectives and creates the sacred space we require. Discernment is also a protection of our vital energy force, and when practiced honouring our time, space and how we share this with others empowers us to be sincere to our values.

Take care of you, because right now the power is about tuning into the power of the hidden human race.

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