Tsunami of emotion Solar Eclipse in Cancer

How many times have you read messages expressing the undercurrent challenging energy we are all experiencing this year? Some of the memes are funny and dark, but they also bring a sense of ‘togetherness’ that we are walking through the muddiest, darkest, heaviest terrain of human behaviour that beckons to be heard. It boils down to the fact of how brave we are to bring awareness to our dishonoured personal our values as a human, as custodians of this planet with all its conditions that stem from ‘how we see ourselves’. June (HSM), the mid-year point of 2020, where this weekend will peak radical shifts in our psyche, to put forth the nobility of emotional maturity. We have a major, Solar Eclipse, on the winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere) in Cancer at the world axis point.

Planetary alignment and the possible narrative

Before we get to the core root of this energy, there are a few planets that have been coming into their power in subtle ways in our personal psyche. Mars, is the fiery planet of war, action, warrior, aggression, decisive, hasty, rude and very energetic. He will be squaring the South and North Node, before he is armed with his ultimate power when he arrives home to Aries on the 28 June, for six months. This undercurrent energy can play out in many ways in our psyche; frustration, anger, self righteous, vengeful and domineering. He has been hanging out with Neptune last week, being mentored by an ‘altered state quality’ to awaken us or deepen us into deception. Neptune has stationed ready for its retrograde on 21 June. Giving the energy to the ocean underworld reverence toward our spiritual path as we converse with our ego about truth from the heart space.

The results can be devastating to experience, but they are the catalyst to the process of this unseen metamorphosis of raising our consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you’re a level 7 yogi, spiritual master or healer, or just someone who is trying to make sense of the external world. Nothing and no one is going to get through this lightly, unless we start to dive deep, with no hocus pocus jargon, just feeling the raw emotions. No stories attached, no mental excuses that temporarily make us feel okay, to justify our actions. Mars, in my opinion is the one to watch.

The other planet is Uranus, who just had a conversation with the Moon, before the moon goes into its three day dark waning phase. She will also meet Venus still in her retrograde phase. The moon will bring qualities of change, evolution and higher emotional understanding from Uranus, especially to what we value, what makes us feel safe, where we feel secure and where we are seen, where we hold on to situations or people that are not elevating us. Venus retrograde currently at six degrees of Gemini, meets the Moon as she dives into the darkest phase leaving us with hidden fears and anxiety if we are not listening to the inner emotional war churning within us.

These feminine qualities in the sky are opening up our hearts to speak our truth, to feel our emotions that trigger the urgency to shift and change, to open us to what we think we know and to question what we know and to be bold in fighting for what we truly need in our relationships. The moon as she starts to travel towards the Sun, dives into our subconscious, arousing our old wounds, hurts, griefs and emotional denials. We are being asked to take action (Mars), in what allows us to safely feel (Cancer), in a secure (Taurus) and honest (Gemini) manner.

On Sunday 21 June at 4:13pm we have an annular solar eclipse, in Cancer, where the new moon furthest away from Earth, will go into the circumference of the Sun, creating a powerful golden ring in the sky. This is no ordinary New Moon, in the middle of an eclipse season, we experience the second eclipse, and on the Solstice. A time of radical, rational, unearthing change, that is loaded with sensitivities, caring, nurturing with a tsunami of emotions to deal with.

Mercury is in retrograde in Cancer until 12 July. It will be in retrograde at the Lunar eclipse on 5 July. There is something powerful, unstressful and light when we learn to speak our truth about how we feel. Mercury rules Gemini, where it has the quality to express our needs in compassionate or passionate ways. Passionate meaning intense or perhaps loaded with guilt, anger, frustration and grief. Words are spells, they can create war or they can bring healing to unresolved situations. Mercury in retrograde is a time to dive deep, to reassess, revise, reevaluate and revisit our relationships so we can be open enough to trust ourselves to make the right choices.

Mercury will be influenced by the largest northern star Sirius. It is said that Sirius is the higher octave of our Sun, which brings a new dynamic energy at a deeply spiritual level. As the Solar eclipse is in Cancer at zero degrees, the North Node in Gemini 29 degrees, two powerful positions, with Mercury traveling slowly towards the Sun and all three influenced by Sirius, this is a great time to part-take in a sacred ritual of intention setting. Invite joy, the path, to conditions that require us to feel safe, loved, seen, honoured and empowered.

The self work

It is clear that each of us, should we choose this path, is to dive deep into becoming more authentic with our feelings and emotions. It is about taking the time to understand our triggers, emotional triggers and to notice if we feel supported. It is time to reexamine the decisions we have made, and if they are serving us to be at our very best. It is time to dive deep into our personal shadow, and to gain the deepest insights on our habitual unserving patterns of self destruction. It is time to quieten the ego and to notice what is mirrored back. It is time to become open, raw and brutally honest about our self sabotaging patterns. It is time to let go of controlling what the ego feeds upon. It is time to awaken to our needs for emotional growth.

It is time to drop out of the fantasy world of ‘what ifs’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’, to the reality of what is. It is time to recognise our vulnerability is the key to rise to our self worth. It is time to speak, with courage where we have been denied, betrayed, and enchanted ourselves into an uncomfortable or compromising environment. No more lies. It is time to open our hearts, to understand the root cause of our fears. It is time to dive deep do the work of shadow.

We are in the eye of the storm, the illusion of what is unfolding hasn’t hit us hard. The key to surviving this emotional tsunami is to understand we are sensitive, to go with the flow and let go of all that holds us emotionally ransom because of a false situation that is blatantly being revealed to us. It is a deeply sad time if we do not listen to our feelings and learn the language of our emotions.

Jupiter and Pluto conjunct at 24 degrees in Capricorn, where they square Eris the truth bomb 24 degrees Aries. This combination, with Mars speaking to the nodes and with three planets in Cancer, we are going to need those that see us, love us deeply and unconditionally, to hold us in this ‘unseen’ ‘unprocessed’ grief that we may experience over the next few weeks. It is a globally, personally and locally sensitive time.

The wisdom or solution from the cosmos, is to be patience, gentle and open to our feelings and emotions. It can be overwhelming, deep, dark and heavy. This will get worse if we are stuck in a narrative that has us all hypnotised. Alternatively, it can work in our favour if we tune in, heal our wounds, become responsible and accountable for our actions and to forgive and release the past that haunts us in the now.

Set a powerful intention, take time to celebrate this day, allow yourself to sit and become more insightful. The frequency is going to change radically, and if you’re already feeling something needs to be healed, then do it. As Saturn comes into Capricorn in less than two weeks, we will be having a very limited time, where the change of environment leads to a path of struggle internally. This is an important time to not get distracted by what is going on at a global level, but to put more focus on our personal inner world.

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