Thus spoke Chiron & an epic second New Moon in Cancer – ascension of Self!

Nikola Tesla said, “If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

All living things have a level of frequency and vibration, even things that we bring into our field, like a favourite cup, will hold a form of frequency, which can fade over time. Imagine if we could visually see the coherent patterns of frequency, vibration and energy. If we witnessed someone’s angry, frequency, vibe and energy we could see how the energy is distorted and powerful enough to destroy cells. Perhaps we would think twice about ‘yelling’ at someone. In the same manner when someone who is happy their vibe becomes magnetic and in turn we feel energised. The planets are no different, thus our Universe is no different. What we vibrate at collective and personal level sends a vibration back to the Universe. Just by understanding this notion, we can begin to take responsibility and accountability of our emotional state. Perhaps, we can differentiate where our ego blocks our growth, where our beliefs limit our expansive potential, and how fear traps us in a state of complacency.

image: robert thieman

This week is one of the most roughest, deeply emotional and frustrating alignments from the cosmic sky. There is so much going on, that if we do not pay attention, we could also miss one of the most profound weeks of growth and expansion. The growing pains will be felt at the core of our physical being, as Mars passes Chiron and Eris. Revealing to us what needs to be healed in each of us, activating what we have buried deep in our subconscious, revealing the fruits of our decisions that were made in haste or anger.

Whatever we feel this week, it is important to feel it, and to allow the emotions to run through us, hit us where it hurts, allow the tears to flow, allow the realisation of our personal healing to surface. All of us will be taken aback at what we will experience on an emotional level, and therefore it is vital to take care of what we share and how we share with others. Mercury goes direct, which sounds great, however it is also in Cancer and will oppose Saturn which rules fear, Pluto is the inner transformation needed, Jupiter is amplifying Plutos power. We could find ourselves having difficult, but much needed communication for healing to take place. Pay attention to what is coming up for us this week because it is the tone for when Mars goes into retrograde 9 September to 13 November.

Unhealed wound

Chiron the wounded healer, is the part of our shadow which Mars activated. It is a deep shadow of unresolved or unconscious wounds, and/or wounds that are we are deeply scared from. It is the wound that we cannot heal within us, but becomes our very tool for healing others. This wounds pain pulses within us, and strikes when we least expect it. This is the very key to our personal evolution. It is no mystery Mars and Eris both enigmatic energies help us to unravel the wound, that may not be fully realised. That is okay too.

It is not a physical wound, but rather a psychological one that is usually hidden. Our ego does its best, with the help of Neptune (deception) to veil the direction because it is not for the faint hearted. We can numb this shadow from our conscious, through rebellious, perhaps ‘pretence’ of looking the other way making this very act uncomfortable. Eventually and with time, we get exhausted because this planetary alignment, illuminates, like two dazzling sparkles within us, our gut, our psyche, our deep knowing that we need to boldly see our ‘self righteous destructive’ behaviour to Self, notice the sabotage, by continuing to band aid through false and weak connections. Chiron, is asking us to become conscious of our shadow, and if we are brave enough to understand this very imperfection is what makes each of us unique.

Neptune, is playing a big role over the next few days as it makes a trine with the Sun and eventually the Moon follows on 21 July. Our path, should we have the eyes to see, and the heart to dedicate by following a path of service to others, practicing forgiveness, compassion, patience and love. The living sky gives us the whole picture of what is unfolding, if we look holistically at the chart from Pachamama’s perspective we can find the motivation within us to make the hardest choices of our life. To take responsibility of our path. It’s important to acknowledge, the trauma but more importantly to know there is another layer of trauma penetrated once we start our personal journey of the dark night of the Soul. Do be kind, and tender to yourself, while working with these heavy energies.

image: loic mermilliod

Venus, is going to be meeting with the star Sirius, the spiritual Shakti of our Sun. This alignment is an invitation to request for a deeper, richer, and more meaningful connection with others. Humanity requires community, and if we honor those within and hold space without judgement, we embody the capacity to build greater relationships of support, holding space, being seen, and held unconditionally. Venus allows us to recognise our life is the presence, power and light of our Soul. We are not alone and our Soul in its brightness and belonging connects us intimately with the rhythm of the Universe, where we can find the right person(s) to deeply connect with on an equal trajectory. There is no room for playing around with those that we know cannot meet our needs fully and we cannot meet theirs. Relationships are mirrors, and when we learn the power of self-love, only then will we vibe to our person.

Saturns teaching…

Saturn has a strong, heavy, serious, dark, and catastrophic vibration which each of us have had a connection with on our personal journey in our late twenties and early thirties. Saturn, in Greek mythology, is Cronus, the god of time, harvest, karma, evil and betrayal. It was Cronus who betrayed his father Uranus, the Lord of the Universe, so he could step into a place of power. This energy from Saturn is giving us a deeply baffling and diabolical perspective on what is unfolding in this huge cleansing and reconfiguration of our ‘known’ world. Saturn is the fear we feel about what we need to let go of, release and shed to make the change necessary for us to live in a better world.

This energy is about to give us deep illumination of ‘what we need to revisit, examine, question and reopen’ to get insight on how we project power or how power is projected back at us. And, more importantly, as the Sun opposes Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn it asks us to take a deep look, with introspection to make the biggest choices in the direction of our life. Saturn, is about letting go of that ‘childish’ ‘irresponsible’ aspects of ourselves, so we can mature and take full control of what we want in our life, spiritually and practically, without breaking the rules!

Capricorn (opposite Cancer), has taken us through the heaviest and muddiest terrain of our psyche, it seems impossible to see clear from this foggy frontal lobe feeling. Power is control, and how we use these energies can set a path of divergence, within ourselves. Mind versus heart, soul versus ego, beliefs versus fact, love versus fear. These next few days before we reach the second new moon in Cancer on 21 July at 29 degrees at 4:41am in Sydney, will be a time of working through deep wounds, and accepting some wounds cannot be healed.

New beginnings, new moon in Cancer

This New Moon in Cancer, is very special. Firstly it is the second time the Moon is in Cancer, the first time was the Solar eclipse at zero degrees, and now on Tuesday 21 July (Sydney), the moon will be with the Sun at 29 degrees. A powerful new moon, that has been through a long journey around the ecliptic band meeting all the tough planets. The moon represents our emotions, which means we all have felt wobbly and let go of an ‘old’ version of who we are not.

The moon is magical, it is a decision point, a pivotal point where we are going to ascend into a new, better, more experienced and evolved version of ourselves. This week our personal journey involves releasing, where we hold ourselves back, what healing needs to be acknowledged, where in our life are we not satisfied, what change needs to take place so we can experience the fullness of our superhuman potential. We are all here for a bigger mission, we are here to experience life, the rawness, the realness, the richness of our wonderful life. The cosmos is vibrating its frequency holding us as we embark on our personal path of joy. We just need to trust. We need not give fear a chance to grow, and instead we need to come together. Collectively we can demand the change, through our highest frequency. This new Moon is powerful, magical and brings exponential growth… dream big!

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