Deep healing and patience – Mars enters Aries

“Most elements of the shadow – wildness, say, or carnality or selfishness – were disowned and repressed during childhood and early adolescence as an attempt, successful or not, to win acceptance from family and peers. Our Loyal Soldiers were in charge of this downsizing operation. Far from being a mistake, this was necessary in order to form a socially adaptive personality, a first identity. Now, uncovering a soul-rooted identity requires a descent into those dark realms to retrieve the lost pieces” B.P

We all have a loyal soldier inside of us, that was birthed in our early childhood from particular situations around our environment. These situations taught us it was easy for gaming a ‘false self’ to feel, safe, loved, accepted and/or validated as opposed to our true essence. This concept is deep within the subconscious, leaking and diluting our authentic Self and perhaps our Sacred Feminine energy urging us to feel and be nurtured. Instead the loyal soldier holds a barrier of ‘falseness’ in our behavioural patterns, of which our close people can feel. The response of the loyal soldier encourages us to be in charge, busy, angry, ruthless, withdrawn or even numb. And these surface false behaviours prevent us from expressing or even understanding our true Self.

The loyal soldier within us is the part of our ego that behaviours in a defensive way to not rock the boat, or it comes out when we cannot speak from our heart. Mars, the planet of war traditionally ruled Scorpio had the quality of the spiritual warrior, moves to its modern home of Aries with a ‘self righteous’ ‘pervasive’ and ‘domineering’ quality. Currently, Mars is super strong in the sky, its influence is on our physical energy levels, giving us the adrenalin to act, to be assertive, to passionately drive an agenda that is for the benefit of self. This can come across strong, overbearing and intense. What is really important to note, Mars only stays in a sign every two years for about 7 weeks, but because this special year, it will stay in Aries for six months, finally moving into Taurus on 7 January 2021. Mars will have a conversation with both Chiron, the wounded healer, Eris the goddess of discord who are both in Aries, as well has shining the light on Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter all of which are in retrograde.

If that wasn’t enough, Mars this weekend, square the nodes opposite the moon in Virgo. Activating the hidden energy of the Solar Eclipse which happened on 21 June. Mars will enter Aries on 28 June at 11:46am, an energy that is going to be activated in all our personal charts.

Mars in Aries

Mars rules Aries and currently the fastest moving planet as five planets are still in retrograde (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury), Venus has just awakened from her journey of the underworld, taking her time to get to full speed and Uranus is reaching its second decan in Taurus. The second decan in Taurus is about mastering your creative flow, with patience and tact, although having Uranus the planet of evolution and growth will certainly add a mix in the next coming months.

Image: Yale University

In ancient mythology, Mars the warrior returns from battle, very confident and somewhat ego centric archetype returns home. Mars sits in his chariot, with medals and memorabilia of battles won, and coming home to another battle. The fierce energy loaded with ego, has been shifted from celebration to act on what needs to be done to find harmony. Mars has just spent time in Pisces, connecting to its ‘feeling’ psyche and emotion, therefore this can bring a different energy than what Mars would ordinarily enhance in Aries.

The cosmic sky, is giving us a second round of what action (Mars) we need to take and own so we can be in our authentic Self. We have all journeyed into the dark night of the soul, since the beginning of this year. Revealing what has been hidden within us, highlighting our loyal soldier, and with introspection, we are now being called to make what didn’t work, what was left unsaid, what was parked, what was discovered, and what has been seeded is now ready to be healed.

Mars, will sextile Saturn just before it starts to influence each of us to act and dive deep from the inner wisdom gained. Symbolically, we all can relate to this inner tumultuous energy, facing our shadows, healing our loyal solider, understanding our personal grief, even if it is the loss of our dreams that didn’t unfold as we planned. Our beliefs and justification of our actions is going to be felt over the next few weeks. If done well, that means if done from our heart we will definitely excel in communicating our sacred boundaries and needs moving forward.

Januarys eclipse and the Saturn Pluto conjunction… ignited a massive cleansing, death and rebirth, mutation of self to deeply understand our personal feelings and motivations. As we journey into this second half of the year with Mars as the dominant planet, there will be a powerful energy within us, that may make us feel restless. We are children of the great spirit, taking us through some gruesome growing pains emotionally and spiritually. It is, if done well time to mature and take responsibility in order to live in a world that is harmonious to our personal values.

Mars will bring many possibilities of change as it firstly activates the position of the nodes and the solar eclipse. This energy is still very much potent and alive. Coming home, we all are in some way working on shedding, cleansing adopted beliefs and behaviours that we know in our hearts do not serve us anymore.

We can witness a split in our world, those that believe everything will work out versus those that act on what they have discovered in the first half of this year. It is not all doom and gloom, unless you are attached to those old stories of what situations got us to question our personal integrity. It is going to be wise to understand how Mars in your life will play a role to bring a new way of being. Remember, none of us have really measured what has shifted, because we will naturally default to the familiar, or hide in a space that brings about a sense of numbness, therefore taking gentle steps, being kind and loyal to Self is the key.

Venus direct

This beautiful star, the lover, the teacher of our self worth, moving direct is visible at sunrise. She is asking us, as she starts to journey back through Gemini, meeting each degree of her underworld journey, to integrate what we have discovered in our personal journey. This new eight year cycle can bring both magic and beautiful surprises in our work, creativity, how we navigate in our relationships. She journeyed to the underworld, this symbolises for each of us facing what was denied by our loyal soldier. It take spirit to face our shadows, and to then realise how we may have jeoposied the one thing that meant everything.

How do we integrate Venus teachings? Firstly, be kind and gentle to the realisation to what we have experienced was something our darkest place in the subconscious, or Soul wanted to reveal. The maturity required in relationships is now more prevalent than ever. Gemini, is about how we relate, make connections, and seek our own truth to form our own wisdom. Venus will certainly churning us to the different resolved/unresolved teachings.

Saturn moving back to Capricorn

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn journeys back on 2 July, from Aquarius, bringing back teachings of how we individually shine in our self worth. Aquarius is about the collective, and Saturn restriction, both got us to explore many physical constraints in our life. Jupiter moves backwards overtaking the slow planet of Pluto, a significant move to expand what is hidden from our psyche to the forefront. We can feel how we use our subconscious power to control and manipulate situations and/or be on the receiving end. These planets square Eris the goddess of discord, truth and caretaker of those that require a voice. There can be huge triggers of how we do or do not use our power, especially when Mars travels through Aries.

Saturn coming home to Capricorn, will be felt in how the power of the collective influences us, and where on a personal level we need to practice patience with all that we have learned so far. The cosmic wisdom is unravelling space in our psyche to position ourselves that is personally beneficial.

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