Lunar eclipse in Capricorn the karmic unfolding begins!

This Lunar eclipse is no ordinary full moon in Capricorn on July 5th, at 2:44pm Sydney. She will be shining the light of the Sun who is in Cancer, and she will be intimately meeting the three toughest energies we have been experiencing since December 2019; Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. If that wasn’t enough a Lunar Eclipse which amplifies the energy activating our personal karmic trajectory. When I mention karma in this context, it simply highlights our ability to consciously drop out of ego, hope and pride, or to surrender, become empowered and responsible for the choices we make going forward. This eclipse is the last of the three, before we exhale, and ‘hope’ all is well, there is more work to be done for each of us, as the energy activates deep emotions that require our attention for personal ascension.

Moon meeting Pluto and Saturn

If anything we understand about our moon, is that she fluctuates, like the waves of the ocean, she pulls, stirs, churns, arouses and awakens our emotional body. She is now, met with malefic planets, such as Pluto and Saturn, her mood is dark. These planets are malefic, because it is the very energy that challenges us to step up, removes, shifts and reshapes our lives and they are demanding, strict and can give us the toughest lessons for personal transformation. They cause this enormous amount of uncertainty within, that the only way to stop the discomfort is to sit with it without any story. Why? To gain the strength of Self, to walk a path of potential joy. This alignment does not bring joy (yet), but rather takes us on this slow challenging journey of self inquiry. Sometimes, we are simply not ready or mature enough to know the fruits of this play.

Also, although, Jupiter is a benefic planet, he is in a place Capricorn, where he is restricted and has to lend his expansive power to Pluto. This week, Jupiter while in retrograde went backwards from our perspective on Earth. This spells a nervous revealing of what is hidden (Pluto) from us and needs to be transmuted (moon), so we can both personally and collectively experience life from a deep knowing we belong to get along. Therefore, this moon is operating like a vessel soaking up all that has been projected from these planets, and its is not good juju. Already, we’ve reached the second half of this profoundly, intimately and demanding year, the next six months is not for those who want to just laze around. There is more work to be done.

Saturn only returned back to Capricorn on Thursday at 10:22am, who also has a stern conversation with the moon. Saturn is the planet of time and karma, bring an interplay of our higher Spirit and the human condition of living in what we have created. He is very powerful and dominant in Capricorn, where we will feel his demand on discipline, hardwork and perseverance. The moon meeting him after she has been flooded with Jupiter and Pluto will threaten her to digest the old ways, in order for us to decide what path we want to take. There are only two options, South Node in Sagittarius being in hope and trusting someone/thing will do the work for us. Or North Node in Gemini becoming serious about the value of connections we’ve made and if we feel safe, and we are in our power to decide where to take our destiny.

Mercury, Sun and Mars all play a pivotal role in this weekends unraveling of what true restriction feels like, and how authority of others limit us because we may not be seen fully. This is not because others cannot see us, but it is about how we give permission and self value to believe we are enough to be seen as we are. We are sovereign, this is not a statement, it is a knowing we have forgotten, when we are fully conscious we know we are the only one responsible for destiny we want to experience. Mercury is in retrograde in Cancer, not a great place, especially with this Lunar Eclipse as it enhances our unconscious, suppressed and numbed emotions causing some serious fuel in our communication. Mercury will square Mars, and this aspect is like a pressure cooker going off inside, if unconscious we may not be able to release this energy in a healthy and safe way (Cancer). Mars is in Aries, which gives us the inner strength to get ‘things’ off our chest without a care of what unfolds is in this space until January 2021.

This Lunar Eclipse is an emotional hurricane that is going to hit and shock some of us very deeply. The Sun is creating a quincunx to the Moon as she finally travels through Capricorn, sending some good vibes to her as she as been dragged by the hair, shaken and perhaps traumatised by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. It is not an energy I would celebrate or would like to be on the receiving end.

Uranus and Venus

Uranus has moved to its second decan in taurus, which is a powerful, stubborn energy for the planet of shock, innovation and the god of the Universe. Being in taurus is frustrating Uranus, as he doesn’t like being held back and when this planet starts to show up in our psyche, we can expect sudden change, shifts and angles to how our path travels. It is not all doom and gloom, Uranus, when understood well gives us opportunity to make radical changes, without attachment and agenda. To tap into making our dreams or happiness a priority. It’s just a shift of perception and a lot of deep self work on our worthiness. This electrical current running through us, will be triggered as the moon travels through Capricorn. The response to run, or lock ourselves away will not cut it, we have own our idiosyncratic ways to move through this heavy energy.

Venus moving through Gemini

Venus is the morning star, she shines her bright light just behind her is the seven sisters, who are protecting and encouraging us take care of our personal life. She will soon travel faster later next week and then within a few weeks will meet the North Node, giving us this sign that through all this experience if we want to relate to another deeply, intimately and tenderly we have to relate to ourselves first.

Deception with Neptune

Neptune is the undercurrent beat of the cosmos over the last few years, as this altered state, illusionary, and deceptive planet makes contact with the North and South Node paving the split from the hopefuls to the doers, or the sheep to the wanders. Neptune rules media, and some of us can rely on this medium to give us permission to move forward or not. This is the very illusion we want to avoid, because if we truly understand our sovereign self which is to experience this life responsibly and without attachment, then we make our local world the safest place. This is the year when humanity matured, will be the headline for 2022!!!

This Lunar Eclipse, as I said before is the last of three in this long 8 week cycle. Now with the moon passing not just as a guest, she is being asked to get out of Capricorn as fast as she can. As she leaves she will be scared from her experience. She will have to move through Aquarius, which is about people, friends, community and Soul family, and in this same manner we will need to be with those that see us. All of what unfolds over the next week is not about holding back if something comes up, it is about finding a way to express what needs to said in a healthy way. This very act will release the heavy weight of Capricorn, an energy that will last until December 2020.

As we all travel, remember each of us needs to continue with finding joy in the smallest tiniest of ways, and to preserve even in these times of pressure and uncertainty. This energy if we journey consciously, and doing the work that is required from each of us on a personal level, the Spirit of the multiverse will reward us all.

Take a moment over the weekend, to ask yourself what triggered us to retreat? What decisions were made in January, that we are having to question? Where have we been betrayed, judged or let down? Where were we forced to wear an armour of protection? And, where in this path of solitude have we forgotten to heal that which echoes from the depths of our heart? We are being called to heal all that our ancestors forgot, or didn’t give precedence to, we are to do the work on Self, before we can truly be freed to move forward.

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